Johnny Carson

I thoroughly enjoyed the cover story on Johnny Carson’s homecoming (PEOPLE, Dec. 7). Viewers of the Tonight show are familiar with Johnny’s comedic gifts, but, thanks to your preview of NBC’s Carson-Nebraska reunion, we’ve had the pleasure of discovering his down-to-earth affection for his hometown and the people who supported his ambitions. It just goes to show that when you build a successful life for yourself—as he has worked so hard to do—going back home to where those dreams were born can be one hell of a trip.

Sam Yates

Henderson, Ky.

I was moved by the story of Mr. Carson and his ’39 Chrysler. It brought back memories of my first car, a 1950 Chevy, that I paid $37 for, a whole week’s pay. My girlfriend and I upholstered the interior with leopard flannel and thumbtacks. On the sun visor I mounted a pinup of my favorite wrestler wearing leopard-flannel trunks, and it was quite stunning.

Kathie Ramsey Vachon

Winnipeg, Man.

Although Johnny Carson’s odyssey to his hometown in Nebraska was a heartwarming experience, it still seems suspicious. If Johnny felt such an affinity for his hometown, why was this visit so long overdue? It gave this reader the feeling that the event was motivated by public relations and designed specifically for television viewers.

Everett Weinberger

New York City

Like nearly all Nebraskans, we at Union Pacific Railroad were delighted to help welcome Johnny Carson home. We’re glad he has such fond memories of his prairie boyhood.

Professionally, however, we can’t help being concerned about your cover picture of him standing on our bridge, oncoming train in the background. Last year 556 trespassers were killed in accidents on railroad property. Some of them were children playing on tracks. We hope parents will warn their children of the dangers. Railroads offer free safety programs. We urge schools, PTAs and youth groups to take advantage of them.

Barry B. Combs

Union Pacific Railroad Co.


Dr. Jack Preger

I would like to contact Dr. Preger concerning his work in Calcutta. I was extremely touched by what this amazing man is trying to accomplish. Perhaps in some small way I can assist him with donations, from my family and also from friends. What a loss to humanity if this man should surrender from a sense of futility.

Gayl Davis

South Lake Tahoe, Calif.

For Davis and others who wrote in, letters can be sent to: Dr. Jack Preger, Calcutta Rescue, YWCA, 1 Middleton Row, Calcutta 700016, India.—ED.

Tina Turner

Bless you for shining the limelight on Tina Turner for those of us who have cared about her for years and for the young music lovers who may not have experienced her yet. Not since Janis Joplin has one single lady brought so much natural fire to the stage.

Melba M. Maloyed

Bristol, Tenn.

Sidney Sheldon

A note to Sidney Sheldon about his remark that “my women are achievers. They are not sitting home having babies and cleaning the stove.” I have had babies, and I have cleaned the stove—but never in a sitting position. Both are achievements.

Patty S. Swartzwelder

Cumberland, Md.

David Outerbridge

Your article on David Outerbridge’s hangover remedies provided excellent information, but it fell short of the mark. There is a formula that is supported by clinical evidence. Mix a tablespoon of brewer’s yeast in a glass of orange juice. Take a glass of this mixture before and after drinking. Also drink lots of water, because alcohol leads to dehydration. Enjoy the holiday spirits—but if you drink, don’t drive.

Joseph Lopiparo, D.C.

St. Louis

Picks & Pans

Great! Another muckraking Elvis book. This man shook the world, changed our music, clothes, hair and our very attitudes for three decades. I think it is unspeakable for an entertainer of his caliber to have two-bit authors dwelling on his personal life or what they pass off as his personal life. He earned a place in history and now can’t even defend himself. I hope Albert Goldman’s book rots on the shelf.

Ed Reavie

St. Ignace, Mich.

Jerry Zipkin

How dare Jerry Zipkin comment on women and friendship, “A woman cannot have a best woman-friend. A best woman-friend will do her in.” His sole basis for comparison is a pathetic fleet of empty-headed, bejeweled, Halston-dressed females living in a little girls’ world of pretend. For those of us living in reality, friendship among women not only exists but is a real jewel—not one to be bought at Tiffany’s. Rhinestones for you, Zipkin.

Cheryl Mack

Des Plaines, Ill.

Harvey Martin

After two years of orthodontics, I also found my jaws changing. My lower jaw seemed to be growing. Eventually I was left with a cross bite on the right side that I found very embarrassing. When I was 18, my dentist told me that there was corrective surgery for the problem, but that I should wait until my jaw quit growing completely. That was seven years ago, and this fall I decided to have the operation. There was discomfort, but the pain lasts for such a short time when you compare it to the rest of your life. For the first time in years, I feel comfortable with my face. I would like to thank PEOPLE for letting others know that there is help for them too if they have jaw deformities. I’m glad that Harvey Martin told his story.

Karen Dilbeck


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