December 01, 1980 12:00 PM

Linda Gray

Could it be that our fascination with Linda Gray (PEOPLE, Nov. 10) lies in the fact that she bears a physical resemblance to Jackie Kennedy and that the character of Sue Ellen shows the same cool elegance and aloofness that Jackie intrigued the world with? The key is that Sue Ellen supplies what we expected from Jackie but never got—tears, anger, weakness and fragility. If all this is bunk, Jackie and Linda share at least this: They both took the world by storm.

Carol Roberts

Bay St. Louis, Miss.

I don’t know who shot J.R., but I can tell you who almost let him die—the slow-motion surgeon in the emergency room. Jumpin’ Jehosamalpractice! Ordering an ultrasound study on J.R.’s abdomen as he was bleeding to death with two bullet holes in his stomach is like standing at the base of a broken dam and looking for a pair of binoculars to see if it’s really water that is rushing up to your neck.

Alan Hollingsworth, M.D.

General Surgeon

Los Angeles

Weicker & Castro

Sen. Lowell Weicker says of the Castro government: “They deliver a quality of life to those people they’ve never known before.” Come again???!!! Big Brother always watching over their shoulder? Torture at the Isle of Pines prison? Thousands have fled Cuba to the United States because of our most precious commodity—freedom. And Weicker says he can’t be snowed. That’s the biggest laugh I’ve had in years.

Patricia Daud

Upper Montclair, N.J.

Mardy Doyle

Kudos to PEOPLE for bringing to light the humanistic, total-person approach to dentistry practiced by Dr. Doyle and others like us in the profession. It should be noted, however, that veneer caps work best when used for esthetic problems only. A tooth that is brittle from having undergone endodontic (root canal) therapy, or that has a large cavity that no longer can be filled with conventional filling material, needs to be “capped” with the more traditional porcelain-fused-to-metal crown, and not simply veneered.

Arthur L. Segal, D.M.D.

Indian Mills, N.J.

Irene Cara

What a letdown. I expected to bask in singer Irene Cara’s warm personality, her intelligence and humor, and her honest exuberance for her craft. Instead, I waded through her arrogance and her “why not the best” cockiness and immaturity. Perhaps her sequel should be called Shame.

Susan Kaplan

Macon, Ga.

Jessica Savitch

Thank God for a “Baba Wawa” replacement. And what a fine choice. As a former radio/TV major, I have to say that it is indeed more difficult for a woman in the media to rise to success, especially if you are “another pretty face.” I think Jessica Savitch is the best anchorwoman on the news today. Brava for looks and brains!

L.A. Harry


Fallout Cancer

It was more than just coincidence that 91 people out of 220 have contracted cancer after filming The Conquerors. Damn those who should have given warning but didn’t. I hope the children of the stars accomplish what they’ve set out to do. Their gifted parents should still be here making us smile, laugh and cry. It’s inexcusable.

Veronika Gosselin

Aurora, Colo.

I remember watching the filming of the movie while a teenager in Saint George, Utah. I also remember watching my father die of leukemia, one of many. But assure Norman Powell that no longer are the people of Saint George “quietly” dying. A year ago we founded Citizens’ Call to do for our people what the government has refused to do. In December we will host a National Conference for a Comprehensive Test Ban. In February 1981 victims throughout the region will gather to testify about what the years of nuclear testing have done to their lives. We are setting up a hospice program for victims and their families, planning clinics and workshops to help us help each other. In the planning stages is a major radiation research and treatment center. A DNA scientist agonizes, “Please God, don’t let us have killed John Wayne.” For the hundreds of us who have lived years with the fallout, there is no doubt. We only wonder how much longer it is going to continue.

Elizabeth Bruhn Catalan

Salt Lake City

My dad was an unfamous, proud and very patriotic man who worked as a civilian on the Marshall Islands in the mid-1950s and later at the Nevada test site. He became ill with lung cancer and battled this disease and strange metabolic disorders for over 10 years until he died at 54. Nothing can bring him back, but I, too, would like to know if the government knew just how unsafe the atomic test sites were at the time.

Maggie Verhoef

Sparks, Nev.

Beth Howland

Beth Howland gave up a hell of a lot when she took on the assignment of single parenthood after her divorce. I admire her independence and I’m very happy things turned out all right for both mother and daughter. Beth’s story should be read by every single parent. It is certainly a touching tale of hope for those who think they’ll never make it.

David Mackey

Oakhurst, N.J.

James Bama

Ever since I was a teenager I have collected paperbacks and would often get one for no other reason than James Bama’s cover paintings. This mystery man whom I knew only by his familiar signature became an obsession for years. The Western Art of James Bama satisfied my curiosity somewhat; your article and photos finally revealed to me that there really is a man who did those wonderful paintings.

Bill Dieffenbach

Glenn Dale, Md.

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