November 09, 1981 12:00 PM

Jaclyn Smith

Jaclyn Smith (PEOPLE, Oct. 19) gave a fine performance as Jackie, and I think this lovely lady has truly broken the Angels’ hex by proving that she’s an actress who cannot be taken lightly. Thank you for a delightful story.

Stephen V. Perdue

Roanoke, Va.

Jaclyn Smith made some remarks which were quite hypocritical about her marriage to Dennis Cole. If she’s not a “women’s libber” and understands that her husband wanted to be “the head of the house,” she should have quit her job, changed her name to Cole and stayed home like a good little wife. Women fight hard for equality. Then someone who has probably never had to struggle uses the movie star forum to make remarks that hurt and disappoint us.

Carol Faubert

Greensboro, N.C.

Stephen Birmingham

Stephen Birmingham said that people in this country didn’t mind Jackie Kennedy spending $12,500 on antique wallpaper, but we get angry at Nancy Reagan for redoing a few rooms in the White House. He said, “We seem to have lost that affectionate appreciation for style.” Perhaps it’s just that we’ve gained a social conscience, a realization that it’s wrong to spend huge amounts of money on luxuries when there are people in this world—in this country—who are hungry. We can no longer applaud a sense of style at the expense of a sense of social responsibility.

Michelle Strong

Rochester, N.Y.

Please tell Stephen Birmingham that Americans have not lost their appreciation for style. We felt it was okay for Jackie Kennedy to look gorgeous and to spend lavishly because we weren’t left out as we have been by Nancy and Ron Reagan. While JFK was a magnetic world leader, he was also a crusader at home for everyone’s civil rights. His domestic programs changed the face of this nation for the better. Jackie got away with it because Jack cared about us!

Barbara Macasa

San Diego

Anwar Sadat

The biography of Anwar Sadat was sensitively written. I look forward to reading Pathfinders for inspiration and renewed faith in what man can accomplish when he surrenders to God.

Elaine M. Drewisch

Wilmington, Mass.

Little Green Men

Sen. William Proxmire must be living in biblical times if he actually believes that in all the vastness of our universe we earthlings may be the only intelligent beings. Bravo to Sen. Harrison Schmitt for not listening to Proxmire. The United States is on the threshold of a momentous new era in space exploration. Let’s hope that President Reagan and Congress have the farsightedness to continue funding the space program.

Teinya C. Prusinski

La Grange Park, Ill.

Two million dollars per year to listen for signals from “little green men”? You’ve got to be kidding! The $2 million could generate a lot of signals from right here on earth in the United States: full tummies for hungry kids and fuel this winter to keep low-income senior citizens warm. May Senator Proxmire keep up the good work.

M. L. McDonald

Spokane, Wash.

George Jones

Finally an article on George Jones! It sure is heartwarming to hear that the Ol’ Possum is pulling himself up by his bootstraps. But none of George’s personal problems have ever mattered to his fans, for he is the best.

Michelle DeFrank

Lisle, Ill.

Must be nice! “With debts in order and creditors at bay following recently completed bankruptcy proceedings,” George Jones is now the proud owner of a $130,000 home and $22,000 worth of furniture to fill it. How unfair! While some of us work hard every, month to pay our bills and save money for a house, others get to wipe the slate clean and start new. Is bankruptcy the way to reach the American dream?

Kim LeBaron


Rabbi Harold Kushner

Your article on Rabbi Kushner and his late son, Aaron, was moving and brought back memories. I was Aaron’s first counselor and swimming instructor at the synagogue’s day camp. He always wanted to be treated just like the other 7-year-olds, even when it came to being a goalie in a soccer game. I always admired Aaron for his courage. I always admired Rabbi and Suzette and Ariel for their fortitude.

Steven S. Greene

Syracuse, N.Y.

Christina Crawford

Thank you for finally running an opposing view to that of the sainted Christina Crawford. After seeing the movie Mommie Dearest, I decided to reread the book. I found that Christina virtually never did a bad thing in her entire life, and if she did it was all in fun.

J.R. Bell


The fact that Christina and Chris Crawford have views of their mother Joan that differ from the later children, Cathy and Cindy, does not necessarily mean that one view is “the truth” and the other is not. I am married to someone who was abused by her mother as a child and had an older brother who was treated very differently and knew nothing about the abuse when it was going on. Not being believed is only one of the nightmares that children in this situation must endure. If Cathy and Cindy escaped an ordeal that Christina and Chris suffered, they should consider themselves fortunate, because the scars from such an experience never really heal. As I watch the constant struggle of my wife to live a normal emotional life, I sometimes wish that she too could write a book if it would help in some way. Surely no adult owes protection to “the image” of a mother who, famous or not, hid behind a cloak of respectability and at the same time tyrannized her children.

Name Withheld

Van Nuys, Calif.

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