October 22, 1984 12:00 PM

Prince Henry

Thank you for the article about Britain’s Prince Henry (PEOPLE, Oct. 1). It was pleasant for a change to read about something as sweet as the birth of a new royal instead of the usual round of terrorist bombings.

Alisa Beth Hilde

Enderlin, N.Dak.

Please spare us. We are about to die from this overkill of British royalty. Most of us find it difficult to relate to their stuffy ways.

Albert W. Cress Jr.

Charlotte, N.C.

In your cover story, you mentioned that on Nov. 15 Princess Diana will christen the “Cunard Line’s $136 million Royal Princess, billed as the most expensive cruise liner, which will make its maiden voyage to Miami.” In fact, the Royal Princess is Princess Cruises’ new cruise ship, costing in excess of $150 million.

Joseph A. Watters

President, Princess Cruises

Los Angeles

Mary Tyler Moore

A diabetic since I was a child, I have always considered Mary Tyler Moore a source of strength. To know that she gives herself insulin shots, exercises and diets rigidly, and still manages to be a genuinely warm, kind person has been an inspiration. Thank you, Mary, and best of luck.

William Knight

Roseville, Calif.

I don’t think that Mary Tyler Moore’s husband needed to try so hard to assure us that Mary is “not what you would call an alcoholic.” It’s incredible how much fear that one word can conjure up in people. I wish all problem drinkers would get help, as Mary has, before someone like a coroner labels them an “alcoholic.” Denial of the word has carried many a problem drinker to the grave.

Dede Ferguson Byars

Lufkin, Texas

Archbishop John O’Connor

I commend the photographer who caught Geraldine Ferraro shooting a dirty look at Archbishop O’Connor. To me it revealed that she is not spirited, as everyone says—only spiteful because O’Connor struck a raw nerve when he assailed her pro-choice stand on abortion. Although I am not a Catholic, I firmly support that church’s stand on abortion, and I pray that this woman doesn’t get into office.

Amy DeLieto

Ansonia, Conn.

As a Christian, I do not believe in abortions, but I also feel that I don’t have the right to make that choice for anyone else. God gave us free will—who has the right to take it away? There seem to be many self-proclaimed Christians right now who are only too willing to cast the first stone at Geraldine Ferraro and other pro-choicers. None of us, myself included, is without fault.

Alfreda Ledbetter

San Francisco

When John F. Kennedy ran for President, the Catholic Church remained discreetly quiet, silently advocating separation of church and state. Now that Geraldine Ferraro is running for Vice-President, the Church is vociferous. Why?

Gail Jackson

Three Oaks, Mich.

Mr. T

The criticisms that Mr. T’s family leveled at him in your article did not sound as if they were laced with envy. They just confirmed what I have suspected from Day One of Mr. T’s celebrityhood: that he is a pompous fraud and a manipulative windbag.

Don N. Estrada


Mr. T seems to be going through a rough family ordeal. Although his actions sound questionable, there may be good reasons behind them. I believe that both he and his family should try to understand their difficulties and work them out.

Steve Shortridge

Rosedale, Va.

Duran Duran

Duran Duran were not “made stars” by MTV. In fact, the group has helped to make MTV the success that it is. The band makes excellent music, and the videos complement the songs. As for Nick Rhodes’ makeup, no one wears it better.

Floyd L. Cotner III

Bradenton, Fla.

Tre-Lee Construction

I was delighted to read your article “When These Women Talk Nails, They Ain’t Talkin’ Polish” about the all-female construction company—until I read that they accepted a $10-an-hour rate when their male counterparts were charging $30 an hour. If their work is indeed superior to that of many male contractors, why do they charge so much less? Tre-Lee has taken a giant step forward for women who want to work at a “man’s job,” but it has also taken a giant step backward in the equal-pay-for-equal-work fight.

Robin Wales


Tre Ford told our reporter: “We don’t make much money because all the building is for the fun of it, the learning. I’ve never been interested in making money, only in trying to lead the correct kind of life, to be a good person. I’m not competing with any man, just providing a place for women to do what they feel like doing.”


Stefanie Powers

You certainly made a big deal of Stefanie Powers’ “tough” side. I don’t think her raunchiness and aggressiveness detract from her appeal. They are part of the mercurial nature that attracts people to her. Life could never be boring with a woman like her.

Gina Campbell


Stefanie Powers does not have to worry about her future—move over, Joan Rivers. While watching Powers’ dramatic effort in Mistral’s Daughter, especially the scene “where Maggy moans orgasmically as Mistral licks her toes,” I realized that TV had discovered a new comedienne.

Marlene H. Duke

Timonium, Md.

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