March 12, 1984 12:00 PM

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

There are no adjectives strong enough to register my disgust with the insidious methods used by Fred Seaman and Bob Rosen in their attempt to capitalize on the death of John Lennon (PEOPLE, Feb. 20). By their actions they’ve placed themselves on the same sick level as grave robbers.

Fans of John can best support his memory by refusing to buy any of the garbage that is published about him. A strong consumer boycott would successfully foil the greedy plans of any other would-be vultures.

Mary B. Stella

Asbury Park, N.J.

It’s about time somebody is finally giving Yoko Ono a break. Why is it so hard for some people to believe that there really are married people, even famous married people, who love, honor and respect one another. Yoko did not love John Lennon, the ex-Beatle, like I did. Yoko loved John Lennon, her husband and father of their son, Sean. More people should be aware that Yoko gave John what he wanted, a wife.

Connie Daly

Naples, N.Y.

Serve Yourself appropriately sums up John Lennon’s attitude. An interesting artist, a confused and lonely, searching man—yes. But wake up world—he was not a god.

Jo-Ann Grebner

Henderson, Nev.

John Lennon’s music has to be listened to with your heart. If the world had a few more John Lennons, maybe it would be worth getting up in the morning.

Michael L. Matt

St. Joseph, Mo.

When I listened to John and Yoko’s Milk and Honey album for the first time, it felt almost like John Lennon was still alive. After reading your article I became bitter. Not so much over the man who murdered him, but the so-called friends of the Lennons who have tried to make a buck off him by telling untrue stories of their lives. But your cover photograph says it all—John Lennon giving the peace sign (intentional or not) for the last time.

Alan Auld

Thunder Bay


Greg and Jenny

All My Children is my all-time favorite soap opera, and it’s about time Greg and Jenny married. But in the much publicized wedding night, I think Carol Luiken, the costume director, wasted her time “hunting for the perfect nightgown.” I wonder if Greg was as disappointed as I was!

Phyllis Pilger

Bryan, Tex.

Tommy Thompson

Thank you for your moving tribute to Thomas Thompson. His books brought me and others countless hours of pleasure. The world, indeed, is a darker place because of his death. But in response to the question asked of young Kleber Cantrell in Celebrity, “Do you want to be good or famous?” I know that answer! Thomas Thompson was famous because he was good.

Kay Soulant Bucklin

Harvey, La.

Tommy Thompson was everything Dick Stolley has written about him. I was the LIFE photographer with Tommy when we found Marguerite and Marina Oswald. Young Tommy was as tenacious as he was charming. But it was my suggestion that we look elsewhere for photographs rather than pursue the same picture that every photographer in Dallas was going to get of Lee Harvey Oswald in that small jailhouse. This triggered the events leading to our exclusive story, which terminated at the Executive Inn outside Dallas where I registered that bewildered family as “Mrs. Allan Grant” to keep its identity unknown and prolong our exclusive. At LIFE we worked as a team. That’s what LIFE was all about.

Allan Grant

Los Angeles

Picks & Pans

Your critic didn’t like the Van Halen album and then tops it off by saying, “It is just what a standard heavy metal record is expected to be.” Just because Van Halen screwed up doesn’t mean all heavy metal records are crap. Personally, I happen to think there are some good tunes on that album, and I don’t even like Van Halen.

Stacey Waterman

Syracuse, N.Y.

Let me guess—Carl Arrington is a Culture Club and Eurythmics fan. The only thing wrong with Van Halen’s 1984 album is the fact that it isn’t a double LP.

Julie R. Patterson

Salem, Oreg.

Your critic didn’t even mention the name of the city where the movie Reckless was filmed but called it a “grimy West Virginia mill town.” He evidently does not know anything about West Virginia. It was Weirton—our hometown and the surrounding areas. The fact is in 1980 Weirton was one of the cities featured in the nationwide Clean Community System program sponsored by Keep America Beautiful Inc. as being 44 percent cleaner than it had been the previous year. Our steel mill is back operating after one of the largest employee takeovers in the nation. The next time you have something to say about another town, would you take the time to check the facts first.

Mary Ann Dalton

Pam Demko

Weirton, W.Va.

Karen Silkwood

When Karen Silkwood’s death hit the newsstands in 1974, I was only 15. I remember it vividly. Ms. Silkwood and others like her became my heroes, speaking up for the rights of their fellow human beings and making public the atrocities of the greedy. Karen’s enemies may feel they have “won” and go unpunished, but there is the ultimate court still awaiting them. There, they will not get off so easy.

Colleen Tipton

San Jose, Calif.

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