October 20, 1980 12:00 PM

Best (and Worst) Dressed

I thought the people on your cover were all on your Worst-Dressed List (PEOPLE, Sept. 29). You can’t be serious! Johnny Carson dresses like a bad Sears, Roebuck ad, Gary Coleman like a 50-year-old used car salesman and Deborah Harry like an unmade bed. I won’t even comment on Iggy Pop or Suzanne Somers, but as I turned the pages I kept expecting to find Benji in tuxedo as your “Hall of Famer.”

J. Reid

Los Angeles

Whether Cher is one of the worst dressers in the world or not does not matter one whit. She is still the most fascinating female performer in Hollywood today.

John Staring

Little Falls, N.Y.

Believe me, our mayor Jane Byrne is never dull. Nor are her clothes, style or important priorities. You do realize that few, if any, Chicagoans found your latest digs at her amusing or cute. Her priority happens to be running a city, not dressing to suit the taste of your reporters. What concerns me most is that I was even mentioned in the article.

Dori Wilson


Leave Princess Anne alone. You have plenty over there who spend money like water on clothes. Tear them apart. Anne suits us. When she has to dress up she looks the tops. So “belt up” [shut up] please.

Kay Hicknutt

Exeter, England

I am (only) an illusionist, but thank you for the kind words of praise. All I do is embellish what Jacqueline Bisset brings to any project we are associated with—and she brings much. Please believe me when I tell you the pleasure is all mine.

Donald Lee Feld

Costume Designer

Beverly Hills

I don’t know what would upset me more—making your Worst-Dressed List or your Best-Dressed.

Patricia Wasson

Huntington Woods, Mich.

Rev. Robert Schuller

I find the Reverend Schuller’s $18 million “Crystal Cathedral” difficult to justify. I wish he had used his “Possibility Thinking” and thought about how many starving and homeless people $18 million would help. Some of those needy people may even live right there in Garden Grove. Oh, well, let them eat glass.

Leslie Porter

Portland, Oreg.


Mrs. Onassis is being neither picky nor extravagant in her desire for hot towels. Our hot towel bar enables us to enjoy the comfort of a warm bath for morning shaving and showering without heating the rest of our 2,000-square-foot home. We run our money-devouring furnace from 5 p.m. till bedtime, but keep our 60-square-foot bathroom toasty all night for the cost of a 150-watt light bulb.

Mrs. L.T. O’Donnell Jr.


Matt Dillon

Adam Baldwin’s sensitive and moving portrayal of the “bodyguard” heralds him as the next up-and-coming young actor. Sure, Matt Dillon is pretty, but he should take heed of some possible tough competition in the future. I couldn’t help noticing that at least two of his brothers possess that same “sensual upper lip.”

Luanna Daniels Ujeski

Niagara Falls, N.Y.

Joe Graedon

It’s about time someone made the American public aware of the hazards of many household drugs. I wish the FDA were as concerned about our welfare as Mr. Graedon. I know that because of your article I will be more conscious of how I and my family use things such as aspirin and caffeine.

Barbara Sicks

Leonard, Mich.

As I counseled the umpteenth patient of the day on what medication NOT to buy, I thought of how much “cabbage” Joe Graedon must be raking in from his book sales. I also wondered how many other pharmacists like myself spend their days educating consumers as part of their profession, oftentimes for about 19¢ profit if a sale is consummated. Unfortunately, I am afraid that a lot of pharmacists are hustling unnecessary OTC drug sales, but not out here away from big-chain and big-city greed.

Carl M. Marsh, R.Ph.

Granby, Colo.

James Dinnan

Evidently Ms. Blaubergs could not obtain tenure on her educational qualifications, so she had to scream “sex discrimination.” How very typical of an unqualified woman. Why is Professor Dinnan being made the scapegoat when three other members of the tenure review committee were not even asked how they voted?

Karen Johnson


“I was number six in the voting process,” explains Dinnan. “When it came to me, her lawyers stopped. If they could break me, they could take the whole thing home.” Professor Dinnan was released from prison September 30 and last week returned to his classes at the University of Georgia. His case is still being reviewed by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans.—ED.

The Obermaiers

I couldn’t help crying when I read the story about the Obermaiers’ Siamese twin daughters. It almost made me feel guilty that both my children are fine. Please do a follow-up story. I’ll pray for and worry about them until I hear they’re all right.

Brenda Carter


As a mother of a handicapped baby girl, I thank you and the Obermaiers for showing that the place for our children who are different is not tucked away in some dark, brave corner of a loving parent’s heart but out in the sunshine of the world with all the other children.

Mrs. Adele S. Abdullah

Altadena, Calif.

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