By People Staff
Updated July 19, 1982 12:00 PM


E.T. (PEOPLE, June 28) is a beautiful mixture of comedy, warmth, compassion and love. I only wish that I had an E.T. in my closet.

Nancy Coleman

Bartonville, Ill.

I enjoyed your E.T. issue and the movie very much; however, the film brought to mind your recent article on the lack of job opportunities for blacks in the movie industry. I noticed only one black face, and I could easily have missed that. Why not some black neighbors or government workers—just some ordinary Americans who happen to be black?

Rudolfine Hurley

Plainfield, N.J.

I attended the opening of E.T. here with mild expectations. I went on to see it three more times that week! Spielberg has created a masterpiece that offers a chance to expose emotions that for many, like myself, have long been dormant.

John R. Carter

Syracuse, N.Y.

Steven Spielberg, where are you going to store all the hearts you have stolen?

Debbie Weaver

Akron, Ohio

Jeane Kirkpatrick

Ambassador Jeane Kirkpatrick says, “This politics of leaks—I don’t know how to handle it.” Our U.N. representative should be able to handle any situation without excuses. Madame Ambassador also states, “My feelings are hurt.” As Harry Truman used to say, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!”

Karen Ferguson

Cedar Grove, N.J.

If Kirkpatrick is, as her critics charge, condescending and sometimes arrogant, then it is because she has earned the right to be so. This is one contest between a U.N. Ambassador and a Secretary of State that the American people have won. Goodbye, Haigism. Hello, Dr. Kirkpatrick.

Eileen McDonough

Pasadena, Texas

Daytime Emmy Awards

How can you refer to soap opera actors as “not-ready-for-prime-time stars”? Get on the ball, PEOPLE, and stop thinking of soap actors as second-class citizens. For millions of loyal viewers, daytime television is prime time.

Francine M. Scuderi

Ozone Park, N.Y.

Alexander Godunov

Mr. Godunov has the unique presence that is star quality. I hope that Baryshnikov overcomes his pride and asks Sasha to return to the American Ballet Theatre; otherwise there may be many empty seats next season. I wish that these artists would drop their petty jealousies and get on with the business of sustaining a fine ballet company.

Patricia Klein

Bedford, N.Y.

ERA hunger strikers

The hunger strike in the Illinois State Capitol was the most embarrassing event in the history of ERA. I agree with House Speaker George Ryan, who said that a hunger strike is “no way to legislate.” The laws of this country were not and hopefully never will be based on pity or sympathy.

Becky Jorns

Fairfax, Va.

Barbara Bel Geddes

I really enjoyed the article on Barbara Bel Geddes and her daughter, Betsy, who has devoted herself to wild animals in need of help. How can I send a contribution to this organization?

Donna Schubart

Hewitt, N.J.

Checks can be sent to Lifeline for Wildlife, Inc., RD No. 104, Ulster Heights Rd., Ellenville, N.Y. 12428.


Starch blockers

All I can tell you about starch blockers is that I bought two bottles six weeks ago, and since then I’ve eaten pasta, potatoes, corn and bread, all the things they tell you to eat. I’ve lost 16 pounds, I feel better, and it’s been easy! Maybe the doctors knocking it are afraid they’re going to lose patients.

W.J. Williamson

Blowing Rock, N.C.

When are we going to stop and take a good look at fad diets? We spend millions of dollars each year making diet promoters rich, and yet we keep getting fatter and fatter.

Mandy Victor

Lenox, Mass.

Robert Preston

Robert Preston said in your interview, “John Wayne played ‘that guy’ all the time—mostly because that’s all he could do.” Wayne was one of the greatest screen personalities of all time, and he was a truly admirable man. I used to respect Mr. Preston. However, after this statement I want to say that, if he could act like half the man John Wayne was, he’d be a much better man than he is.

Larry Risko

Naples, Fla.

Thank you for the beautifully written article on Robert Preston. I agree with his wife, Catherine Craig, that he “wears well”—especially with his fans.

Maria Godoy

Franklin, Mich.


In response to Mr. Strickland’s letter condemning our capturing wild animals in Africa (PEOPLE, June 21), I feel compelled to clarify what we were doing in the picture that shows us pursuing a giraffe with a noose. We are, in fact, engaged in an enormous translocation project in Kenya, largely at our own expense. These animals have been earmarked for extermination by the Game Department. This extermination is undertaken at the request of local farmers who lose cattle when their fences are knocked down by wild animals. In one sense, it is understandable that these farmers, who are mortgaged to the hilt, must protect their investments. The Game Department has given us permission to capture as many animals as we can, and as long as this project continues we can save some of the wildlife.

Stefanie Powers

Los Angeles