July 29, 1974 12:00 PM

Telly Savalas

I loved your article on Telly Savalas—what a surprise! Is it possible for you to clear up a rumor for me? Why won’t Mr. Savalas fly in jets or planes of any kind?

Pamela E. Stachowski

Springville, N.Y.

He does fly, but not eagerly.—ED.

Telly Savalas doesn’t need me as a fan, he has Telly.

Dianne Nelson

Canoga Park, Calif.

Re your photograph of Telly Savalas, it makes him look like a real Kojak-ass.

Barbara Wine


If there ever was a prime case of male menopause, he’s it. Sad to see one still trying to swing when he’s swung.

Dolores Herrington

Hazlehurst, Ga.

Lord and Lady Tavistock

You state that my wife and I pulled out of Woburn Abbey leaving it in the hands of my eldest son and his wife without warning. This is totally untrue. They have had a house on the estate for four years. My son has been consulted for the last six months on all administrative matters in which he was to have to make decisions.

My wife and I have given all our lives to the restoration of Woburn and its creation as a viable business concern. Thanks mainly to my wife many businesses such as an antique centre, art gallery and banqueting department have been added, and we have a large and highly competent staff to deal with all departments.

My wife had everything arranged for my son and his wife down to such details as the menus for meals, flowers in the private rooms to greet them and furniture she hoped they would like. In fact all they had to do was to move in and let the valet and the maid unpack.

My idea was that you need to be young and energetic and full of ideas to run a contemporary stately home. If I had carried on until I died it might well be another 20 years by which time my son would be too old to tackle the demanding work of a great house in these times. It was a heartbreaking decision to have to take.

The Duke of Bedford

Walter Matthau

The man engaged in horseplay with Walter Matthau is not Marty Ritt but a wonderful actor-director named Joshua Shelley. I was fortunate to be in one of his acting classes for about a year. His verbal horseplay is even better.

Nancy Otte

New York

Enjoyed spread on Walter Matthau. Liked pictures included of me and accurate description, “director—star handicapper.” However, you did spell my name wrong…

Joshua Shelley

Los Angeles

Your article on Walter Matthau interested me greatly—especially the part that said he will bet on anything. I have completed an undergraduate degree in biology and would like to do graduate work. I will most likely have to take out a loan, and it would make me very happy if Mr. Matthau would put a bet on me to finish my graduate studies. Just 1/15 of the $75,000 you say he drops each year would do it, and if he wants more details, I’d be glad to furnish them so he can compute the odds.

Donna L. Cragle

Bloomington, Ind.

Ada Louise Huxtable

Ada Louise Huxtable’s replies were seasoned with her usual personification, aplomb and unfortunate generalization. There are a hell of a lot of other people, who also know what they’re talking about, who would disagree with her pronouncement that public architecture has been consistently bad. For every development project completed in the last two decades which has been decreed “bad,” five others have risen up to more than compensate for it. And in four out of those five cases, you’ll find a developer who has refused to be led down some primrose path for the sake of architectural design and edification. More and more, it is the developer who dictates the shape of things, and the aggrandizing architect is forced to assume his proper role as a member of the building team.

Philip Schreiner

Editor, Buildings

Margaret Trudeau

I was very happy with your article on “A Pretty Trudeau Takes the Stump.” I am very proud to see that Canada and Canadian names are finally coming out of the background and are being noticed by our American neighbors. Canada is interested in American matters and it is great to know that Americans are interested in our news.

Barbara Weston


Charlie Quarry

Indeed, Charlie Quarry does look like “a flower in a junkyard”…but why did she hide her lovely naturalness under that awful wig and those gooky lashes at ringside?

Jo Ann Cooper

Scottsdale, Ariz.

Dr. Larry Hoffman

Is Dr. Larry Hoffman any relation to Dustin Hoffman? I could not believe the resemblance in the top picture of the article—and then there is the name. I will not sleep until I KNOW.

Cathie Spaulding

Lomita, Calif.

He isn’t.—ED.

I have been doing exactly the same work as Dr. Hoffman and didn’t realize another dentist was duplicating my research. I did my first restorative hand-held root canal on the 15th of March 1973 and have done 35 since with only two failures. I hope to publish my findings in another three years.

Felix A. Puccio, DDS

North Adams, Mass.

Cesar Chavez

Your article on Cesar Chavez is totally ridiculous. You attempt to show him as another Jesus Christ and, I assume, the Teamsters union as the devil. I have been a member of the Teamsters for 6 years and deplore your accusations.

Have you never stopped to think that if the workers, the union (Teamsters), and the farmers are happy with the present contract, who in the hell is Chavez to complain?

Albert Spillal

Dodd City, Texas

I want to commend you for a good article about Cesar Chavez and his nonviolent struggle to gain decent living and working conditions for farm workers. As a supporter of Chavez’s United Farm Workers, however, I noticed an important omission in your article. You neglected to mention that Chavez has called for a national boycott of non-UFW iceberg lettuce, table grapes and Gallo wines. The boycott will pressure growers to hold free elections, so that the workers can decide to which union they want to belong. The growers have refused to hold such elections, and instead have not consulted their workers in signing collusive “sweetheart” contracts with the Teamsters union.

Nancy A. Hickey


While reading your article on Cesar Chavez I was surprised to learn that a living room built around a fraying sofa and an ancient TV set is typical of a Chicano home. May America be informed that this is not necessarily a typical Chicano home.

Eusebio P. Compian Jr.

McAllen, Texas

Dr. Morton Halperin

I found the article on Dr. Halperin interesting and hope to see more articles about wiretapping activities. Keep us informed of the outcome.

Karen Lopz

San Diego


As an animal lover, I was dismayed by the Chicken Flying meet. I suggest that Bob Evans be put in a mailbox and shoved out with a bathroom plunger.

Trisha Kelsey

Lahaina, Hawaii

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