People Staff
December 24, 1979 12:00 PM

‘Eight Is Enough’

I must protest your analysis of the fan mail to the “handsome men” of Eight Is Enough which led you to conclude that they have made it a leading show (PEOPLE, Dec. 3). I enjoy the entire family. All the fan mail shows is that many silly girls, and possibly women, write to male stars more often than men write to women stars.

Eleanor Edmondson

Grants Pass, Oreg.

“Never Try Eating Nectarines Since Juice May Dispense” may be the producers’ way of remembering the kids’ TV names. But in one episode, father Bradford coined his own phrase, “Dumb Martians Just Sitting Nicely Eating Tender Noodles” (David, Mary, Joanie, Susan, Nancy, Elizabeth, Tommy, Nicholas).

Joseph P. Shivell

Branford, Conn.


I seem to recall that during the Vietnam war certain American POWs were condemned for making statements or appearing in films on behalf of their captors. Once released they were completely exonerated. Marine Sgt. Kevin Hermening should be accorded the right to prove his innocence for his statements and the letter sent home from Iran. Any one of us could be forced to do the same thing.

M. Sweeney

Green Bay, Wis.

Frankie FitzGerald

If this country is brought down, no ayatollahs or Soviet Presidium will have achieved it. It will be a direct consequence of Frances FitzGerald’s whole subspecies—elitists, dilettantes in the urban-axis media—combining with their peers in academia and the worst poseurs in politics, to persuade us that our heritage and hard sense are obsolete and that NewThink is in. FitzGerald’s sellout leftism is by now an ancient symptom.

Bill R. Davidson


Paul Kantner

A loyal fan of Jefferson Airplane-Starship for many years, I find their latest work to be too commercial. Without Grace Slick the band has lost its uniqueness—and the greatest female rock singer. They sound like every other all-male band.

David Kayser

Charleston, W.Va.

One look at Paul Kantner’s bedroom and I would think the hardest thing about raising a child would be finding her in all that mess!

Melissa Goldsmith

Redmond, Oreg.

China is alive and well (above) and a chess player who occasionally lets her father win.


Sonia Johnson

As a “devout Mormon,” Sonia Johnson knows that if the president of the church is truly a prophet of God, the Lord will not allow him or others in positions of authority to officially advocate anything that is detrimental to any person. Sister Johnson can embrace her faith totally or she can leave it, but she cannot make it into something she would like it to be.

Shirley Rouse

Montpelier, Vt.

After her Dec. 1 trial, Mrs. Johnson was excommunicated from the Mormon Church. She plans to appeal although she confesses her chances for reinstatement are slim.


I was pleased to see in your entertaining magazine that pro-ERA Mormon feminist Sonia Johnson credits her national prominence to a clash with me at a Senate subcommittee hearing. We politicians like to help each other out, even if neither my memory nor the official transcript supports her version of what happened. It is true that I sometimes have to be restrained by aides, and occasionally even foam at the mouth. But this is invariably only when confronted with reporters who don’t bother to check their stories.

Orrin G. Hatch

United States Senate

Washington, D.C.

PEOPLE’S correspondent did check his story with several witnesses and the official transcript. All agreed our version was accurate.


The Nakash Brothers

It isn’t bad enough that these “trend setters” have made a mockery out of the cost of jeans by putting a so-called “chic” name on them (Jordache), but their media hype portrays women as mindless zombies who parade around sticking their derrieres in everyone’s face. At least Vanderbilt and Sasson have some class.

Kim Butler

Rego Park, N.Y.

Atkins v. Pritikin

As a 15-year veteran of the battle of the bulge, I thoroughly enjoyed the bout between Robert Atkins and Nathan Pritikin. Unfortunately for these two diet promoters, Carol Kiebala’s Diet Conscience for the refrigerator is closer to the ideal weight-reduction plan.

Pat Sobleskie

Albany, Ga.

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