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November 30, 1981 12:00 PM

Valerie Bertinelli

If the cover of PEOPLE wasn’t pleasing enough, your story on Valerie as Mrs. Eddie Van Halen was heartwarming (PEOPLE, Nov. 9). It seems she has found and married her prince. What more can you ask for? Thank you for an inspiring story.

Kerry Kjome

Spring Grove, Minn.

It’s comforting to know that Eddie Van Halen is so shy offstage. It gives other guitarists like myself confidence to know that he’s just like us. When we see him onstage he’s so lively and outgoing that it’s hard to realize he’s covering up a nervous young man.

Jeff Leigh

Pampa, Texas

Henry Fonda

I was really moved by the excerpt from the new book on Henry Fonda. Peter, Jane and Henry are to be admired for overcoming their crises. What character, what courage and what honesty! God bless the Fondas.

Pamela Singleton

McAlester, Okla.

Karen Gibson

I was glad to see your article on Karen Gibson, a nurse who works in independent practice. However, I was not pleased to read that as a visiting nurse “I merely carry out physicians’ orders.” I assess psychosocial, economic and environmental aspects of cases, formulate nursing diagnoses, implement plans of care and evaluate the process. I also teach about medications, diets, treatments, disease processes and prevention of disease. Show me a doctor who does that and I’ll eat my stethoscope! C’mon, PEOPLE, get with it. Nurses are the backbone of the medical profession.

Jan Wheeler-Lachowycz, R.N.

Astoria, N.Y.

Father Tom Smith

Father Tom Smith’s attempt at a joke about charity, “the girl one of the other priests here is running around with,” made me feel nothing but sadness. On the other hand, when my 20-year-old read the article she wasn’t so kind; she found it “disgusting.” So much for the church reaching out to the young.

Alice Staeltje

Seguin, Texas

I caught Father Tom’s act in Washington, D.C. in 1978. With his high kicks and his hi-jinks, he has taught many of our young people that being with the Lord is a joyous experience, not one full of fire and brimstone. Lord knows, and I’m sure He does, that Father Tom is much needed. Bishop, wake up: You’ve got something good. Don’t louse it up.

Rose Donegan

Cold Spring, N.Y.

Jane Alpert

Jane Alpert extracted her pound of flesh from society by her involvement in bombings that injured 20 people and destroyed substantial property. Now she hopes to exploit the economic potential of violence by publishing a book. Fair play suggests that the profits should go to victims of her terrorist crimes.

Ed Otting


Gail Sheehy

It’s so refreshing to see that Jesus Christ finally made PEOPLE as a “pathfinder,” right up there with Buddha and the Beatles. I’m afraid you’ve missed the point, Gail. Jesus is the path. Too bad so many people look to themselves for life’s answers and end up on the wrong path.

Steve Wyatt

Ponca City, Okla.

Mommie Dearest

I have followed the Joan and Christina Crawford stories in the magazines with great interest and strong emotions. As a maid for Joan Crawford in the 1940s, I have many wonderful memories of the Crawford family. How could Christina have forgotten all the things her mother did for her, the maple leaves she brought back from New York, the beautiful sweaters Mommie Dearest knitted for her?

Frieda Kowalis

Thornton, Colo.

I am a retired detective from the Los Angeles Police Department. When I was a young officer, I took on an extra job as personal bodyguard to Joan Crawford, Christina and Christopher. During the time I lived at Miss Crawford’s residence I never saw her abuse anyone. I have a beautiful picture autographed by Miss Crawford on my den wall, and it seems to say “No one cares enough to defend me.” I do not believe Christina’s story.

James E. Barrick

Salem, Oreg.

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