July 21, 1980 12:00 PM

Glen & Tanya

As a Tanya Tucker fan, I was a bit surprised to hear about her and Glen Campbell (PEOPLE, June 30). But after reading your article, it’s plain to see they are very happy. I guess they’re living proof that “love conquers all.”

L. Henderson

Granite, Ill.

How marvelous that these two horny hicks found each other! Mac Davis is looking sweeter, kinder and more noble all the time.

Pat Wyatt

Springfield, Mo.

I found the article listing Craig Claiborne’s salt-free savories very timely as I developed an acute case of accelerated hypertension while plodding through your feature on Glen and Tanya. So Glen “gave God a prayer and He gave me Tanya Tucker”? How gosh-darn Providential!

Richard J. Carroll

Midlothian, Ill.

Nancy Friday

Thanks for a great article on Friday and her book Men in Love. Not only are fantasies good for the psyche, they’re also a hell of a lot of fun!

Brian Gibson

Shillington, Pa.

Teenage Suicide Pact

This is a tragic example of what can happen when children are raised without religious foundation. If Jason Perrine and Dawn Swisher had been brought up with spiritual values they would have known that Thou Shalt Not Kill applies also to the taking of one’s own life.

Connie Hundertmark

Kew Gardens Hills, N.Y.

Out of the teen bracket by only a year myself, I can understand the pressures young people are going through today. Of late it seems that we’re in a world that’s pushing “Everything’s got to be new.” Peer pressure like that in Mercer Island can be hell if you haven’t got the money or imagination to think up new things day after day. Teens are killing themselves, if not for the kick of something different, then the thinly disguised thought of everlasting love. I just had two friends go out in “a blaze of glory” like they wanted to. Unfortunately, nothing was accomplished. Nothing. If the fact that Dawn is still alive and Jason is dead isn’t enough to set some young people thinking, maybe it will at least scare the hell out of them. Thank you for a very important article.

Ronny C. Poynter

Janesville, Wis.

For those who are spiritually aware, Richard Bach’s Illusions is not an “absurdity,” as Jason Perrine’s father says, but a beautiful, inspiring, metaphysical handbook. The article on the teenage suicide in a Seattle suburb shows that there are those who have not yet learned their lessons in this “earth school.” Be assured that each and every being in the article (along with the rest of us) will simply continue to come back to earth school, again and again, to learn until we get it right. To quote from Illusions: “Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you’re alive, it isn’t.” That is not saying to take your own life by suicide…

Jimi Kauffman

Sedona, Ariz.

I threw the issue down in disgust and sadness after reading the article about Dawn Swisher and Jason Perrine. It fell open to page 82 and former U.S. Ambassador Diego Asencio. What a difference in attitudes toward life. The young lady definitely needs help. The diplomat is the best of what she so carelessly wanted to give up.

Janine Adams


Picks & Pans

Boo, hiss to Stanley Kubrick! Anyone who read Stephen King’s chilling masterpiece, The Shining, would recognize that the only thing frightening about the movie was Kubrick’s adaptation of it.

Ann M. Gilman

Barre, Vt.

Your use of examples of imaginary epitaphs in your sepulchral review of Die Laughing would appear to leave the game open to your readers. Accordingly, this group of headstone horrids should qualify for your extinguished list: John Dillinger—”The Belle Told”; Gen. Douglas MacArthur—”I Have Returned”; my own—”Moaned, Atoned, Now ‘Stoned.’ ” This whole appalling exercise must make the subjects “feel good all under.”

Mack H. Webb


Richard Pryor

Thank you for your compelling and, more important, accurate account of “freebase.” I too abused this chemical for three and a half months last year. Heroin and morphine have been outdone! Never did I crave them as strongly as I did “base.” Then one evening I watched a respected, successful photographer friend completely lose control. I threw the ether, pipes and torch into the garbage where they belonged. The euphoria and ruination go together like bread and butter. Thirty seconds’ worth of “high” is more costly than could ever be put into words.

Name Withheld

San Diego

If Richard Pryor was freebasing, I hope he’ll say so. He could save many lives.

Cheryl Sharp

Long Beach, Calif.

Luther Christman, R.N.

Mr. Christman should direct his efforts into remodeling the nursing programs in colleges so as to incorporate the hundreds of hours of clinical experience gained in a nursing school. Many of our new nurses are college graduates who can recite the course of a disease but when asked to make an occupied bed, irrigate a colostomy or suction a trachea, run to a textbook in a panic or enlist the help of an experienced nurse.

Susan J. Frangipane, R.N.

Greenwich, Conn.

Dexter Cate

Dexter Cate did not merely save the lives of 300 dolphins by his actions at Iki Island, Japan. He quite possibly saved the entire human race. If mankind continues to senselessly slaughter these large-brained, air-breathing mammals, a severe imbalance will most probably result in the delicate water ecosystem that man desperately needs to survive. At Iki the imbalance has begun. God bless Dexter Cate for bringing the problem to our attention while we still have time to rectify it. I hope.

Gregory Dean Kaufman

The American Cetacean Society

Maui, Hawaii

Dear God, the only other intelligent species on the planet, ground up to make fertilizer and hog feed!

Dian Hardison, Ensign, USN

Jacksonville, Fla.

Malcolm Poindexter

Your article on Malcolm Poindexter, Philadelphia’s black anchorman, was a marvelous surprise. I remember calling him—and several less-concerned black journalists in Philly—when I was a sophomore in college. Although he was not able to take me on as an intern, he spent a good half hour on the phone telling me how to go about finding such a position elsewhere. I’m sure my experience is not atypical. I am glad you captured the complete sincerity of his belief in the vitality of his community.

Lorene Cary

New York City

The Issue

I am not one to write letters to Dear Abby, or to magazines, or even to companies telling them what their product has done for me. However, this week’s PEOPLE is by far the best issue I have read. Your story on the murdering of dolphins sent a chill up my spine. The Richard Pryor article astonished me. I certainly hope that people learn a lesson from his misfortune. I also enjoyed the article about author Nancy Friday.

Sharon Yankowitz

Brooklyn, N.Y.

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