August 30, 1982 12:00 PM

Hollywood Kids

As the wife of a military man living on a fixed income, it was nice to read about how the rich kids live (PEOPLE, Aug. 9). While my son will never be dressed in clothes from This Little Piggy boutique or receive a Porsche for graduation, he will have the love and guidance of two parents who won’t leave him in the care of a nanny during the crucial growing-up years. Who can even afford a baby-sitter these days?

Linda Newkirk

Spring Valley, Calif.

I was pleased to learn that John Ritter wants to shield his children from “false values.” But since he continues to star in Three’s Company, what does he have against the rest of us?

Charlotte La Fontaine

Lubbock, Texas

I attend Beverly Hills High, and I found the article “Hollywood Kids” in bad taste and the insert on “the good life of a Hollywood child” off the wall. I have friends who are children of the famous; they are more together than my other classmates. Also, there are at least as many apartments in Beverly Hills as estates, and hardworking people live in them. Not all kids get free cars, and not all parents are rich and famous.

Melissa Gould

Beverly Hills

Jim Corbett

To U.S. immigration officials I pose this question: How much murder, torture and rape must a people endure at the hands of a fascist regime in order to be considered eligible for political asylum? Thank you for the article, and may God bless Jim Corbett and the underground railroad. Man contrived government; God created conscience. Our choice should be clear.

Evan Feely

Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Thirty-six years ago I came to America—just as millions of other immigrants have come to our shores—according to law. I was born in the Soviet Union, and emigrated to China with my family. We waited there for many years to get permission to enter the U.S., which was granted only after my brother and I worked in Allied intelligence during World War II. Those who openly conspire to violate our laws do no justice to our people because a society can survive only as long as there is rule by law. As an attorney who has practiced immigration law for 26 years, I foresee the downfall of our way of life in the not too distant future. This country will not last very long if we smuggle all the so-called refugees of the world into our little corner.

Dan P. Danilov


We commend PEOPLE for bringing the plight of Salvadoran refugees before the American public. However, the article describes the religiously centered movement assisting these refugees as including “volunteers from at least 70 U.S. churches, many of which have markedly left-wing leanings.” We see the remark as highly inflammatory and prejudicial. It would be more appropriate to assume that these people are following the admonitions of Old Testament prophets or the instructions of Christ concerning the afflicted and oppressed, rather than some secular political leaning.

Barbara A. Counihan

Boulder Friends Meeting

Boulder, Colo.

Bettina Huebers

If Bettina Huebers doesn’t see that she is “trying to cash in on” Paul McCartney’s name by billing herself as a singer under the name Bettina McCartney, she had better look again. It seems a bit odd to show your father you have “spirit” by suing him for a fortune.

Kelly Brock

Lubbock, Texas

If Bettina is Paul McCartney’s daughter, I hope he will do more than give her money in a court settlement. I’m sure she wants affection and recognition from her dad, too.

Connie Harris

Spencer, N.Y.

Mike Morgenstern

Mike Morgenstern can hardly grasp how to make love to a woman if he counts the number of sexual experiences he has each week—as if it were some kind of exercise! This man is afflicted with the sort of macho ego women have been trying to avoid for years.

Leyla Kanatsiz

Los Angeles

Robert Plant

Your interview with Robert Plant was informative, but also poignant and sensitive—much like the nature of the artist himself. Thank you for an honest article on a much admired performer.

Susan E. Washack

Salem, Wis.

Picks & Pans

I was disappointed with the review of The World According to Garp and your biting criticism of Robin Williams as T.S. Garp. Williams was superb, and it’s not fair for you to reduce him to Mork. You wouldn’t compare the role Mary Tyler Moore played in Ordinary People to Mary Richards, would you?

Monica L. Klapstein

Edmonton, Alberta

If “audiences couldn’t cope” with Streisand’s version of A Star Is Born, then who spent $75 million for tickets to see the film and who bought almost six million copies of the sound track?

Janice Rubin

New York City

Heather Thomas

Now I know that I’m not the only one who is sick and tired of male producers thinking an actress’s talent lies in her body and not her mind. Bravo, Heather, for standing up for your rights.

Shirley Sifferd

Erwin, Tenn.

Just as she said herself, Heather Thomas is both “bold” and a “manipulator” all right. Perhaps not bold enough to handle the meanie movie producers who wanted her to take off her clothes. But bold enough to consent to a suggestive pose for PEOPLE and manipulative enough to ask us to believe that she was compromised. Please, we aren’t all dumb blondes.

Sherri Mills

Lantana, Fla.

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