By People Staff
October 17, 1983 12:00 PM

Best and Worst Dressed

Richard Gere may be one of the worst dressed (PEOPLE, Sept. 26) stars in the world, but he is definitely among the Top 10 undressed.

Carol Laxner


So Mr. T’s different—so what! It’s refreshing. I happen to like the way he dresses and think it’s great that he has the courage to wear what he pleases, regardless of what fashion fools think.

Michelle Reinert

Minnetonka, Minn.

Linda Ronstadt has class that would shine through if she wore a painter’s drop cloth. If her critics had talent comparable to hers, they would hardly be so concerned with what she is wearing.

Deborah Hershey

Harrisburg, Pa.

It’s happened. You finally printed something nice about David Bowie. Congratulations to Mr. Bowie for being chosen as one of PEOPLE’s best dressed men.

Michelle Slaton

Sinking Springs, Pa.

Estelle Parsons

I think it is fantastic that Estelle Parsons was able to adopt a child, but I must admit it also irritated me. My husband and I want to adopt a newborn child, but we have been turned down repeatedly, not because we would not be good parents but because my husband is “too old at 45” and has three children from a previous marriage. Without a very large sum of money to hire a lawyer for a private adoption, a childless couple never has a chance. I hope that someone out there will change the priorities for what a newborn child needs—a lot of love instead of a lot of money.

Julia Johnson


Picks & Pans

With regard to Sissy Spacek’s new album, your reviewer wrote, “Her vocals are amazingly strong and sensuous, especially considering that she was almost nine months pregnant when she cut most of the ten tracks.” My question is what does her pregnancy have to do with the strength or sensuality of her voice? The logic of this statement escapes me completely.

Rosemary Morris


Jamie Quackenbush

I suppose I will be labeled one of those insensitive people that grieving pet owners should avoid; however, the story about Mr. Quackenbush’s work as a pet bereavement counselor was just too much. With all the problems people have dealing with each other in this world, time would be better spent learning how to respect human life instead of applauding these strange bonds.

Mrs. Edward K. Dillon

Bowie, Md.

Your article on Jamie Quackenbush brought up a few tears from the past over pets I’ve lost. What but grief could one feel at the loss of something that never judges you, always loves you and spends its whole life waiting for you to come home from work. Anyone who finds such feelings for animals silly need not wonder why their relationships with their fellow men and women flounder. One either has the capacity to love or one doesn’t. The object of that feeling is irrelevant.

Lynette Dumont

Golden, Colo.

Bruce Weitz

Bruce Weitz became a familiar figure in Washington, D.C. this year when he committed time and energy to raise money and focus public interest to buy bulletproof vests for city policemen. The tremendous success of the drive and the national attention it received can be attributed directly to Weitz’s involvement. Weitz was honored with a Congressional reception, and Mayor Marion Barry declared an official Bruce Weitz Day. “Animal” Belker and actor Weitz have one thing in common—they’ve both taken a bite out of crime.

Tammy Kennedy Wolfe

Washington, D.C.

The District of Columbia’s Metropolitan Police all-volunteer Vest Fund has topped $628,000 and seeks just $70,000 more to buy a vest for each of the 3,884 officers on the force.


Jackie Collins

Just a quick note before I drive the kids to school. I always dreamed about being the rich and glamorous wife of someone in Hollywood; however, after reading your interview with Jackie Collins about Hollywood wives, give me soccer practice, ballet lessons and PTA meetings anyday.

Karen Durante

Dearborn, Mich.

Carrie Snodgress

The Carrie Snodgress story about her romance with Neil Young and his later neglect of their handicapped son, Zeke, is sad. But the real loser in this story is Neil Young. He’s lost not only a wonderful woman but also a beautiful boy who loves him. Hope his conscience doesn’t allow him to enjoy his money. He also just lost one fan—me.

Jane D’Angelo

New York City

I, too, am the single parent of an 11-year-old handicapped son whose father deserted us. It’s been hard providing, but I’d never ask anything of his so-called father. What seems a burden to many people has been more a blessing. How many 11-year-old boys come up to their mother to give her a kiss, a hug and say “I love you” for no special reason? It’s been real tough at times, but my boy and his love have made me a strong person. I used to be bitter that his father could walk away and not look back, but no longer. Bitterness will eat you alive. I’m going with a wonderful man who wants to marry me and give my son the daddy he’s never had. I can feel in my heart what a wonderful mother Carrie is—Zeke is so lucky. You will both be richly rewarded in the end.

Name withheld

Jackson, Mo.