August 13, 1984 12:00 PM

Michael Jackson

When I stepped off the plane on my return from the Jacksons’ Dallas concert, I picked up the July 23 PEOPLE. Thanks for recapturing one of the most fantastic events of my life. My daughter and I would scrimp and save all over again to buy the tickets and travel hundreds of miles to experience the Victory concert once more. Don’t let cynical critics turn your heads; this is a visual and auditory extravaganza.

Barbara Hammond

Las Cruces, N. Mex.

I have never attended a concert where the artists radiated so much energy and electricity. To parents near tour sites, here is a concert you not only can take your children to but also your parents.

Vickie Shoemaker

Lawrence, Kans.

I had not truly conceived the magnitude of Michael Jackson’s appeal until today. When my 19-month-old daughter looked at your cover picture and instantly said “Michael Jackson,” I decided it was time to turn off the TV and quit buying magazines.

Diane Hale

Columbus, Kans.

Edwin Moses

For years the American press and public have criticized the Soviet Union and the Eastern bloc nations for training professional athletes and pitting them against our amateurs. I wonder what those same people have to say now that Edwin Moses Enterprises earned almost a half million dollars last year while his coach and team of engineers “analyze his movements on computers.” Maybe it’s time to take a look in our own backyard.

Greer Elizabeth Raetz

Charlottesville, Va.

Glynnis Walker

Glynnis Walker listed the problems of second wives in reverse order. They should have been: finances, ex-wives, then stepchildren. I happen to be stepmother to a beautiful, responsible and gregarious 12-year-old who calls me Mommia—a contraction of Mom plus my first name. I became an instant mother at age 28, with no prior experience, and I love it. I contend that one need not “deal with” stepchildren. All kids are perceptive enough to respond to genuine love and a home environment where members care for and respect one another.

Lydia E. Weisser

Morgantown, W.Va.

Since Glynnis Walker has never been divorced herself, I suggest she needed to dig deeper for facts before she made statements like the one about the ex-wife who phones at 3 a.m. to announce a burglar. If she did a thousand interviews, I suggest she try a thousand more because she missed me and the 999 other women to whom the 911 number comes to mind long before that of an ex-husband. Her views on sexual relations are also off base. Had we felt the urge to greet our ex-husbands at the door in negligees, they most assuredly would not be “ex.”

Joanne Santino


Neil Diamond

How lucky Princess Di was to receive Neil Diamond as her 23rd birthday gift. A Diamond is a girl’s best friend.

Terri Rushlow


Enough already on the royal family. Neil Diamond launches his first European tour in seven years, and you give all the publicity to Chuck and Di. I hope your reporter doesn’t think that 11,000 fans purchased tickets to the Diamond show solely in order to get a glimpse of the royal mommy and daddy.

Jo-Bea Sciarrotta

Trenton, N.J.

Picks & Pans

Your reviewer David Hiltbrand called Rod Stewart “the aural equivalent of Johnny Carson.” I’m tired of critics rapping Rod for making music his fans must love; even Hiltbrand admits he’s had “15 years and 16 solo albums’ worth of success.”

Terri Craig

Tahlequah, Okla.

Hiltbrand replies: “I once drove 200 miles on bald tires to see Rod in concert, and he’s still one of the most exciting performers in rock ‘n’ roll. The LP Camouflage is still a bore and a disappointment.”—ED.

The Sixties

When the July 23 PEOPLE was rushed to me from the local grocery store, I was in the midst of running Camp Winnarainbow, a circus and theater arts camp for kids here in Laytonville. This is our 10th year. I was thoroughly horrified to have been (once again) credited with being “the first man to introduce LSD to Kool-Aid.” In fact, I spent a good portion of that evening at the Watts Acid Test telling people, “The Kool-Aid on the right is for the kids, and the Kool-Aid on the left is Electric Kool-Aid.” I have never offered a drug to an unwitting person in my life. Please print this letter and head off still another wave of militant moms with their umbrellas at the ready.

Wavy Gravy

Laytonville, Calif.

We loved your article on the sixties. We also appreciated your mention of the Seva Foundation and Wavy Gravy, who is on our board of directors. Our international service projects are devoted to people who otherwise would live in darkness. Only $15 pays for a cataract operation in Nepal.

Suzanne Gilbert

Chelsea, Mich.

On behalf of Angela Davis, thank you for interviewing her for this issue. However, I’d like to bring your attention to an inaccuracy in the article. The photograph with the caption indicating that Ms. Davis was arrested in San Jose is incorrect. Angela Davis has never been arrested in San Jose. The photograph you used was that of another woman, Fania Davis.

Roberta Goodman

San Francisco

The photograph of Angela Davis’ sister, Fania, was taken in San Jose in the spring of 1972; she was arrested for protesting during the trial on which her sister, Angela, was acquitted of murder, kidnapping and conspiracy charges. We apologize for the error.—ED.

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