December 30, 1974 12:00 PM

Dr. Robert Heath

I suggest that Dr. Heath should rephrase his comment (PEOPLE, Dec. 9) that “alcohol is a simple drug with a temporary effect.” Does he consider brain cell damage and cirrhosis of the liver temporary effects? One shouldn’t condemn pot by condoning alcohol.

Tom Fenton


David Chandler’s brilliant description of $140,000 worth of research, which kept those monkeys stoned for four years, makes me wonder how I would have felt had my introduction to escape mechanisms taken place strapped in a chair, with five martinis shoved down my throat.

Mike Lagueux


What a shame that noted drug researcher, Dr. Heath, can’t remember such simple things as paying his taxes or doing a favor for his wife. Could it be that trying to prove that marijuana is harmful causes permanent brain damage?

L. Keith Miller

Lawrence, Kans.

Do we still believe that scare tactics are going to influence our kids? Haven’t we learned anything? The solution is relatively simple. Let’s conduct simultaneous tests with pot and alcohol, using the same controls (and determining the fair alcohol equivalent of, say, three joints a day) and then, when conclusions can be made, let’s make them. How’s that?

Richard K. O’Mara

Los Angeles

Dr. Lewis Thomas

I’m glad to see that my favorite magazine had sense enough to take notice of Dr. Lewis Thomas. I’ve been reading Lives of a Cell to my family and friends and, believe me, it’s changed the lives in one cell.

Ann Condon

Decatur, Ill.

The Feigen Fasteaus

May I nominate you for publishing the most ludicrous sentence of the year? “Just as they divide the housework, Marc vows to do an equal amount of the child-rearing.” Divide it with whom? With a maid? Possibly not, we learn later, since the child-rearing is to be divided with a nurse. This isn’t liberation. It’s two people complaining that good, cheap help is hard to find.

The point is clear: as soon as the rest of us get our law degrees from Harvard, our Manhattan penthouses and our nurses, we’ll be able to afford to look liberated. These messianic two are nothing but radical-chic sheep.

Cliff Bostock

Thomson, Ga.

Whatever was the purpose of printing that pathetic picture of a woman simulating childbirth—particularly when the photograph had nothing to do with her subsequent style of delivery? Imagine the insensitivity of asking her to pose that way! Imagine the poor judgment of the woman complying.

Alexandra Mark

Brookline, Mass.

Brenda Feigen Fasteau insisted on the demonstration. Her subsequent Caesarean was hardly predictable.—ED.

Thank God I was born before all of this fuss. A mother’s body was made to carry the baby before and after birth and nurture the infant. Where else in the world are men tending babies? I believe in helping the mother, not displacing her. Equal rights, yes, but this is ridiculous.

Anthony J. Apton

Milpitas, Calif.

Cloris Leachman

So Cloris Leachman is given to loony behavior, huh? When she goes a bit further than breaking out in tension-releasing song or loses her playful sense of fun, I’ll worry (being in a business environment where maniacal personalities are commonplace). Ms. Leachman is an exceptional example of an absolutely lucid artist.

Anita B. Congelliere

San Pedro

Diana Vreeland’s Met Show

The dress you pictured as worn by Vivien Leigh in Gone With the Wind was actually worn by Greta Garbo in Camille.

Diane Benzenberg

East Hampton, N.Y.

A number of sharp-eyed readers—one of whom had seen Gone With the Wind 12 times—caught our mislabeling. For them, the real McCoy worn by Vivien Leigh (below).—ED.

President Ford’s Coat

While the Alaskan wolf is not an endangered species, it only stands to reason that if people, such as our own President Ford and others, continue to use these pelts for personal adornment, they will soon become endangered—if not extinct.

Jack O. Duke

Coachella, Calif.

Kathryn Kuhlman

Dr. William Nolen criticizes Miss Kuhlman because she doesn’t know the difference between “psychogenic disease and organic disease.” Medical statistics today will show that 75 percent of the hospital beds today are filled with patients who have psychosomatic illnesses. If she only helped these people, think what a miracle that would be. Most doctors will agree that these people are the most difficult to cure. My husband is a surgeon and I have been a medical secretary for eight years, and we are both very interested in Miss Kuhlman’s ministry.

Mrs. G.A. Dierdorff

Sunnyside, Wash.

Heather and the Hormone

I would like to correct a commonly held belief that it was Walter Keane who painted all those lovely, big-eyed children. Walter was the salesman in their partnership, but it is his former wife, Margaret, now married to a Honolulu newspaper man, who was and is turning out those delightful canvases.

Kathleen Santas

Ashland, Oreg.

Andy Williams TV Show

Why don’t Andy Williams and his wife, Claudine, do America a favor and give each other a divorce for Christmas?

Sharon A. Gray


Bill Walton

As a Portland Trail Blazer fan, I don’t agree with your statement that Bill Walton has turned the once-languishing Trail Blazers into title contenders. Walton has played in only half the games Portland has won since the season started. The rest of the time he has been out with a bone spur on his ankle, the flu and a dislocated finger.

Kristie Cordano

Beaverton, Oreg.

Milton Eisenhower

In the Truman book, Plain Speaking, I couldn’t find that tremendous admiration Milton Eisenhower says Truman felt for Ike. Chapter 27 tells it just the opposite.

Dee Dee Harrison

Longview, Wash.

The Thong

I think Rudi Gernreich’s new bathing suit will catch on about as well as his topless did. Blah.

Carrie Sue Tibbetts

Locke Mills, Me.

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