September 12, 1983 12:00 PM

Kenny Rogers and Linda Evans

From your perspective there are apparently no more interesting people in the world than Kenny Rogers and Linda Evans (PEOPLE, Aug. 22). Talk about overexposed! In particular, Rogers’ chubby face and body seem to be everywhere. From my perspective he serves only one purpose. For all those would-be singers out there with voices suitable only to the shower, he is a ubiquitous testimonial that someone whose talent could never be described as more than amateurish can become a millionaire singing C&W.

Alexandra Mayerle


Jamie Lee Curtis

I’m disappointed in Jamie Lee Curtis. If she thinks that showing her bare breasts is sexy, then she has a lot to learn about that concept. Nor do I understand the false modesty that led her to request a closed set or to cover her bosoms with her hands between takes. If she doesn’t mind millions looking at her in movie theaters, why does it bother her to have a few people ogle her on the set?

Susan Opihory

Clifton, N.J.

Thank you for the story of Jamie Lee Curtis. She is the one sex object on this thinking man’s mind.

Mark A. McLean

Atwater, Calif.

Anorexic athletes

Kudos to writer Eric Levin for his poignant story about our daughter Mary. If it alerts one athlete, parent or coach to the dangers of excessive dieting, Mary’s experience shall not have been in vain. Brickbats to the gloom-stricken editor who failed to see the companion story of a courageous comeback and, despite our vehement protest, insisted on photographs that portray a false image of sorrow. We ask that you print this letter not for Mary, who conquered that bridge long ago, nor for those who have been in her cheery presence, but for the legion of friends across the country who saw your lugubrious pictures and were saddened.

Leon Wazeter

Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

I was angered by gymnast Mary Lou Retton’s comment that anorexia “is the stupidest thing. You just mess your body up.” Anorexia is an illness. Are cancer, pneumonia and tuberculosis “stupid”? I get upset when people make harsh judgments about something they don’t understand. They don’t know how lucky they are not to have this awful disorder.

Name withheld

Hummelstown, Pa.

Your article hit home with us. Our son Glenn wrestled in high school, and for three years he started each season in excellent condition. As the season progressed, his body became weaker, he lost muscle tone, and his skin turned yellow as a result of starving himself, so that by the end he lacked the strength to excel. The summer before his senior year, my husband and I decided we would not let him wrestle unless he maintained his normal weight. Of course, Glenn was furious, but he adhered to our wishes. He had an undefeated season, broke school records, won the Eastern Connecticut Conference Championship, and came in second in the state open tournament. Whenever parents tell us their son is going to wrestle, we tell them of our experience. We wish someone had told us what wrestlers really go through.

Peggy M. Kumpitsch

Waterford, Conn.

Def Leppard

Who cares if the Queen approves of Def Leppard in their Union Jack shorts? I’m sure their female fans approve. And, let’s face it, how many rock albums does the Queen buy?

Jill Politoski

Fort Lauderdale

Cleveland Amory

Your article on Cleveland Amory’s efforts to save the goats of San Clemente Island requires comment. As an environmentalist and resident of a neighboring island likewise afflicted with a wild goat population, I feel qualified to do so. As you mentioned, goats are not native to the channel islands off Southern California. They were apparently imported by early explorers. The indigenous plant species were unaccustomed to such grazing pressure, and, lacking natural defenses, many of these true members of the islands’ ecosystems have succumbed to overgrazing by the very goats Amory defends. He has focused on a single species which, perhaps due to its closer affinities with the human species, evokes more concern. Certainly measures should be taken to humanely eliminate the goat population, and such efforts have been tried, but the focus should be on the continued health and survival of these fragile island ecosystems, which are a part of our true California heritage, rather than on a single species introduced from the Mediterranean.

William W. Bushing

Santa Catalina Island

Hooray for Cleveland Amory. All kids should be so lucky as to have such a father. We need more like him out there caring.

Sandy Anderson

Atwater, Calif.


Barbara Anderson wrote that Kathy Wilson, the Republican head of the National Women’s Political Caucus, doesn’t represent her or any Republican women she knows. Through the years when it was a dirty word in the South, I wore the name Republican proudly. I’ve spoken for candidates and been booed by hostile Democrats for doing so. My first vote was against Franklin D. Roosevelt, and I voted straight Republican in every Presidential election until the present resident of the White House became the candidate and the party took the Equal Rights Amendment out of the platform. Kathy Wilson certainly represents me and hundreds of other Republican women I know. More power to her.

Osta Underwood


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