October 08, 1984 12:00 PM

Cyndi Lauper

Do girls just want to have fun? You better believe it! Although Cyndi Lauper (PEOPLE, Sept. 17) looks like a refugee from a clown convention, she’s also one of those rare individuals who helps us to recapture that feeling of carefree, girlish fun. We tend to forget the girl we left behind when we ventured out into the working world. Cyndi’s spirit is infectious.

Debbie Zdobinski

Parsippany, N.J.

Cyndi Lauper has managed to keep her ego in check, which is rare in the music world.

Charles David Haskell

New York City

After looking at your cover shot of Cyndi Lauper, I think you’re a little early for Halloween this year.

Virginia Hardie

Lady Lake, Fla.

Danny Holley

My heart goes out to the Holley family at the loss of their son. As a Navy wife and mother, I have always disliked the expression “You’ll have to be the man of the family while Dad is away.” I’ve forced myself never to say that or to let anyone else say that to my son during the many long separations our family has had to face. But you can’t always know if a caring and sensitive child is feeling that responsibility. Danny’s father, Sergeant Holley, is right in not blaming the military. They do their best to take care of us in time of need. I just hope that the good that comes out of this tragedy is that the civilians who don’t understand our problems and the politicians who sit on their ample pay raises every year will now realize our life is not fun and games. There are military families living below poverty level who have to use food stamps, and I think that is a national disgrace.

Marie Jacobs

Glenview, Ill.

I read with great sadness your story about Danny Holley, the young man who committed suicide. In a small way I can empathize with his mother. I, too, am a military wife whose husband is stationed in South Korea. I have two children, 12 and 9; I have 24-hour-a-day responsibility for them for a full year. That thought alone can be almost overwhelming, not to mention the loneliness of being separated from my husband. The real tragedy is that the situation that led to this desperate act is all too often a very grim reality for military families. There is hope, though. Agencies like the Air Force Aid Society, the Red Cross and Waiting Wives do exist. Please, other military wives, don’t be too proud to ask for help. Don’t become another family torn even farther apart by a similiar tragedy.

Darlene Sevin


The Carters

One just can’t resist cheering Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter for their sincere contribution to Habitat, the group that builds homes for the poor. Many other famous statesmen have inspired Americans, but who else has put on work clothes and dropped to his hands and knees to lend a hand?

Aileen R. Krueger

Evanston, Ill.

I was inspired by your description of Habitat. How can I get involved?

Cheryl Swass

Massapequa, N.Y.

Readers who are interested can write to: Habitat for Humanity, 419 W. Church St., Americus, Ga. 31709.


Tom Garrette

It was with delight that I read the story about Tom Garrette and his efforts to make Ridge Street a safe place to live. Too often the press reports only the negative, grisly side of gay life. Wake up, America, gays are human beings capable of love, caring and understanding—and we’ve got guts.

S. Adams

Wichita, Kans.

Mr. Garrette is a hero for the ’80s. In an election year he makes our politicians pale by comparison. If we had more men like Tom in Washington, wouldn’t America truly be on the mend?

Dorran R. Cooley

Brandon, Vt.


Cathy Raycroft Briggs who wrote in to comment on your story about Elizabeth McAlister, could not believe that a “former nun could abandon her children in favor of a career as a protester and a jailbird.” I do not believe that Ms. McAlister intentionally abandoned her children; I do believe that she knew such a separation might occur if she continued her antinuclear work. Ms. Briggs also suggests that Ms. McAlister and her husband should “put more effort into quality time with their children.” Tell me, Ms. Briggs, how much quality time will you have if there is no time? How much quality time will you have nursing a child ridden with nuclear fallout? Ms. McAlister is trying to win some time not just for her children but for all our children.

Elaine C. Melvold

Torrance, Calif.

Picks & Pans

Julio Iglesias’ “romantic” voice does make me shiver, but the sensation is akin to that which I feel when I suddenly notice a spider on my arm.

Aurora Lazare


Thanks to David Hiltbrand for recognizing the music legend Bob Marley. He lives in the songs of freedom he left as his legacy.

Patti Ettleson

Havertown, Pa.

Katherine Ortega

In the Sept. 10 issue of PEOPLE you commented on the keynote address of the Republican Convention given by “Treasurer Angela Buchanan.” I disagree with your comments on two counts. First, the address, which I was fortunate to witness firsthand, was excellent. Second, it was Katherine D. Ortega, the present United States Treasurer, who gave the address. I resigned as Treasurer of the United States over a year ago, and cannot take credit for the keynote.

Angela Buchanan Jackson

Washington, D.C.

Ms. Jackson is Treasurer of the Reagan-Bush Campaign Committee. We regret the error.—ED.

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