April 02, 1984 12:00 PM

Tom Selleck

Thank you for your story about Tom Selleck (PEOPLE, March 12). However, couldn’t you have chosen a more tasteful term than “macho man” to burble across the cover of your magazine as a description of Selleck? To me and to thousands of other women who are similarly turned off by the word and the concept, “macho” represents all the strutting, posturing and silliness associated with artificial masculinity. As Magnum, Selleck never postures or struts. “Macho” is crude and shopworn. Selleck is classy and refreshing.

Mary Kathleen Lemcke

Bismarck, N.Dak.

So Tom Selleck finally knuckled under and did a nude scene. We are genuinely disillusioned!

Linda Kemp

Jennifer Boldt

Riverside, Calif.

I used to be an ardent Selleck fan, but, frankly, I’m growing tired of his griping about how nobody takes him seriously. Who is he acting for anyway: the fans or the critics?

Jeri Wenger

Bluffton, Ohio

In reply to the reviewers who accuse Tom Selleck of “recycling his Magnum persona” in the character Lassiter, I ask: What’s the crime? Magnum is clearly part Selleck, Selleck played Lassiter, and so it follows that there will be traces of Magnum in this new role. Selleck’s strong “persona” is what’s so appealing about him. After all, the Duke always played the Duke and Cary Grant was always Cary Grant no matter what the film—and they weren’t half bad as entertainers.

Percy Foster

Miami Springs, Fla.

New Bedford Rape Case

No woman deserves to get raped, whether she is a nun or a prostitute.

Michael Glusko

Tuxedo, N.Y.

The Portuguese men who were tried in this case worried that they would not receive a fair trial because they could barely understand English. No understanding of English is needed to commit this vulgar crime against a young woman, so I don’t see that they deserve special understanding or pity in court.

Kim E. Dotson

Cameron, Mo.

The only time that a man is as outraged by rape as women are is when it happens to his wife or his girlfriend.

M. Robbins


Jerry Tarkanian

Your story on UNLV basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian omitted the fact that the athletic department is putting more emphasis on academics. Many were not happy with the team’s graduation rate in the past, but that has changed over the last two years. For example, this May the program will graduate four out of the five seniors. One, Danny Tarkanian, will graduate with a 3.85 average and has been chosen two years in a row for the Academic All-America Basketball Team.

I expected more objectivity from PEOPLE. Jerry Tarkanian is worth every penny he gets. He and his family are God-fearing, churchgoing people who help give young kids an opportunity to climb a ladder to success. Whether those they help are able to reach the top or fall by the wayside should not be blamed on the Tarkanians. At least they have had a chance no one else was willing to give them.

John R. McBride


Board of Regents

University of Nevada

While it is true that state and private gifts constructed a grand arena on the UNLV campus, it is also true that in recent years the same sources built our beautiful Judy Bayley Theatre, Artemus Ham Concert Hall and Alta Ham Fine Arts Building. And it is only fair to point out that the grand opening of the “basketball palace” raised $275,000 for academic support and $97,000 for the Nathan Adelson Hospice. Furthermore, the UNLV Master Series, created solely with private funding, is just as impressive as the basketball dynasty. Every year great artists like Zubin Mehta and Andres Segovia, as well as the Tokyo Symphony and London’s Royal Ballet, perform to sold-out audiences at UNL V.

Buck Deadrich

Executive Director

UNL V Foundation

Las Vegas

Buzz cuts

I never fail to be amazed by what some American women will accept as stylish in clothing and hairstyles. I suspect that somewhere behind closed doors the inventors of these trends are counting their money and laughing their heads off.

Connie Arnold

Piano, Texas


It’s true that an injustice has been done to Barbra Streisand, but since when has Hollywood ever had a reputation for sanity? We all know the truth of her tremendous talent.

Shari Farris


I can’t believe you devoted an entire article to the failure of Yentl to win “important” Oscar nominations. Other movies, including Zelig, King of Comedy and Never Cry Wolf, which were just as good or better, didn’t make it either. Besides, it’s not as if Yentl has met with universally wild acclaim. There have been many glaring omissions in the history of the awards, but this isn’t one of them.

David Hillman

New York City

It doesn’t matter why Yentl wasn’t nominated for an Oscar. It wouldn’t matter if the movie won an Oscar. What matters is that many of our lives were warmed by it. Barbra Streisand should take solace in the fact that she has won many hearts.

Jeanne E. Rankin

Visalia, Calif.

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