October 05, 1981 12:00 PM

Dudley Moore

Add another fan to Dudley Moore’s list (PEOPLE, Sept. 14). It feels so good to go to a movie and laugh! An “English Woody Allen”? No way—he’s at least the late great Peter Sellers at his best.

Karel Wallace


I just read your cover story about the fabulous Dudley Moore. Bo Derek may be a 10, but Dudley is 10 times 10! I’ve seen Arthur twice and just loved it both times. It is the funniest sad movie I have ever seen. This movie proves that Dudley is no dud and we all want Moore of him.

Nancy Roberts


Car Seats for Children

After reading your article on Dr. Bob Sanders, I was amazed at the statistics. My youngest is five months, and three-fourths of the time I hold him in my lap. I have no excuse because I own a car seat. Never again. I’m changing before it’s too late! Good luck, Dr. Sanders, I’m behind you 100 percent.

Pamela Koselke

Wanatah, Ind.

As a seventh- and eighth-grade teacher, I drive into and out of Milwaukee daily; as a result, I see many people driving on expressways and busy city streets. The number of children standing on the front seats of cars is incredible. Let’s pass a law and save some of those 1,000 kids every year.

Ordie M. Skat

Elm Grove, Wis.

Rock Cities

Your recent poll of musicians surprised me. As a native of the area, I felt that Detroit should have had a higher rating than eight. As an avid concertgoer, I feel that nothing can compare with a Detroit audience for electricity, energy and feedback. Why else would bands like Journey and Bob Seger record their live albums in Detroit?

Cheryl Davis

Roseville, Mich.

Of all the well-traveled artists you polled on their favorite cities, hadn’t any heard of Boston?

Anne Rakiey

Waltham, Mass.

Hey! PEOPLE! Why didn’t my city rate in rock? Don’t you know that Cleveland, Ohio is the rock ‘n’ roll capital of the world? The fans here really know how to rock.

Doreen Hunter


Jack Svahn

No one wants to see Social Security benefits come to an end. The one fault I find with the government’s plan is its intention to encourage the senior worker, by cutting his pension, not to retire early. I think the government should find a way to pressure businesses into keeping their older employees instead of threatening the employees. Employers should value and respect the experienced worker.

Patricia Clark

Nacogdoches, Texas

Tommy Hearns

“He’s got great speed, height, reach and power—but no brains.” That’s what Sugar Ray Leonard says about Tommy Hearns in your article on Hearns. Well, I hate to break it to him, but Sugar Ray has no brains either. Anyone who would pick boxing as a career has got to be either insane or stupid. Here we are trying to get rid of violence and corruption, but a lot of us enjoy boxing. What is it that appeals to boxing fans? The blood? The excitement? Or do we just plain have so much hate in us that this is one way to get it out?

Joanne Carbone

Rialto, Calif.

Wampanoag Indians

Why, for once, can’t the Indian be allowed what is rightfully his, in this case, a minuscule 200 acres at Gay Head, Mass.? Two hundred acres of land split among 270 humans figures to less than three-quarters of an acre per person. Jackie O alone has 356 acres. Fair? Not by any means, unless you are a white man.

E. Wayne Leggott Jr.

Waco, Texas

Steven Ford

How sad that very talented and attractive actors who have devoted years of study to their craft do not get the attention or the breaks that a Steve Ford or a Patti Davis gets just because they have well-known parents.

Kristen Johnson

Rapid City, S.Dak.

The Young and the Restless has long been my favorite soap, but when Steven Ford joined the show it became even more enjoyable. His character, Andy, became my favorite, but it wasn’t until later that I found out Steven was President and Mrs. Ford’s son. As far as I’m concerned, he doesn’t have to worry about being Jerry Ford’s boy: He’s going to make it all by himself.

Heidi Fernetti

Niota, Ill.

David Christian

Bravo, David Christian! Although I was among those who marched against America’s involvement in Vietnam, I would readily march for veterans’ rights. It is ironic that this country has chosen to dishonor the same men who were so vehemently defended by its leaders just 10 years ago. Christian must be applauded for his efforts to challenge such hypocrisy.

Abby Baker

Los Angeles

I’m very proud of men like David Christian who, despite his serious wounds, continues to serve his fellow veterans and his country. Yet, despite such efforts, Vietnam veterans continue to struggle with problems such as Agent Orange and delayed-stress syndrome. We are a valuable, necessary resource for this country and its future. The majority of us are productive, job-holding citizens and proud Americans. Our watchwords are valor, pride and dedication. We only ask a similar commitment on the part of our country and our government.

John B. Dwyer

Dayton, Ohio

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