By People Staff
October 27, 1980 12:00 PM

Carly Simon

After reading your article (PEOPLE, Oct. 6), my admiration for Carly Simon’s music has extended to her as a person—her strength, maturity and ability to cope as a woman, wife, mother and artist.

Janice Renda


Thank you, Carly, for your candidness about your relationship with your husband, James Taylor. For some perverted reason it’s a comfort to know that the beautiful people have the same kind of problems that plague the rest of us.

Robyn Kelley

Nashville, Ind.

As the father of one of Carly Simon’s teenage fans, I find her attitude toward drugs, as expressed in your story, cavalier at best, arrogant and shallow at worst. Last year James Taylor gave a hugely successful concert for the benefit of Central Park. Now Ms. Simon owes us one—for the benefit of those poor persons whose lives have been destroyed by the drugs she would so coyly recommend to the guests at that exercise in narcissism described as an imaginary dinner party.

Alan P. Levenstein

New York City

Polly Bergen

Polly Bergen is right on target when she says Phyllis Schlafly has misinformed the American public. Illinois is having the toughest time with the passage of ERA. Polly, maybe you can schedule a visit and help convince these close-minded Illinoisans that equal rights will benefit everyone.

Susan Husa Carls

Beardstown, Ill.

“I’m selling the feminist movement in a way that is digestible and understandable so that women in Fargo, N.Dak. will know what I’m saying,” says Polly Bergen. It’s pretty hard to support something when the so-called leaders view certain women as if they were a bunch of unintelligent hicks.

Dawn M. Jones

Salt Lake City

‘The Final Countdown’

I was rather surprised while reading an interview with my parents, Kirk and Anne Douglas. I am the producer of The Final Countdown, in which my father is one of the stars. Your comments that Countdown “sank” and “got bombed by critics” misrepresents the picture’s success. While I recognize your right to criticize, I hope you appreciate that not all critics agree with you. I don’t wish to bombard you with all the favorable press on the film, nor do I claim that I produced a blockbuster. I would like to point out, however, that it is one of the largest grossers from United Artists this year.

Peter V. Douglas

Beverly Hills

Errol Flynn

Good for Rory and Deirdre Flynn. I cannot begin to tell them how much I hope and pray they win their lawsuit. It’s about time children of famous stars stand up and do something to defend their parents who cannot defend themselves against books, stories and other libelous trash written for the sake of making money from a legend’s personal life.

Lorna Luft

New York City

Luft is the daughter of the late Judy Garland.—ED.

Women cops

So Detroit’s women cops have had to fight for acceptance? It’s no wonder their male partners question their ability to back them up in a fight. When Cynthia Thomas did it “successfully,” she had to see a police psychologist, and is still seeing one. Nightmares too. She asks “Where was my hug?” concerning her father’s handshake and his “You did a good job there, Officer Thomas.” “Daughter first”? No way. The citation she was given was for “Officer Thomas,” in the line of duty, not for “Cynthia Thomas, Daughter”! Is there a man on that force who will patrol the streets with her now?

Angela Anspach

Portland, Oreg.

All Detroit police officers who kill in the line of duty are required to see the police psychologist. Many of them, men as well as women, says a psychologist, continue treatment for months afterward. “I don’t mind working with a woman, “says Officer Mike Pietrzak, one of Thomas’ regular partners, “if she does her share of the job. Cynthia does.”—ED.

Linda Yellen

Bravo for Linda Yellen! She had the courage to pick the right actress for the right part. The insensitivity of Yellen’s detractors is grotesque. Vanessa Redgrave is pro-Palestinian, not anti-Semitic.

Paul A. Pallazola

Gloucester, Mass.

Producer Yellen’s characterization of Vanessa Redgrave as “caring about humanity and suffering” leads one to wonder whether Ms. Yellen considers Jews as part of humanity. It is a strange kind of caring that condones and champions the deliberate terrorizing and killing of innocents that is carried out by the PLO.

C. Silverman

Wayside, N.J.

Anthony Geary

I am a confirmed Anthony Gearyaholic, which is apparently highly contagious, judging by an ever-increasing number of women of all ages who are displaying the symptoms. There is no known cure, but the established treatment is a visit to General Hospital about four days a week.

Mary M. Chambless

Ardmore, Okla.

My husband, bless his heart, has come to accept the fact that from 2 until 3 each afternoon he is not the man in my life. The character Luke Spencer, which Tony Geary has so brilliantly brought to life, receives my undivided attention.

Mrs. Susan Moll

Olathe, Kans.

A trophy inscribed: TO LUKE: AMERICA’S MOST BELOVED RAPIST?! Are we so desensitized to violence, and in particular violence against women, that we are able, even in jest, to give out an award like that?

Cecily Kaplan

Northridge, Calif.