September 14, 1981 12:00 PM

Margot Kidder

Thank you for the cover photo of lovely Margot Kidder (PEOPLE, Aug. 24) and the article within. Ms. Kidder emerged as a very honest person with a delightfully sparkling personality. The Salkinds are “very strange people,” indeed, if they feel that the Superman-Lois Lane relationship has gone as far as it can go. Don’t they realize that this relationship is what made Superman II such a success?

Donny Blanchett

San Jose, Calif.

So, Margot, you think being a lesbian would make your life easier? My lesbian friends don’t need TLC any less because they prefer women to men. Don’t trade in your acting career for one in psychology yet. You’re a dynamite actress, but somebody needs to explain the facts of life to you.

Kevin Keating


After reading your cover story, I found it amusing that Margot Kidder should call anyone “amoral.”

Bill Adams

Dodge Center, Minn.

They’re cutting Lois Lane from Superman III! What loser came up with this birdbrained idea? Not since the Lone Ranger was put out to pasture has there been such a display of heartless-ness. Something has to be done. This looks like a job for Superman!

Rikio Matsunami

Los Angeles

We get Lois Lane, Salkinds, or you get a boycott on Superman III. And no cameos!

Gay Evans

Johns Island, S.C.

Hold the boycott. Kidder says that since PEOPLE’s article, the producers have shown a new interest in her return for Superman III. The size of her role, however, is still unsettled.—ED.

Gerry L. Spence

Your article made me realize how anxious some people are to get vast sums of money for a real or imagined insult or injury. Juries are so ready to award millions of dollars based more on the ability or theatrics of the attorney than the true liability of the defendant. In many cases the injury results from the plaintiff’s carelessness rather than product malfunction. Can anyone’s good name be worth $26.5 million? Our “something for nothing” philosophy is driving prices ridiculously high.

Joyce L. Goodwin

Frankfort, Ind.

David Ogden Stiers

Thank you very much for your well-written article about David Ogden Stiers. Finally he is receiving the recognition as a superior actor that he deserves. Perhaps now America realizes who the real “king” of M*A*S*H is.

Mary Ellen Adams

Rochester, N.Y.

For those of us who think he is already the best American actor, your article was a real treat. If he continues to be offered “plum roles,” he may someday be regarded as the equal of Olivier and Booth. He might even put an end to those awful Peoria jokes!

Marjorie Seymour

Harrisburg, Pa.

Dr. Hamilton Hall

Dr. Hall’s comments on backaches—how to relieve them, how to deal with them and what preventive prophylactic measures should be taken—are some of the most commonsense responses to well-worded questions I’ve seen.

Michael C. Collopy, M.D.

Chief, Orthopedic Service

VA Administration Center

Wood, Wis.

Dr. Hamilton Hall’s assessment that people don’t have to live with a bad back is correct. Although he shoots from the hip on his views on chiropractic, the proof of chiropractic care is exemplified by the millions of people who have been helped where other methods have failed.

Jerry Tishman, D.C.

Constance Tishman, D.C.

Traverse City, Mich.

Today, the six-month anniversary of an auto accident which resulted in fractures of the spine and vertebrae, I am most thankful for the article on back disorders. Although I can now walk a short distance without a walker, this article helped me with more good advice than physicians have given me. You can have your glamor queens, but let us have at least one article that can be helpful to many of your readers.

Sundy Kayne


The Singing Taylors

Finally! A magazine that does a piece on the Taylor clan! They’ve got to be the most talented, giving people in the business. Always a benefit, a song, a smile. Individually, they’re great; combined, they’re a magical force. Too bad the videotape of their New York concert didn’t pan out—those who couldn’t be there would have loved it. Hopefully there will be more concerts by them—they sure seem Taylor-made for it!

Nancy Amyx

Cincinnati, Ohio

Queen Sirikit

Obviously when your writer said Thailand has no malnutrition, he must have been eating in the finest restaurants. Thank Buddha, thank God, that the people he did an injustice to could not afford this publication! Other than that your article was written with taste.

Mrs. Viyavut Daeng


Hacienda Heights, Calif.

The DiDonato Twins

Though I have never heard of James and Jonathan diDonato, I feel that an injustice was done by headlining their attempted English Channel swim “Losers.” I feel some irritation that the entire article was written with a slightly sarcastic tone, especially in calling them “Poor little butterflies.” Failure in their attempt certainly doesn’t make them losers. I support their attitude of challenging a goal just a bit out of the ordinary, even though it might not be of earthshaking consequence to the rest of the world!

Carolyn Stark

Glenwood Springs, Colo.

I consider them winners just for attempting the swim!

Debra A. Thibault

Fort Lauderdale

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