September 09, 1985 12:00 PM

Ann Jillian

I bought the August 19th issue of PEOPLE just for the article about Ann Jillian. I had a personal interest in the story because of my mastectomy in July. I had to stop reading several times because the story made me cry. I could feel what Ann had been going through. Hers is an inspiring testimony, one of courage and faith. Thank you, Ann, for telling your story, and thank you, PEOPLE, for publishing it to share with us who need to read something like this to give us added courage.

Joan E. Howe

Monroe, Wis.

I’ll never forget when I first saw beautiful Ann Jillian back in 1979 when she was appearing on Broadway in Sugar Babies. She has come a long way since then. However, no role she has ever played can match her shining example for the many, many women stricken with breast cancer. Her courage, honesty and positive outlook make her a true superstar.

Lee Kurzenberger

North Plainfield, N.J.

If any woman learns anything from Ann Jillian’s article it should be to get an early diagnosis. Go get ’em Annie and thank you!

Michele Cook

Aloha, Oreg.

She is very lucky to have a wonderful husband who would stand by her through such a terrible ordeal. Three cheers for this super lady and her “Superman”!

Gina Juettner

Lutz, Fla.

Although proper therapy was advised and done for Ms. Jillian, I think your article might be a bit misleading and biased toward surgery for the treatment of all breast cancer. In fact there are plenty of reliable data to support radiation therapy for the treatment of early breast cancer, without loss of the breast. So good is this alternative therapy, in fact, that California and some other states have enacted laws requiring doctors to discuss treatment options with patients. Breast cancer therapy is really a joint effort of all specialties. Hence, it behooves patients to obtain expert advice from a Tumor Board, available in many hospitals offering cancer care, before deciding on a particular treatment.

B. Peck Lau, M.D.

Fresno, Calif.

Kevin Reilly

Kevin Reilly should have been given a medal. He told the truth, and his frustration is something that many Louisianans share. Until more of our citizenry wake up and realize that being near the bottom of every survey in per student expenditure is nothing to be proud of, things will not change.

Lynn L. Ory

LaPlace, La.

Instead of berating the people of Louisiana, Mr. Reilly should be thanking God that he can live in a state and in a country where he can make such statements and get away with it. I have one thing to say to Mr. Reilly: If your heart ain’t in Louisiana, then get the hell out!

Libby Prejean

Harvey, La.

Robert Jackson

Hooray for Robert Jackson for having the guts to blow the whistle on the Kitty Hawk. I believe most Americans are sick of forking out their hard-earned money so it can be abused so easily by the Navy and other divisions of our government. But what really makes me ill are the cover-ups that the government blankets these law violators with. Instead of pointing a finger at Jackson, the government ought to be finding ways to stop this abuse and spend less of our money.

Vicki Shealy

West Columbia, S.C.

Lardashe Jeans

The idea of a line of plus-size jeans is great, but a pig as a logo? Come on Lardashe, really—haven’t we tolerated enough backhanded insults from our more petite counterparts? Do we have to be subjected to two of our own exploiting us even further just to make a buck? I have some nice clothes in my closet and not one of them has an elephant or a hippo on the label. Furthermore, they would still be hanging on the rack if they did.

Sandee Hurst

Chattanooga, Tenn.

Tom Terrific

Tom Seaver’s accomplishment in winning 300 games is significant. But on the same day Tom won number 300, Rod Carew got his 3,000th hit, which is a significant accomplishment also. PEOPLE chose not to mention this feat, even though it was widely publicized on television and in the papers. Maybe Rod is right when he says that he hasn’t received the recognition he deserves. Anyway, we fans will always remember Carew’s achievements and the fact that he’s headed for the Hall of Fame—along with Tom Seaver.

Moya R. Dorrah

Tujunga, Calif.


It seems to me that if guru Judy Mazel (The Beverly Hills Diet) really knew about diet, she would know that Raquel Welch might not have been a prima donna at all. Miss Welch could easily have been suffering an allergy attack from the papayas or the combination of whatever fruits she had been told to eat. Her sore throat and being so cold that she took a hot bath indicates, to me, just that. I cannot eat oranges, lemons or limes because my mouth breaks out in a rash, my throat becomes sore and my head and nose stuff up until they ache.

Shirley Heidenreich

Taos, N. Mex.

Bruce Springsteen

Through the years Bruce has taught me a great deal about the realities of life. With every lyric and note this man has communicated intense and emotional morals that will reside with me eternally. Bruce has reached the zenith of success and will always reign in glory.

Paula Carnevale


If I hear one more word about Bruce Springsteen, I will SCREAM! I am: Bored in the U.S.A.

L.R. Smith


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