June 11, 1984 12:00 PM

Country Music

Country music is where it’s at, and Chet Flippo did not portray that at all (PEOPLE, May 21). Kenny Rogers may be overpaid in some people’s eyes, but how could anyone say he’s overrated? He’s one of the best entertainers out there—not to mention being a genuine, warmhearted person—a rare trait in his business.

Kathy Young

Kirksville, Mo.

There are those who take freedom of speech a bit far. Mr. Flippo makes some very unkind, unnecessary remarks about Kenny Rogers. The author is entitled to his opinion but so are the millions of country music fans around the world. And I, for one, consider Kenny Rogers one of the best!

Anne Hyde

Eldorado, Texas

Thank you for exposing the magnitude of Kenny Rogers’ mediocrity. As a professional lounge musician, I have been telling people for years that he is the worst singer in the history of music. People have not only failed to believe me but have accused me of being sick with envy. From now on when people ask me for a Kenny Rogers song, I’ll show them your article and refuse to play his material on a purely ethical basis. If I get away with it, it will be the best thing that’s happened to me since Tony Orlando faded.

Buck VanderMeer

Ocala, Fla.

As a country music disc jockey, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your cover story. However, you left out one of the best song titles: Loretta Lynn’s Lyin’, Cheatin’, Woman Chasin’, Honky Tonkin’, Whiskey Drinkin’ You. That title could drive a deejay crazy.

Long John Miles


West Palm Beach, Fla.

The McMartin Family

I read your article on the McMartins with frustration and sadness. We discovered in March that our little girl, now aged 9, had been molested for the last two years by a close and trusted neighbor. In both situations we parents ignored our gut instincts far too long, remaining unaware of signals because we weren’t looking for them and judging the perpetrators by their exemplary public lives. We must realize that people who have a sexual need for children walk all paths, bar none.

Name withheld

San Antonio

Hart to Hart

I can understand why ABC canceled Hart to Hart—the ratings were down. Since February Remington Steele had regularly beaten it. And while there are things that can be done to perk up a sagging show, Hart to Hart had already done them: episodes in Europe, big guest stars, careful promotion. Perhaps the problem was simply that the characters had become boring. They never fight, and they hadn’t changed in five years. The program had a good run, it was beaten fair and square, and that’s showbiz.

Valerie Hunter


Cristina De Lorean

If John De Lorean is guilty, he’ll deserve whatever he gets. But his wife is not on trial for being good-looking, for wearing nice clothes or even for sporting spike heels.

Kathleen Kelly

O’Fallon, Mo.

Don Bachardy and Christopher Isherwood

As editor of In Touch, one of this country’s gay magazines—and as a private citizen—I would like to thank you for your wonderfully levelheaded story about Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy. Gay couples have rarely if ever been treated with so little hysteria in the mainstream press. Thank you for not treating these talented, intelligent men as a novelty item.

Jim Yousling

North Hollywood

Joan Steuer

As the photographer who shot the story on Joan Steuer, editor of Chocolatier magazine, I thought our readers might like to know that Kron Chocolatier, Inc. provided more than 30 pounds of chocolate as well as an original formula that we used to turn Joan into a human confection. She tasted as good as she looked! Without the help of Andrew Carduner, the co-chairman of Kron, and Arthur Perez, their foreman, as well as the good sportsmanship of Joan Steuer, this shot could never have been done. I salute them.

Raeanne Rubenstein

New York City

Lana Wood

Having read first your excerpt and then the entire book, I feel that Lana Wood’s biography of her sister should have been titled Me and, Oh Yes, My Sister, Natalie. What’s more, Lana seizes the opportunity to chide and embarrass Robert Wagner. Isn’t it tragic enough that he lost his wife without having to endure his sister-in-law’s sour grapes?

Judy Bivens


Jim Douglass

Must we constantly get articles supporting the Jim Douglasses of the world? Living in Amarillo near the Pantex plant, I am sick and tired of every crackpot from out of state camping on our doorstep and denouncing the great white train that delivers the warheads produced here. There are many people who do not find Pantex the monster that the Douglasses fear. We live and work here because of the plant. We are just as religious as the finger pointers but believe God gave us a brain and the knowledge to protect ourselves. We also know man cannot destroy the world, because God claimed that right Himself.

Vicki Taylor

Amarillo, Texas

I was tremendously moved by your story on antinuclear activist Jim Douglass and would like to know where I can send a donation in support of his work. The MX missile is not, as President Reagan dubbed it, the peacekeeper; Douglass is.

Laura Fissinger

Jersey City

Contributions can be sent to: Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action, 16159 Clear Creek Rd. NW, Poulsbo, Wash. 98370.—ED.

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