By People Staff
December 13, 1982 12:00 PM

Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall

What model Jerry Hall (PEOPLE, Nov. 22) saw in that horse collector is beyond me. I don’t think she knew a good thing when she had it. If she has come to her senses, I hope Mick Jagger turns his back and trots away.

Helen Pelovski

Eagan, Minn.

I wish I had Mick’s problems.

Tom Barnes

Clovis, N.Mex.

Susan Ann Von Stetina

Your photos for the Susan Ann Von Stetina article depict the essence of the case quite well. You show the pitiful portrait of Susan, the human turned vegetable who will never know she has become a multimillionaire. Next we see her expressionless parents: Their faces bespeak the fact that no sum of money can reverse their devastated lives. Then there is a photo of malpractice attorney Sheldon Schlesinger, self-proclaimed “champion of the oppressed.” Possibly $8.4 million richer, he gloats, with a smiling wife nestled comfortably in the crook of his arm, as he clings to his Excalibur sports car. We physicians will continue to save lives while we watch our malpractice premiums soar. I will be satisfied to be reimbursed in hundreds, not millions, of dollars, then cling to my Oldsmobile and my conscience.

Alan B. Hollingsworth, M.D.

Marina del Rey, Calif.

Petra Kelly

Petra Kelly, the leader of the West German political movement called the Greens, is not a throwback to the ’60s. She is one example among millions of the ’60s spirit being carried forward into the ’80s.

Charles Curry

Hubbard, Ohio

John Glenn

John Glenn is not dull. He’s intelligent, kind and honest and would make an excellent President. Years ago in Texas I had the pleasure of having him to dinner. He had been dove hunting with my ex-husband and was at the peak of his popularity as Project Mercury was just getting under way. When the meal was over he came into the kitchen and started to dry dishes. I protested until he said: “But I do them at home.”

Patricia J. Parker

Millersville, Md.

Rick James

The most thought-provoking part of your article on Rick James was his total disregard for the patriotic obligation to defend his country. In 11 years of marriage to a naval officer, I have seen hundreds of fine men confront life-threatening situations continually in order to protect our freedom, a very important asset that Rick James and people like him take for granted.

Dorothy Fodor

Oak Harbor, Wash.

Eileen Brennan

In your story concerning Eileen Brennan’s accident, her sister mentioned Eileen was concerned about the man who was driving the car that hit her. If this isn’t the ultimate in altruism, I haven’t seen it. I was growing very cynical until I came across this article and realized that there are still people who place others’ feelings before their own. Thank you, Eileen; get well soon.

Angie Breeden


John Hammond

John Hammond, the rising young star of The Blue and The Gray, is certainly ignorant of Hollywood history. He says, “I don’t want to be a f lash-in-the-pan, James Dean-type actor.” James Dean would have endured if he hadn’t been killed in a car accident at the age of 24 in 1955. To call him a “flash in the pan” is an insult. He was a fine actor who will be remembered for a long time.

Helen Williams

South Williamsport, Pa.

Paul McCartney

Those of us who have adored Paul McCartney from Please Please Me right up to his recent Tug of War did not appreciate your little crack about his age—something your magazine seems to be obsessed with. Just because he’s “horrified” that his stepdaughter might be going punk does not make the man “old.” We wouldn’t be too thrilled about it ourselves, and we’re 16. Tell us we’re “aged.”

Joanna Luschin

Tara Beal

Three Rivers, Mich.