June 17, 1985 12:00 PM

Bruce Springsteen’s marriage

I got the biggest kick out of the way Bruce Springsteen and Julianne Phillips (PEOPLE, May 27) pulled the wool over the eyes of all the fans and the reporters. The couple deserved to have the wedding ceremony that they wanted. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Springsteen.

Margaret Shannon

Summerville, S.C.

Does Bruce feel that his fans are a rowdy pack of barbarians ready to riot? The media blackout of his wedding was a complete public relations fiasco, especially for a star who had enjoyed tremendous rapport with his fans. Bruce denied us the opportunity to share in his happiness by playing stupid games.

Charlotte Worsham

Birmingham, Ala.

How refreshing it was to learn that Bruce Springsteen got married to a lovely lady in a traditional way without the hoopla of a three-ring circus. Best wishes to the Boss and his bride.

Beth Shea

North Arlington, N.J.

Your cover headline “Who’s the Boss Now?” suggests a ring through Bruce’s nose rather than one on his finger. C’mon! All the guy did was fall in love and get married. Congrats to the Springsteens.

Chris Wetlaufer

Davenport, Iowa

Whenever I danced around the house to the Born in the U.S.A. album with a faraway look in my eyes, my husband would ask me what I would say if Bruce Springsteen fulfilled my dream and appeared at our front door ready to carry me away. My reply was always, “Do I have time to leave a note?” Alas, the last of the great dream lovers has finally been taken.

Karen Vohs

Longmont, Colo.

How do you get anything you want, even Bruce Springsteen? Simple. Be glamorous, make $2,000 a day and have a helpful manager. Although Bruce has taught us working-class kids a lot about life over the years, this is one lesson I hadn’t expected, or wished, to learn from him.

Eva Samper

St. Maarten

Netherlands Antilles

To celebrate, I listened sepulchrally to Springsteen’s music, deciding Atlantic City was the most fitting wedding song for this couple. Then I downed a bottle of champagne while mourning. But I have to ask: Why do we care? Few of us have met either the bride or the groom. So why shed a tear or, for that matter, cheer? And the obsession doesn’t stop with the happy couple. I turned the radio on the day after the wedding to hear a disc jockey trying to interview Bruce’s mother-in-law. Does anyone really care how this woman does her hair or if she plays bridge? And if we do, isn’t it time to reevaluate our lives? Our idols, Bruce included, deserve less of our devotion to their personal lives and more to the art they create for our enjoyment.

Judith Barker

Elgin, Ill.

As a happily married young woman and a fan of Bruce Springsteen’s music, I am happy he has found someone to share life’s joys and sorrows with. However, I can understand the heartache of his thousands of female fans. How awful for them that Julianne Phillips is not only gorgeous but has apparently lived the perfect life.

Laura Spence

Wyoming, Del.

Picks & Pans

Saying that the piano in Prince’s Condition of the Heart is “pretty” is like saying that NASA’s space program took a little thought. Prince is nothing less than a genius.

Arne and Corrine Cera

Madison, Wis.

Your reviewer’s comment that he could not imagine Wham!’s George Michael “married to anything but his mirror” was out of line. Yeah, he’s gorgeous, and, to an extent, he uses his looks to sell himself. What of it? So do a lot of other men and women in the music world today, but they don’t have the talent George has in his little finger. The guy probably couldn’t win for losing, though, because I’m sure that, if he were lacking in the looks department, you’d cut him up for daring to show his ugly face in a video.

Lori R. Griffith



I just finished cleaning out my garage, and after looking at the pile of junk on the ground, I’ve decided that this work of art would fit in very nicely with the others on display at New York’s trendy nightclub Area. Just let me know where to send it.

Marilyn Lummis

Morrisville, Pa.

If Mark Pauline thinks that the dead rabbit spinning on a hanger he has displayed at Area is a work of art, he’s not, as he says, “kind of a crackpot”—he’s downright sick. I was shocked and disgusted and lost a little of my respect for your magazine for even showing a picture of something like this sad creature. The world is full of enough cruelty without reinforcing it through the mass media.

Patricia Nelson

Marlton, N.J.

Roswell Gilbert

My grandmother died recently from complications of Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s doesn’t leave people a little confused or forgetful. It robs them of everything that ever made them people. My grandmother suffered for 10 years, the last five of which she spent curled up in a ball, neither speaking nor seeing. Many times my family thought that euthanasia might be the only way to end her living hell. By shooting his wife, Roswell Gilbert saved her from reaching the unthinkable state in which my grandmother existed. If the jury at his trial had been made up of family members of Alzheimer’s victims, he’d be a free man today.

Robin Sparks

Chatsworth, Calif.

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