By People Staff
February 14, 1983 12:00 PM

Pulitzer Divorce

Roxanne Pulitzer (PEOPLE, Jan. 24) might as well hang it up. She made a total jackass of herself during that ridiculous divorce trial, and now she’s stepping back into the headlines trying to regain custody of her twins. Thank God there are still some judges who don’t always believe that the children are better off with the mother.

Susan Holt

Greenbelt, Md.

If Roxanne Pulitzer intends to continue the fight to get her children back, she had better try a new strategy. Let’s face it, the world is not ready to sympathize with a mother who goes around in a strapless dress, striking a seductive pose with her attorney, Marvin Mitchelson, on the front of a national magazine. If she is really serious about her plight, she should cover up more and be seen less.

Tyger Marie Conner

Topeka, Kans.

It appears that Roxanne Pulitzer is yet another victim of the archaic double standard. Is there no justice for women in this male-oriented society? Go for it, Marvin and Roxanne, and may you be victorious.

Linda M. Skelding

Clearwater, Fla.

God help us if Marvin Mitchelson is going to take up the feminist banner using Roxanne Pulitzer as an example of women wronged by society. It takes a lot of moxie for Roxy to scream for equal rights after supposedly dallying with a race driver, a real estate salesman, a baker and an alleged drug vendor. As a not-so-well-heeled (but younger than Roxy) Palm Beach matron, I hope others see right through this attempt to make a feminist cause out of a sow’s ear.

Enid Cheatham

West Palm Beach, Fla.

Marvin Mitchelson is nothing more than a glorified and overpaid ambulance chaser. He takes advantage of human misery and sorrow, sees opportunity in broken dreams and promises, and finds fame and money in other people’s troubles.

Paul Douglas

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Although it has been 20 years since Marvin Mitchelson represented me in a divorce action, it seems I will always be noted as one in his stable. It is time to point out that divorce is not the only legal matter in which Marvin prevails. He has since represented me in two other court cases, and won both of them. The cases were not spectacular enough to gain media attention, but Marvin performed splendidly. I did not fall in love with him, nor he with me; but if I were in real trouble, I would not hesitate to call upon him as a good friend and a loyal attorney.

Pamela Mason

Beverly Hills


The man who founded Scientology was not some whacked-out mad scientist or money-hungry bloodsucker. If L. Ron Hubbard’s attackers read some of his writings for themselves, they would discover a kind man who has helped people become freer spiritually and physically.

Eddie Breezen

Los Angeles

Boston lawyer Michael Flynn should be highly praised for his efforts to aid and support ex-Scientologists. As a former member of the church, I’m very familiar with the harassment that so-called enemies and defectors experience. I’ve fought long and hard to regain my peace of mind, my privacy and my release from the organization.

Nannette Brewer

Torrance, Calif.

M.F.K. Fisher

It may have been true at the time when W.H. Auden said of Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher, “I do not know of anyone in the United States today who writes better prose.” But if Auden were still alive, he would have to place Maya Angelou right up there with her. What a pleasure to read Angelou’s beautifully written article on Fisher in a popular magazine. Thank you for exposing your large readership to the elegance of the English language.

Andrea Tiktin

Lyndhurst, Ohio

Freedom Rider

Your article on ex-Freedom Rider James Peck brought back a lot of terrible memories for me. Mr. Peck said that by 1965 segregation was abolished in all public places in the South. However, from 1965 to 1967 I lived in a small town north of New Orleans, and when I first arrived there were still so many whites-only signs I thought the town was owned by a Mr. White. As a middle-class white from California, I couldn’t believe it. At my high school I was threatened by students and teachers because of my belief in integration. I haven’t been back to the South in 15 years, and I have no desire to return, despite what one hears about Southern hospitality.

Janice Roberts

Dinuba, Calif.

Susan Freundlich

I have been deaf all my life and have never been able to understand what people sing. I can feel the music and the beat, but I cannot hear the words. I saw Susan Freundlich when she used sign language and dance to interpret a Holly Near concert in Nashville. The way she moves is incredible. We deaf people love you, Susan!

Amy Allison


Jose Eber

How can Jose Eber chop off the hair of women like Farrah Fawcett and AN MacGraw and say he makes them look sexy and beautiful? I’d like to creep up behind that nut and snip, snip, snip his waist-length honey-blond braid.

Mrs. Joseph Johnston

Delmar, Md.

Sherry Lansing

In a story about Sherry Lansing’s departure from 20th Century-Fox, your correspondent refers to Marvin Davis, head of the Fox studios, as “cigar-chomping Davis.” The gentleman does not smoke a pipe, cigarettes or cigars. No doubt your reporter was “chomping at the bit” to finish the story.

Lee Solters


Los Angeles