By People Staff
August 17, 1981 12:00 PM

Bo Derek

Our respect goes to John and Bo Derek (PEOPLE, July 27) for their perseverance in making a Tarzan film that is as beautiful as the producer herself.

Marcia and Sylvia Green


Why do you continue to provide all that free publicity for the likes of Bo and John Derek? I am reminded of a remark by the late humorist Fred Allen—”You can take all the sincerity in Hollywood, stuff it into a flea’s navel, and have room left over for three caraway seeds and an agent’s heart.”

R.C. Mitchell

Salt Lake City

It is unthinkable to me that the Dereks have managed to incorporate incest, nudity, sexual exploitation and assorted degeneracies into the Tarzan adventures I delighted in as a child. Shame, I say!

India Boone Grow

Kansas City, Mo.

So John Derek wishes “God had taken a little more time to make the world more beautiful”! I wish he and Bo had done the same for their bedroom.

Dorothy Ross

Escondido, Calif.

Enough of Bo Derek! Give us a good feature on the new Tarzan, Miles O’Keeffe. Bo could slip off the vine and never be missed.

Brian R. Gibson

Reading, Pa.

Southeast Asian Leaders

After reading the article about the ex-leaders of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, I am appalled they would have the gall to ask the U.S. for anything, let alone weapons and money. We had thousands of men who lost their lives and their sanity trying to give them their freedom. Countless others were tortured in POW camps and some are still missing in action. We should stay out of this. It’s not our problem anymore and, in fact, never really was.

Estelle Brown

Tacoma, Wash.

Jesse Helms

Doesn’t Jesse Helms realize his loony antics only embitter America against the New Right at a time when the country sorely needs the relief of supply-side economics? And if he is so concerned about the protection of human life, why does he stuff all those pro-tobacco bills down our throats?

Steve Esh

Hendersonville, N.C.

Despite my shame that this paragon of bygone Americanism is the only thing my state seems to be famous for these days (overshadowing Thomas Wolfe, Ava Gardner and the airplane), I find your article on Jesse Helms commendable. It tried to be objective and yet made it clear what a dubious man we have given so much power to.

Bill Lindau

Southern Pines, N.C.

How could a federal cloak of protective legislation for battered wives and children possibly threaten Jesse Helms’ Christian principles? Does he see no conflict as he tries to protect life at one level with the Human Life Bill while aggressively pushing for an even more bloated military? Before the rush to support Helms for President (or even as Senator), I hope we consider the hypocrisy that would reinstate prayer in schools and remove humanity and compassion from government.

Patricia Lamdin

Meeteetse, Wyo.

Regarding the Helms-Hyde bill, I feel a woman’s body and any decision concerning it is her own. She must answer to God, not Jesse Helms.

Courtney R. Carter

Raleigh, N.C.

Jesse Helms is wrong. It’s not that blacks haven’t progressed far enough to produce “conservatives to any degree”; it’s just that we haven’t stooped low enough to be associated with conservatives like him.

Robin Johnston

Richmond, Va.

Although Jesse Helms and I have been on opposite sides of the political fence ever since he left the Democratic Party in 1970 feel your story does him a grave injustice. As director of publicity for the Willis Smith forces in the 1950 Senate contest which you cite, I can assure you that Jesse Helms had absolutely nothing to do with the strategy or publicity of that campaign. Nor were any racial pamphlets produced or distributed by our headquarters as you say. While I don’t always agree with Senator Helms, I do regard him as a man of integrity and courage.

Hoover Adams

Dunn, N.C.

Simon Bond

I can’t imagine what possessed Simon Bond to create his book 101 Uses for a Dead Cat, but I think it’s terrific. Somewhat morbid, but hilariously funny. After all, nothing is mentioned about how to kill furry felines. Lighten up, people!

Maude Windsor

Washington, D.C.

How about a new book—101 Uses for a Dead Simon Bond? Here’s one suggestion.

Julie Wrigley

Bloomington, Ill.

Merrill Womach

Merrill Womach is a fantastic man, and one I’d love to meet. Seven months ago my fiancé was badly burned over 65 to 75 percent of his body. Not only does it take faith to make it through such an ordeal, it also takes a lot of patience and courage. Your story on Merrill was good for both of us. I hope your readers can appreciate it and the man as much as we did.

Sharon Parker

Cutler, Calif.