By People Staff
October 14, 1985 12:00 PM

Fear & AIDS in Hollywood

Ye Gods! Air-kissing, Perrier from the bottle, finger foods—once again the folks out there in filmland have found a way to trivialize human suffering (PEOPLE, Sept. 23). And to think many of these shallow, shallow people are used as role models by our youth.

Jeanine Ennis

Los Angeles

While some use AIDS as an excuse to discriminate against gays, and others engage in hysterical, unfounded precautions, it’s heartening and inspirational to see so many showbiz personalities treat the matter in a responsible, compassionate manner.

Les Simpson

New York City

It was interesting that none of the Hollywood stars interviewed considered the AIDS epidemic to be a moral issue. We make choices, and we accept the logical consequences. The sexual revolution of the ’60s was sold to this country, and unfortunately there were some who bought it. The sad fact is that now it has spread to the innocents—the children and those needing blood transfusions, and who knows who else is at risk since so little is really known about the disease.

Jane H. McDonough

Fort Worth

Peter Scott, you cannot compare discrimination against blacks to discrimination against AIDS victims. Blackness is not a disease, it is a birthright from God. Even racists know that people can’t catch and die from black, but they can catch and die from AIDS.

Marguerite Pridgen

Washington, D.C.

Shall we just ship AIDS victims off to an island to live in exile like lepers of old? Shall we continue to boycott schools because an innocent child wants an education in spite of having this dread disease? Will we stand behind the insurance companies that are now saying that they will not cover medical expenses for treatment of this disease? Will we persecute gays for being what they are? God must surely be looking down on us and shaking His head in disgust at our ignorance and fear. Can we blame Him?

Edwena Wingo

Texas City, Texas

Marcia Chellis

Not only has Marcia Chellis violated the confidentiality of Joan Kennedy, she has violated the 12th Tradition of Alcoholics Anonymous: “Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.” In so doing Ms. Chellis has threatened the very core of an organization that has been instrumental in saving the lives of countless millions of alcoholics.

Robert Evans

New York City

The day the trashy tome about Joan Kennedy came out, I was on a TV talk show with the latest panderer of prurient Kennedy pulp, Marcia Chellis. My feelings about turncoat Chellis? You just can’t get good help nowadays.

Marty Davis

Falls Church, Va.


I have just read your article on Wham! and am very upset with Todd Gold’s statement of Andrew Ridgeley being “the lesser half” of the duo. True, he may not write or sing lead, but without him Wham! wouldn’t exist. Brooke Shields and all the other girls can have George Michael—Mr. Ridgeley has stolen my heart!

Tracey Hasbruck

West Palm Beach, Fla.

Theodore Streleski

Your story on Streleski sickened me—not only that he’s a murderer without remorse, but that he’s out on the street. People who commit crimes should never be allowed into society again. I am a victim of two rapes, and anyone I’ve ever spoken to who has been a victim agrees that crime should be punished—harshly. I only pray the innocent of this land are spared any interaction with Theodore Streleski on one of his bad days. It’s obvious he can get away with it, and with his sick mind, he’ll probably snap again.

Cathie Woodard

Santa Monica, Calif.

I’ll take Florida’s legal system over California’s any day, electric chair and all. California has given Streleski carte blanche to go out and murder again.

Becky Novak

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Having been a graduate student, I can understand the frustration of Theodore Streleski. The professors have all the power and use it to their benefit. I do not agree with what he did because I am strongly opposed to violence. My way of dealing with the problem was to quit graduate school and go into a different but related field. That was 10 years ago, and I can say it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

E.H. Welles

Bellevue, Wash.

You ought to be ashamed. How could you print the paranoid ravings of convicted killer Theodore Streleski without also printing the remarks of some of Karel deLeeuw’s colleagues, who both admired and respected deLeeuw? The writer’s use of the phrase “Streleski says” does not alleviate the impression you give that deLeeuw was a “typical arrogant professor.” On the contrary, deLeeuw was a fine and gentle man and an exceptional mathematician. He is sorely missed by those who knew him.

Steven G. Krantz

Professor of Mathematics

Pennsylvania State University

Picks & Pans

Speaking as one lady past 35—you can’t get any better than Robert Wagner in a tux! It may be fluff, but it is the stuff dreams are made of. Be he an insurance investigator, wealthy entrepreneur or whatever, Robert Wagner has to be the all-time 10. Keep it up R.J.; I’ll watch no matter what you are doing!

Carolyn Bazemore