By People Staff
May 31, 1982 12:00 PM


The real action on prime time has moved from Dallas to Denver, and the John James/Pamela Sue Martin chemistry is the heart of Dynasty. Thank you for recognizing TV’s most unlikely and yet compelling new lovers.

Lydia Cornell

Vancouver, Wash.

I am not a member of the Moral Majority, but I’m getting more than a little tired of hearing it bad-mouthed by everyone who has a guilty conscience. Pamela Sue Martin of Dynasty plays a floozy who has bedded just about every male in the cast, but she has the temerity to put down “the Moral Majority and all that crap.” A clear case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Laurence M. Beyer

Mineral Wells, Texas

As an avid fan of the soaps, I have never heard of anything so stupid as firing an actor simply because of his honest attempt to keep the character he plays interesting and believable. I found Al Corley very attractive right from the first episode, and the fact that he was portraying a homosexual had nothing to do with his appeal as a talented and sexy actor. Dynasty is going to find itself minus many faithful viewers if it is foolish enough to return next season without Al.

Linda Minnette Stone

Los Angeles

Garberville, Calif.

Your article on Garberville did not even come close to expressing the fear generated in residents of Humboldt County by the dope growers. I can’t begin to tell you what it was like walking in the mountains and having a gun pulled on me by a stranger who asked, “What are you doing here?” Fear made me leave the countryside I grew up in.

Name Withheld

Portland, Oreg.

I just finished reading about the pot growers in Garberville. I was taking a break from packing for a trip to a state university to pick up my 18-year-old son who is having a mental breakdown as a result of drugs, mostly pot. Your article about the money-hungry growers put me in a state that defies description. I hope that someday Ellen and Joe and everyone else who makes money off Acapulco gold gets a chance to suffer the same anguish that parents whose children have been destroyed by marijuana suffer.

Name Withheld

San Diego

Rumor has it that when Mexico began spraying its marijuana fields with the herbicide paraquat, it had a little backing from—guess who?—Uncle Sam. I find it ironic that the U.S. government helped move the industry out of our backyard and into the house.

Mrs. L. Mazzola

Orange, Texas

Paul Volcker

My sympathy does not go out to the Volckers, who have to rent one of the rooms in their 11-room co-op to make ends meet. Many families have lost their homes and their life-styles because of Mr. Volcker’s tightfisted stranglehold on the nation’s money supply.

If cutting the federal budget deficit is important, as Mr. Volcker believes, why doesn’t he put his powerful grip around the necks of our Senators, Congressmen and President? Why should the working class of this country suffer for the frivolous spending of our so-called spokesmen?

P.C. Fulcher

Mount Home, Ark.

Billy Smith

Dirty hockey leads to only one thing: injuries. As the mother of a young hockey player and an active member of the youth hockey organization in my town, I am appalled at the image that Islanders goalie Billy Smith projects to youngsters.

Marie Mann

Bowie, Md.

Chariots of Fire

After seeing Reds and Chariots of Fire, it was no surprise to me that Chariots won the Oscar. Placing these two movies in the same category is like comparing a dilapidated moped to a Rolls-Royce. People seem to have lost sight of what true quality entertainment is. We assume that if a film has sex and profanity, it must be good. I’m delighted that the Academy had the integrity to choose a film of genuine merit and superior ethical content.

D. Hampton

Medford, Oreg.

Virginia Hodgkinson

In response to your question, “Is a college degree still the best ticket to a job?” Virginia Hodgkinson answers, “Absolutely.” Bull, I say! Having worked for two private accredited trade and technical schools, I have enrolled a tremendous number of college grads who could not find employment in the field for which they trained. Colleges only prolong adolescence; trade schools, on the other hand, teach skills that make it possible to survive in the real world. Trade schools have always been treated like a stepchild of the educational process. It’s about time that people realized their graduates are every bit as prepared as the average college grad, if not better.

Arthur G. Woodin


Barney Miller

I’m sorry to see Barney Miller go because I grew up with the 12th Precinct. I could always depend on a well-written, lovable show when I was down. I just want to thank all of the people who had anything to do with the program.

Francesca Strimple


Ralph Morris

I found your article on Dr. Morris’ full moon research most interesting. This is my fourth year as an elementary school librarian, and nine times out of 10 I can tell you if there is a full moon, because student behavior ranges from unruly to wild! After one especially rough day, on the eve of a full moon, a veteran teacher of some 20 years remarked, “I’ll bet there isn’t a schoolteacher around who finds a full moon romantic.”

Chris Nelson

Wenonah, N.J.