March 24, 1980 12:00 PM

Lindsay Wagner

The Bionic Woman had me believing that all Lindsay Wagner could do was run in slow motion. But Scruples certainly changed my mind (PEOPLE, March 3). This is one fine lady, refreshing and talented.

Leslie Purcell


Lindsay Wagner “comes on strong in Scruples,” your cover said. Baloney. The show was stolen out from under her bionic nose by Barry Bostwick (Spider) and Marie-France Pisier (Valentine). It was the chemistry between these two actors that kept people watching, and talking about the mini-series at the office coffee breaks.

Rita B. Atchley


Ford vs. Ford

Money corrupts. Ah indeed it does, my little chickadee. Given the options of $5 million or washing one’s dirty linen in public, why would anyone choose the latter? Apparently, Cristina doesn’t know that although money can buy just about anything, dignity isn’t one of them.

Sally Vogel


Henry Ford has learned that those imports can be expensive.

John T. Magary

Royal Oak, Mich.

Sunshine Foundation

I could not continue reading the issue without first expressing my joy in the activities of Bill Sample and his Sunshine Foundation. Pain and suffering are facts of life. But one fact so often overlooked amidst the turmoil of today is that love, compassion and generosity still exist. May the sun always shine for Bill, his volunteers and their beneficent endeavor.

Delia Kimberling

Monte Vista, Colo.

Never in my life have I been so moved as by your story about Bill and Helene Sample who make the wishes of sick children come true. When I think of their compassion and effort, it is clear that theirs is the genius of love. Please give an address for the Sunshine Foundation. Surely many besides myself wish to contribute.

Diane Briley

Troy, Mich.

The address is 5212 Glen loch St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19124 (telephone 215-743-2660). The Samples report they have received phone calls and letters from Canada, Australia and all over the U.S. from people who want to donate their time and money or set up chapters in their communities. “It’s just a godsend,” says Bill Sample.


John Train

Your story on the strange-names collector was super. I never knew there were others like me. Tell Iva Odor and Katz Meow I’d like to meet them sometime.

Waeda Goe

Colorado Springs

I wonder if John Train knows of the girl who attended my high school named June Wedding. Or my mother’s old girlfriend, Iona Ford. Names are fascinating. Take it from a former Jones girl.

Mary Ann Sell


Dan Rather

“Sex replacing trust at CBS”? I would hardly call Dan Rather an airhead with a pretty face. Why shouldn’t a hardworking journalist be easy to look at? Admit it. Rather earned the job.

Marcy Molnar

New Orleans

The news is bad enough, but to have it hammered at us every evening with that Dan Rather intensity would be more than we could stand. Wherever you go, Roger Mudd, it’s only a turn of the dial, and we’ll be with you all the way.

Mr. and Mrs. Rosenmarkle

La Vale, Md.

The Black Stallion

I cringed to think what Hollywood might do to one of my favorite books. When I saw the film, I was thrilled by Coppola’s splendid accomplishment.

T. Bafrack

Kent, Wash.

Bruce Jenner

My separation from Chrystie is the most painful thing I have ever experienced. Unfortunately, your readers were given a different impression (Feb. 18). Perhaps under different circumstances, a more accurate picture would have emerged. However, your reporter showed up at Daytona during a very grueling and dangerous 24-hour endurance race in which total concentration is required. In addition, I have always found it difficult to express my most personal feelings to strangers. Given everything Chrystie and I shared, including the birth of our son and the imminent birth of our second child, to suggest that I am feeling no pain is as unfair to her as it is to me.

Bruce Jenner

New York City

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