By People Staff
Updated June 01, 1981 12:00 PM

Farrah Fawcett

Thank you for the gorgeous cover of Farrah Fawcett (PEOPLE, May 11). I’m happy to see she is finally proving that she is here to stay. Now that she has taken complete charge of her personal life, her career will really explode and her critics will finally be silenced.

Michael Fister

Los Angeles

Farrah is a glowing person with her health, beauty and that wonderful energy. It’s disgusting that the star-makers of Hollywood are so eager to chew up their fellow human beings and spit them out. I say to all those involved: Lighten up on this lady—she is a fine actress and also a normal person trying to deal with life.

Linda S. Caldwell

Napa, Calif.

Rex Humbard

I wonder if Mr. Humbard honestly believes that Jesus, if He were alive today, would live in luxury like a Hollywood superstar?

Rev. Franklin Lynch

Monticello, Ga.

Thank you for an informative article on Rex Humbard. I was there when Rex had only $65 in his pocket and two suits to preach in. We prayed and fasted in hopes of staying on one TV station. Our church was a converted movie theater, and Rex and Maude Aimee lived in a modest house nearby. As the years passed I saw the work, sweat, heartache, exhaustion and finally loss of health that went into making this ministry, but I also saw the Lord bless it.

Loretta Norman

Spartanburg, S.C.

I’m appalled that Rex Humbard feels he “can do a whole lot more with something than without.” The sacrifices my family has made so that my father could minister to the needs of small rural areas make me proud to say that even now my dad does without so that he can do more. Rex Humbard could take some lessons from him.

Brenda Williamson

Klamath Falls, Oreg.

Jim Davis

Jim Davis is irreplaceable. He created Jock Ewing, and the image belongs to him exclusively. Like John Wayne and Jim Arness, he was an original. He was well liked by all who knew him in and out of the film industry. He had integrity and the fullest sense of professionalism in his craft. I toast this fine gentleman and join countless others in the joyous celebration of Jim Davis’ life.

Betty J. Anderson


Dr. Donald Rasmussen

I commend PEOPLE for the article portraying the outstanding work of Dr. Donald Rasmussen in aiding miners disabled by black lung disease. I am concerned, however, by the implication that eligibility requirements for black lung benefits are too liberal. While miners who have worked in the mines for 10 years or more are presumed to have black lung, they cannot receive benefits until they present conclusive medical evidence of a severe condition. Furthermore, the government has the right to challenge that presumption. In 1977 Congress approved amendments sponsored by Sen. Jennings Randolph, Rep. Carl Perkins and myself which made black lung benefits available to miners who really needed them. Despite those amendments, 80 percent of the miners who apply for benefits today are turned down. Although some members of the Reagan administration would like us to believe otherwise, the black lung program is not an automatic pension for coal miners.

Paul Simon (D.-Ill.)

House of Representatives

Washington, D.C.

Tony Orlando

I started out as one of Tony Orlando’s “teeny bopper” fans, but now after eight years I have grown to admire and respect him. He is a very caring person who doesn’t seem to be afraid to show it. I hope his problems are in the past and his new efforts are successful.

Lori Bruss


David Lykken

The polygraph interviewing technique, when administered by a competent examiner, attains the highest reliability in scientific studies on verification of truth and detection of deception. I fully agree with David Lykken that there is no “lie machine” that can be used as the sole determinant of guilt or innocence. The judicial system will render that decision. The polygraph can, however, be used as a highly effective element to augment the judicial process.

James J. Gibson


Loretta Young

I was shocked and delighted to see Loretta Young in your magazine. I have been a fan of hers almost all my life. It was so good to see her looking so great at 68. Millions have missed her since she dropped out of television in the 1960s.

Raymond White

Mannsville, Ky.

Picks & Pans

I fail to understand the harsh reviews of Mac Davis’ new movie Cheaper to Keep Her. This film is a nice change from gruesome horror pictures and trashy love stories. Mac Davis is a fine actor as well as a great singer and songwriter. Tovah Feldshuh also did a fine job in the movie. Critics should take this film for what it is—a lighthearted romantic comedy—instead of trying to find some deep hidden meaning in it.

Julie Sparrowk

Rancho Murieta, Calif.


Come on, PEOPLE, how about letting Ron Howard grow up? Really, a “child father” at 27! I had my daughter at age 25. Does that make me a “baby mother”?

Penny Willis


Liona Boyd

It was incorrectly inserted in my story that aluminum magnate Edgar Kaiser Sr. dated Canadian classical guitarist Liona Boyd. She is, however, a friend of his son Edgar Kaiser Jr.

Gail Buchalter


Los Angeles