March 23, 1981 12:00 PM

John and Mackenzie Phillips

John Phillips and his daughter Mackenzie are an inspiration. Not many people with their fame would show themselves so naked to the public in admitting their past problems with drugs (PEOPLE, March 2).

Michael Berman

Eugene, Oreg.

This letter is written in regard to your article on the Phillips family and some gross inaccuracies and omissions. Firstly, when you state that Genevieve’s baby, Bijou, was born drug-free—sadly, that is not the case. A few days after a home delivery by John and Mackenzie, Bijou was hospitalized with kidney failure, blood complications, and suffering from severe morphine withdrawal. Secondly, I resent John’s cavalier indictment regarding our beloved friend and associate Cass Elliot, in which he states she died of a heroin overdose. The coroner’s report clearly details her death as a result of a massive heart attack. It also is irresponsible for you to exclude the fact that John and Genevieve did not “take” their son Tamerlane to New York but, in fact, kidnapped him (which you yourselves reported in December 1979). They were subsequently booked on felony child-stealing charges. I wish the Phillips family no harm, and trust that John and Genevieve’s ninth attempt at detoxification is more successful than their previous eight.

Michelle Phillips

Beverly Hills, Calif.

Phillips’ singer-actress ex-wife refused PEOPLE’s request for an interview at the time of the story.—ED.

Mackenzie Phillips, a close friend for five years, has amazed me with her strength in overcoming addiction. Few people realize how she grew up in a world of drugs, that it was a way of life. Despite her problems she maintained the huge responsibility of a series for years. Mackenzie has taken a first step back by overcoming drugs. Let’s see her return to One Day at a Time—the public misses her and she misses the show.

David Dalton

Hollywood, Calif.

Jared Martin

How could the producers of Dallas allow Jared (Dusty) Martin to fall prey to paralysis and impotence? The explosive screen chemistry between Sue Ellen and Dusty gave me a sleepless night—which I never got from anticipation about who shot J.R.

C. Mosley

Springfield, Ill.

Perlman, Levine & Schubert

If violinist Itzhak Perlman and conductor James Levine are searching for a third lookalike, they would need look no further—except for his untimely death 152 years ago—than composer Franz Schubert.

B. Freer Freeman

Falls Church, Va.

Donald Lambro

Contrary to budget-cutting expert Lambro’s statement that the Consumer Product Safety Commission is “an inept agency” that “has failed to curb accidents,” it was the commission that issued the warnings about Tristreated sleepwear, cribs with sidebars that caused the choking deaths of infants, and stuffed toys filled with shells and metal pieces that injured small children. The warnings, coupled with the recall of these hazardous products, have prevented countless deaths and injuries. To be sure, industry would like to get the commission off its back, but I, as a citizen and as a mother, am appalled we might lose this agency which has proven so protective of and essential to our safety.

Dr. Virlyn H. Leitner

Geneva, Ill.

I concur with Donald Lambro’s remarks regarding the money wasted on movies, bees and multiple chefs for government employees. However, I am tired of well-meaning, well-placed individuals shouting recommendations at the American people for “trimming the fat,” when in reality the meat gets trimmed and the fat stays.

Claire J. Sieverman

Cypress, Calif.

Elaine Zayak

Elaine Zayak must be joking. She has no skating style, just a string of triple jumps and a lot of “So what?” connecting them. Well-rounded skaters, not trick ponies, win international titles.

Kathryn Nicholson

New York City

William Satire

Regarding Bill Satire’s view that written language suffers because of the telephone, I suggest Americans try keeping a diary. Read what you’ve written on New Year’s Eve, then phone a friend and share the juiciest parts. That way we’ll retain the diminishing art of written expression while remaining faithful to today’s oral preoccupation.

Robin Anderson

Santa Barbara, Calif.

Illinois’ Delta House

There is little excuse for your article glorifying Delta Tau Delta’s immature and asinine behavior. Their actions were neither cute nor funny, and giving them national attention further weakens the already feeble respect for college students. Believe it or not, there are still a few of us who attend college to receive an education.

Stacey Stocker


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