March 02, 1981 12:00 PM

Tanya Roberts

I found your story on Charlie’s newest Angel, Tanya Roberts, very interesting and informative (PEOPLE, Feb. 9). I won’t believe for a minute that the show is in any kind of danger. I’m sick of everyone trying to take away the Angels’ flight.

Brian Apuzzo

New Haven, Conn.

The producers of Charlie’s Angels are in big trouble unless they change the image of the show. They need a fat Angel, a short Angel, a Hispanic Angel or a black Angel—in short, an Angel with something more to offer viewers than a voluptuous figure and a pretty face.

G.R. Jones

York, Pa.

I find it interesting to note that what you refer to as “lusty humor” we here in the Midwest call a “dirty mouth.”

Ginny Lou Terry

Jackson, Ohio

Dr. Elliot Weitzman

In your interview with Dr. Weitzman on sleep, I was surprised to find no mention of the necessity of dreaming, which has been proven to be vital to the functioning of human beings. Weitzman says, “No one knows precisely the purpose of sleep,” but in fact cats have died in experimental laboratories when deprived of their REM or dream sleep for more than 20 days. A very primitive area of the brain is at work when we dream. Animals will continue to dream even after the removal of the cerebral cortex.

Ellen Brotherhood

Cottage Grove, Wis.

Dr. Weitzman replies: “There is no evidence I am aware of that depriving an animal or human being of REM sleep produces death or any major psychological disturbances. There was a period in the early ’60s when it was proposed that these effects might take place, but the doctor who did that work, a colleague of mine at Stanford named William Dement, long ago reversed that point of view. So that’s a popular notion, but it cannot in any sense be said to be true.”—ED.

Jamie Wyeth

There is no doubt in my mind that Richard Meryman is a master of the quill. His verbal portrait of Jamie Wyeth captured what Jamie has captured on canvas. The author and the artist about whom he writes both compel me to say, “More! I want more!”

Taimi Saha

Cooperstown, N.Y.

Tommy Trantino

I read your article on the convicted cop killer Tommy Trantino, and I must admit I felt sick after reading “We think our love is the greatest thing on earth. We wish other people could know this kind of love without going through what we have.” What about the dead cops’ wives, children and family? Who is Trantino to tell PEOPLE about love? At least his love is alive.

I am a policeman’s wife, and I feel we have a love like nobody else’s, but in order to feel that, my husband didn’t have to murder anyone.

Janet Bradley

Palatka, Fla.

I have known Tommy Trantino and his wife, Charlee, for five years, and I was thrilled to read a story which treats Tommy’s case sympathetically. I loved his book and, at Charlee’s invitation, began corresponding with him. Slowly I learned the complexities of his trial and how readily our legal system can bury evidence of truth and justice in order to make invisible those people and problems it finds too ugly or unpopular to deem worthy of the rights our Constitution guarantees. I look forward to Tommy’s freedom joyously and to the benefit of his energy, talent and constant faith.

Patricia Murphy

New York City

Lou Ferrigno

I just finished watching the Incredible Hulk episode in which Lou Ferrigno played the part of a body builder, and I think that in his first speaking role he did a terrific job. Actually I’d rank Lou Ferrigno right up there with the best talents such as Paul Newman, Tony Curtis and Errol Flynn.

Nora L. Fisher

New Orleans

Thank you for your wonderful article on Lou Ferrigno. I too have a very severe hearing loss, and because we are now being accepted as normal people I am finally coming out of my shell and speaking up for myself. It sure would be quite special if the producers would caption Lou’s shows: The deaf need a hero too.

Colleen Weber Haass

Casper, Wyo.

Joan Kennedy

Hats off to Joan Kennedy! An extraordinary article on such a fine lady. A burden, no doubt, has been lifted.

Jan Cody

Auburn, Mich.

Barbara Mandrell

By juggling a husband, family and career, Barbara Mandrell has been an inspiration to women everywhere. Through it all she has kept the insight, self-respect and down-home goodness that helped her get to the top and will help her stay there.

Donna George


Child Stealing

Child snatching usually occurs when visitation and involvement are not equal for both parents, when one parent is forced to be labeled less qualified, responsible and loving. The courts and lawyers create and perpetuate this trauma. A strong joint custody law with mandatory counseling for parents and children is the antidote to this illness. Let’s recognize the rights of children to have relationships with both parents; then maybe there will be no need for parents to use children as weapons.

Lyn McCrensky-Norberg

Jon Norberg

Centerport, N.Y.

Michael DeSisto

I would like to give a standing ovation to Mike DeSisto. He truly is a remarkable man who is teaching these troubled kids. It’s wonderful how he helps and teaches while he himself learns from them. If there were more men and women like him, the world would be a better place to live in.

Marie Guerra

Fort Lauderdale

Jean Kerr

Jean Kerr once remarked that all her fan letters were from “postoperatives or preteens,” but she wished they were from Paul Newman. I am none of the above—only an ardent reader who took solace in her adolescence from Kerr’s “tall stories.” (I finally stopped at 6’¼”.) Oh, Mrs. K, please keep writing. You surely have some grandchildren just as crazy as your kids!

Nora A. Heffernan

Decatur, Ga.

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