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October 25, 1982 12:00 PM

Too Close for Comfort

I was glad to see Ted Knight and Nancy Dussault (PEOPLE, Oct. 4) on your cover. I enjoy Too Close for Comfort every week and was happy that Muriel Rush finally gave birth. I, too, was expecting a baby when Muriel was going through pregnancy during the last television season, and watching the series made my nine months sail along. Now I can share a few more laughs with Henry and Muriel and compare notes on raising a son.

Kimberly Wood

Rochester, N.Y.

Half the fun was gone when I watched the season premiere of Too Close for Comfort. After eagerly waiting to discover whether Henry and Muriel Rush would be blessed with the birth of a boy or a girl, lo and behold the baby was on the cover of PEOPLE a few days before the surprise was revealed on television. So it was a boy. Couldn’t you have waited to let us find out for ourselves?

Kathy Montpetit

Cornwall, Ontario

Where were you when we wanted to know who shot J.R.?

Tracy Kinne

St. Paul, Minn.

It always gave me a small sense of satisfaction to think I was “the only person on the coast who doesn’t drive.” Shucks. I now read that I share this honor with actress Nancy Dussault. I’m moving over.

Mary E. Field

Alhambra, Calif.


I was overjoyed to see that PEOPLE finally got around to America’s Ambassador of Love. It was the man, his piano, candelabra, brother George, jewelry and costumes who came into our lives, laughing at himself and slyly teaching us that classical music is not fatal.

If he is truly lonely, please give him my address.

Sandy P. Appel

Scranton, Pa.

As a lifelong fan of Liberace’s, I have greatly admired his brilliant talent and enjoyed his flamboyance. However, the sight of him arrayed in a ludicrous train of virgin fox pelts makes me wonder if the emotional depth displayed in his music stops at the keyboard. His comment that “it took forever to find them” brings up the question of what he will do when his insecurity demands a longer and longer train.

Come on, Liberace, the best of you is in the heart. Dress the facade in diamonds or feathers if you like. The animal furs look better on their original owners.

Gloria Mohr

Hinsdale, Ill.

James Watt

I was outraged when I read about Secretary of the Interior James Watt and the Annual One-Shot Antelope Hunt. It is odd that the punishment meted out to contest losers who are unable to pick off a defenseless animal with a high-powered rifle is to have them don female clothing and to dance with Indian women. Secretary Watt appears to think it is quite an honor to participate in a ritual that equates ineptness with womanliness.

Margaret Smart

Los Altos, Calif.

Your coverage of the Annual One-Shot Antelope Hunt conveyed a veiled anti-gun message. Hunting is an important part of this nation’s heritage. Its elimination or any curbing of the right to use firearms would further the erosion of the liberties granted to us all under the United States Constitution.

Kenneth G. Westpy

Bayonne, N.J.

Life Extension

Your article about our book Life Extension reported our ingestion of nutrients and prescription drugs without stressing the nearly 1,000 clinical laboratory tests we have each undergone during the past 14 years that have disclosed no evidence of these substances harming us. It is a disservice to your readers to suggest that anyone may embark on self-experimentation of this sort without regular comprehensive tests and the supervision of a physician.

Durk Pearson

Sandy Shaw

Palos Verdes Estates,


I was horrified when I read your article on fitness gurus Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw. We are already killing ourselves through our diets, with pesticides and herbicides on fresh produce, chemical preservatives and flavor enhancers in packaged food, and the loss of natural vitamins through overprocessing of our canned goods. Now Pearson and Shaw claim they can live longer while stuffing themselves with rich food and adding chemicals to boot. Maybe they should try injecting themselves with formaldehyde. After all, it is a preservative.

Roxanne P. Bieber

Lyons, N.Y.

Lou Gossett

Lou Gossett certainly deserves an Oscar for his performance in An Officer and a Gentleman. However, PEOPLE mistakenly identified him as a Navy drill sergeant in the film when he actually portrays a Marine. Even an Army wife like me knows that when it comes to Marine drill instructors, there’s nobody tougher.

Laurie Borski

Fort Davis, Panama

Worcestershire sauce

I think “Worcestershire sauce” were the first two words I ever spoke. Hence, I am surprised Lea & Perrins Inc.’s Ransom Duncan says he cooks with the company sauce in moderation. Never! A true Worcestershire connoisseur knows that if the food tastes great without the sauce, it will taste even better with it.

Elizabeth R. Wise

Winthrop, Minn.

Jim Palmer

Thanks for the closer look at baseball pitcher Jim Palmer. I’ve been a Baltimore Oriole fan for as long as I can remember, and Palmer was my favorite player long before I ever saw him in his underwear. But now I sure have a lot more to admire.

Debbie Lichtfuss Krenek

Pinellas Park, Fla.

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