September 01, 1980 12:00 PM

The Blue Lagoon

As an adult who took a teenager to see it, I would like to state that The Blue Lagoon is one of the most beautiful films I have seen in years (PEOPLE, August 11). Beautiful photographically and beautiful as a story. The nudity is presented so artistically, innocently, naturally and honestly that the only people who could object to it are those who would say Michelangelo painted dirty pictures in the Sistine Chapel and want to put pants on Donald Duck.

Jim Menke

Kenmore, N.Y.

As a teacher who has taught sex education to teenagers, I was surprised to read that The Blue Lagoon was criticized for its view of adolescent sexuality. I thought the sexual content was done with great sensitivity and taste, and I commend director Randal Kleiser, Brooke Shields and Chris Atkins for a joyful, beautiful film.

Randy Carlson

Littlestown, Pa.

The cover picture of Brooke Shields and Chris Atkins was a disgrace. To exploit a beautiful girl like her is unforgivable.

Dr. Alyce R. O’Neil

Bridgeport, Conn.

I am a Southern Baptist and I want to protest such profanity on the newsstands. Our children are exposed to so much sex on television and in the movies that it is hard to keep them from seeing some of it, but I do protest your having it on the front of your magazine that I allow in my home.

Mrs. James E. Files Jr.

Monroe, La.


It sure was fun seeing some of my best childhood buddies. I remember the Mouseketeers well, and I can’t wait to watch the 25th-reunion show this fall. I just hope I can find my ears.

Terre Maximena

Hammond, Ind.

There were two Hispanic kids on the original show, Mary Espinoza and Dickie Dodd. The New Mickey Mouse Club in 1977 featured black, Oriental and Hispanic kids as well as white. The original show, though, did accommodate most religions: Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, and there was one burgeoning agnostic: me.

Lonnie Burr

Mouseketeer 1955-59

North Hollywood

Jory Graham

In 1977 I watched both my mother and. father die of cancer. My mother lived only six weeks after her diagnosis; my father four months. They never really accepted their approaching deaths, and that made it even more difficult for me and other members of my family. Now, three years later, Jory Graham has helped me to understand a little of what my parents went through but never had the courage to tell me about.

Lori Lane


Thank you for your sensitive feature on the work I am trying to do. My one regret is being labeled a victim. “Victim” implies total helplessness, and I am not helpless. Neither are most people who have cancer. “Victim” says, “Here’s someone we can /should /must pity.” So long as those who have cancer are viewed as pitiable and helpless, there will be no better job opportunities for them, or bank loans, or insurance possibilities, or long-term mortgages. And on a social level they’ll be avoided because virtually nobody knows how to be comfortable in the presence of a “victim.” Please, my readers and I need your help in eliminating this pejorative.

Jory Graham


Jermaine Jackson

Although I have never been an ardent fan of the Jackson 5, I enjoyed your story on Jermaine and his break with the family. But it was spoiled by his admission of buying two exotic animals, cougars. I was under the impression a law was passed in 1979 making it illegal to own or sell exotic cats.

Dee Dollinger

San Fernando, Calif.

California law prohibits anyone from acquiring nondomestic cats with the exception of game breeders, who are then allowed to sell only to zoos and to licensed professionals. “I have a license and the cougars are kept for me by the woman I bought them from,” explains Jackson. “She buys and trains animals for movies and TV.”—ED.

Femmy De Lyser

Three cheers for Femmy De Lyser! I too believe that if you’re used to exercise it’s the best thing for you during pregnancy. I swam for a college team for the first seven months of my pregnancy, and I couldn’t have ordered a better labor and delivery. I continued swimming after the birth of my son and fit back into my jeans three months later.

Leslie Chacon

Ventura, Calif.

Dan Rather

Dan Rather’s remark that “if real cracks do develop in Carter’s support, put the women and children and clergy to bed because this is going to be one hell of a convention” is an insult. In this day women and clergy are also exposed to the harsh realities of life.

Rev. Robert S. Beaman

Hightstown, N.J.

As 50 percent of the delegates to the convention were women, Rather can bet his chauvinistic butt that Democratic women cannot be “put to bed.”

Elaine Campbell

Bakersfield, Calif.

Picks & Pans

I disagree with your opinion that on Saved, Bob Dylan’s new album, “the title track and a few other cuts suffer from an l-have-all-the-answers-now smugness.” Dylan doesn’t have all the answers, but it is obvious from his album that he has a close relationship with the Man who does.

Jude Jones

Ann Arbor

Danny Thomas

Please tell Danny Thomas that the chairman has the same voting privileges as any other member. He may vote, if he wishes, whether a tie exists or not, but cannot be compelled to vote if he should choose to abstain. As a practical note, I found my family “town hall” ran best when each of our three children had one vote, my wife two, and six for myself.

Robert H. Wilbee

Las Cruces, N. Mex.

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