August 06, 1979 12:00 PM

Stockard Channing

Stockard Channing “gets lucky at last with her own series and a third husband”? How about “hard work, lots of talent and guts finally get recognition”? Luck had little to do with it. This lady’s been around for a long time with more talent than most (PEOPLE, July 16).

Suzanne Smith

San Bernardino, Calif.

After reading about Stockard Channing and recalling your story on Donna Pescow (April 9), I have concluded that if someone wants a TV series of her own, all she has to do is play the part of a “tramp” in a Travolta movie.

Mike Wiorek


What’s so wrong with being an ex-deb or a member of the Junior League? I should think Stockard Channing would be grateful that she came from a family who could afford to cater to some of her bizarre whims. Junior Leaguers don’t just sit around eating bonbons and watching soaps, you know.

Patricia Purdie


Donnie Wartenberg

I cried straight through your article on this “damaged little boy.” I have a 2½-year-old son who was born with a small defect which does not hinder him in any way and will be corrected by surgery when he is 4. Donnie’s almost insurmountable struggle leads me to see a different little boy each time I look at my son and I thank God over and over and over again. Thank you for letting us all see and share the miracle of Donnie’s life.

Sandy Moore

Marathon, Fla.

Terre Fleener

Your State Department source tags the convicted spy Terre Fleener as “more naive and stupid than guilty.” That doesn’t reduce the guilt. And who is naive: the State Department source or the articulate political science student with years of intimate contact with the Middle East?

Joseph Lerner

Takoma Park, Md.

Perhaps it was no coincidence that the Fleener story was preceded by the bubble on New York’s pseudo-degenerate Mudd Club, where the style is rip-off pre-Nazi Berlin decadence. You remember the Nazis, don’t you? Their ideology lives today in the actions of people whose “cause” Fleener would abet.

Eric Rozenman

Columbus, Ohio

The Mudd Club

From ambulance operator to Mudd Club operator, Steve Mass is still dealing with the sick, but now he’s getting rich off them. Hip, chic? Questionable. Kinky, restless, bored? Very possible. Oh well, whatever turns you on.

Mary Jo Templeman

Eugene, Oreg.


Regarding Laverne & Shirley in Thailand: It’s a shame that the network in this country does not also run the blurb “These two women are from an insane asylum.” Even without an energy crisis, the program is a waste of electricity.

Anne Kokezas


Picks & Pans

Many thanks for your mention of my humor service for public speakers in your “News about Newsletters.” May I just correct one bit of disturbing information? I was a speechwriter for President Ford, not President Nixon. I only lived in the Watergate. I wasn’t involved in it.

Robert Orben

Arlington, Va.

A Walton wedding

You saw the wedding of Jon Walmsley (Jason) as “a story right out of The Waltons,” yet I sincerely doubt John and Olivia would put up with a son who lived with a girl for three years but never bothered to marry her. Nor would they so casually allow the reception to take place at the home of a divorcee and her live-in lover.

Micki Reardon

Cleveland Heights, Ohio

John Stewart

Now the world knows about John Stewart, and all I can say is, it’s about time. Stewart has recorded several incomparable and unforgettable albums (California Bloodlines, Cannons in the Wind, The Phoenix Concerts immediately come to mind) which I don’t think anyone in this country bought besides me and a few of John’s California neighbors and friends. Maybe nice guys don’t always finish last after all.

Bob Ciaffa

Lowry AFB, Colo.


I think your critical little paragraph on the Kiss Dynasty album is rotten.

Cindy Cradit

Beaverton, Mich.

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