June 02, 1980 12:00 PM

The Who

After 15 years of incredible music, countless fans, two movies and the label “The greatest rock’n’roll band in the world,” The Who finally made your cover (PEOPLE, May 13). What the hell took you so long?

Joan McNulty

Marc Cohen

Arlington, Mass.

The Who have undeniably exhibited amazing staying power for 15 years. But as a loyal fan I would much prefer to see them retire triumphantly at the top than become aging, redundant and tired images of their former selves, as their equally long-surviving American counterparts, the Beach Boys, have obviously become.

Donald L. Lowman

Roanoke, Va.

One slight correction: Empty Glass is Pete Townshend’s second solo effort. Perhaps you should have checked your “Who’s Who.”

Paul A. Prior

San Diego

It was Townshend himself who described Empty Glass as his first fully warranted solo album. However, an earlier solo effort called Who Came First was released in 1972. It was dedicated to Townshend’s spiritual mentor, the late Meher Baba. Pete’s mother attributes much of her son’s equilibrium to Baba—”a rope to grab hold of when in danger of foundering on his own success.”


Copeland and Ze’evi

In discussing the failed Iranian rescue mission, your two counterterrorist experts are amazingly frank in insisting on maintaining firm control of any country they see a threat in, with no regard to consequences or whether their intrusion is justified. I hope—though I don’t have confidence in this—that nobody is listening to them in Washington.

Charles Curry

Dansville, N.Y.

Keke Anderson

Keke Anderson, wife of candidate John Anderson, is not outspoken to a fault—she speaks the truth. A man saying these things would be merely candid, and rare. As another outspoken woman who won’t shut up, I say, Keke, keep going.

Barbara Baer

Long Beach, Calif.

‘Death of a Princess’

Regarding the repercussions that followed the showing of the controversial TV film Death of a Princess in England—does the fact that 400 members of the Saudi royal family preferred to live in London tell us something?

Sherrill L. Mercer

Afton, Okla.

Mary Lou Williams

Jazz is the single original art form that America has given to the world and yet, in comparison to the coverage given other musical artists and acts, jazz musicians are sadly neglected. Congratulations on your article on Mary Lou Williams. She is indeed a giant!

Gene Chronopoulos

Los Angeles

Marcia Millman

Marcia Millman is not an obese person but only overweight. The difference is that she let herself get fat; the obese person is born fat. In the holy name of skinniness, some of us have tried to starve it off, drown it off and bubble it off, and we are still fat. Millman has done a great disservice by presenting us as isolated, psychologically disturbed and disadvantaged. There are many of us who are beautiful, sexually attractive, worthy, successful wives and mothers who are done with trying to fit into some Madison Avenue misconception of beauty. If you want another article for your “Body” section, just ask me to write one. It will be positive, dynamic, humorous and sensitive—just like some fat people I know.

June M. Bailey

Fairview Park, Ohio

I disagree strongly with Ms. Millman about weight camps. I have been fat all my life and went to a “fat camp” last summer. For the first time I wasn’t “different,” nobody teased me, and I’m now 45 pounds lighter than I was before.

Kim Smith

Great Falls, Va.

I have had a fluctuating weight problem since birth. What about those of us who run to the fridge not because we are psychologically distressed or sexually hung-up but because we just love to eat? Hurray for Julia Child and James Beard!

Nancy Lucier

Reno, Nev.

Dina Merrill

I strongly object to the gross inaccuracy of PEOPLE’S reporting of my finances. In view of the fact that both my parents were born of simple Midwestern stock with no money at all, I am particularly proud of the money I inherited from them—but it is nothing remotely like the figure you quoted. While my husband [Cliff Robertson] has enjoyed a lucrative career, as I have, neither of us is within a mile of the rock stars of today either in lifestyle or monies made.

Dina Merrill Robertson

New York City

The figure of $50 million was based on previously published, and unchallenged, reports. We are happy to set the record straight.—ED.

Clyde Tombaugh

I was surprised and thrilled to read your article on a relative of mine, astronomer Clyde Tombaugh. We’ve never met, but I feel like I know him now.

Stephanie Tombaugh

Nampa, Idaho

Erma Bombeck

Hats off to Erma Bombeck! It’s time someone stood up for nurses. While we are expected to know more, do more and constantly update ourselves, the schedules, staffing and pay are still comparable to when I graduated 20 years ago. We are known as a “caring” profession, but it’s time we got off our guilt trip and spoke up for ourselves.

I. Trautman


Thank God (or George!) for Erma Bombeck—she keeps my head from falling off!

Pamela A. Berkin

New York City

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