November 03, 1980 12:00 PM

‘That’s Incredible!’

In defense of this show (PEOPLE, Oct. 13), Cathy Lee Crosby says: “I think it shows just how great human potential is.” Fran Tarkenton states: “We’re doing positive educational things.” Risky stunts are lousy examples of human potential and are neither positive nor educational. But the most absurd statement comes from producer Alan Landsburg. Kruml has burned stubs for fingers, Lewis a mangled leg, Wells could have died, and Landsburg says: “The last thing I would ever want is to see a person injured in the cause of entertainment.” Now, that’s incredible!

Sandi Rabel


If people like Stan Kruml, Gary Wells and Steve Lewis want to risk their lives, it’s their choice and the results are theirs too. I like the show and I’m glad that hosts Cathy Lee Crosby, Fran Tarkenton and John Davidson are defending it.

Dolly Romo

Los Angeles

Suicidal gambles as “entertainment” should be banned. I refuse to watch the decadent climax of an immoral disregard for life, win or lose. Rather than be a part of this mass voyeurism, I switch off the TV.

Nancy Davis

Max Meadows, Va.

Annie Glenn

Thank you for a wonderful article on Annie Glenn and stuttering. I too was among the first 100 students at the Hollins Communications Research Institute. It was a rough course but worth the effort and price. Annie was of great support to me during those three weeks. She alone, more than the many therapists, made me realize I could accomplish anything despite the fact I am a stutterer. I still consider myself a moderate stutterer, but that has not stopped me from becoming a successful entrepreneur. Annie is one great lady.

Candace Unglesby

Truffles and Trifles

Scottsdale, Ariz.

Simas Kudirka

How shameful that our present U.S. government is continuing to prosecute Simas Kudirka and other Lithuanian-Americans for peacefully protesting against the Soviet embassy. One recalls that in the same month, July, pro-Khomeini Iranian students demonstrated at our capital and were eventually released unconditionally.

Raymond Paskauskas

Northridge, Calif.

The Villechaizes

It is good to know that in heartache-torn Hollywood, Herve’s days are filled with that universal fantasy come true: love and someone to share your life with. When I finished your story, I was one envious 5’6″ er.

Michele J. Shaw

Glendale, Calif.

Geraldine Stutz

What a great pleasure it was to read your piece on Geraldine Stutz. You did Gerry up brown and white in true Ben-del style. As one who has considered Ms. Stutz just about the best friend in the world since the 1950s, I found it really a marvelous, accurate piece of work.

Liz Smith

Daily News

New York City

Rossington Collins Band

Finally someone has captured the essence of rock’n’roll. As an avid fan of Lynyrd Skynyrd, and an equally avid fan of the Rossington Collins Band, I would like to say that I admire the survivors’ strength to carry on after such a disaster.

Debbie Osborn

Takoma Park, Md.

Sadly, yet another tragedy struck when Allen Collins’ wife, Kathy, died in childbirth. The band’s 69-city tour, which was temporarily canceled, resumed last week.


The Righteous Right

Bravo for your explicit coverage on what seems to be a Christian power struggle which could change the “freedom of the people,” all people, to a restrictive oppression geared strictly to the views of fundamentalist Christianity. God bless these people for their hopes of a better America, but please, not at the expense of taking away the freedoms of those who choose not to journey on their pathway.

W. Harbottle

St. Louis

I heartily concur that “Jesus is Lord.” However, the thought of a representative with the power to enact or halt significant legislation on the basis of his or her biblical interpretation (which may differ sharply with mine) sends chills down my spine.

Kelly Ottinger

Crawfordsville, Ind.

Since when does being a Christian mean that you cannot express a political opinion? Other groups can stick together, lobby and spend all kinds of money to see to it that a candidate of their choice is elected or a bill is passed or defeated. Agree or disagree, there are a lot of voters who do not want their tax dollars spent paying for abortions and supporting gay rights, who do not want the U.S. taking part in onesided SALT treaties and who would like to see voluntary prayers in schools.

D. Winter


Garson Kanin & Ruth Gordon

Obviously Kanin & Gordon have never been “careful and cautious.” Your article proves them to be great! Bless them both.

Mrs. Linda Sharan


Terry Fox

Terry Fox has shown many youths who have cancer that there is hope and they should not give up. We will, with God’s help, defeat this disease sooner or later. I hope it is sooner.

David E. West

Chittenango Youth

Against Cancer

Chittenango, N.Y.

Kathy Metcalf

The negative reaction to photographer Kathy Metcalf’s nude male calendars is so typical of our sexist society today. Why the big uproar? The pictures you show have a lot more class than the kinds of women’s poses that are accepted—only because they are looked at by men.

Susan Keyes


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