November 12, 1979 12:00 PM


I have watched the inimitable Cher struggle to grow over the past few years from a floundering fawn into a foxy doe. With her spectacular picture gracing your cover (PEOPLE, Oct. 22), it could only cry out: “Take me home.”

S. Roberts

Redondo Beach, Calif.

If Cher would stop “baring her all” and put a little mystery in her public life, we wouldn’t be so bored with her. The Cher who does petit point and wears jeans, as shown in one of your pictures, is the Cher a lot of people would like to know.

Natalie Brocious

Erie, Pa.

Having been on tour with Cher this summer, as the comedian who opened the show, I found her to be one of the most down-to-earth people I know, lacking star temperament and completely different from the picture that is painted in the tabloids. Cheers for J.P.C. (just plain Cher) and for your article.

Morty Gunty

New York City

John Y. Brown Jr.

John Y. is a successful businessman with proven managerial skills. If he can sell encyclopedias and chicken, he can sell Kentucky to the nation. He’s got the business, political and Hollywood contacts. If there’s going to be a Brown in the White House, it will be John Y., not Jerry.

Dave Hatfield

Owensboro, Ky.

John Y. Brown came into Boston, ravaged the Celtics and left behind a ruined franchise and many angry fans. If he becomes President, I will secede from the Union.

Gennaro S. Pasquale

Somerville, Mass.

Sister Theresa Kane

It was high time someone broke the Pope’s “spell” and had the guts to bring us all back to the ruthless and cruel reality of being a Catholic today. The Pope can’t be reminded enough of the pain and suffering his “sacred theology” causes not only millions of women and children but also millions of gay men and women whom the church still treats as just so much garbage!

William Huybersz

North Hollywood

To liken Sister Theresa to Saint Catherine of Siena borders on the ludicrous. Unlike Saint Catherine, who worked to unify the church and founded the Sisters of Mercy to serve the church and her people, Sister Theresa seems bent on going against the church and its stand on women, and serving not the church but herself.

Heidi Lindsay

Niagara Falls

Dr. Craven Kurz

The concept sounds great, but the pitfalls associated with these so-called invisible braces are monumental. For one thing, the natural cleansing action of the tongue on the teeth is inhibited, producing an almost insurmountable oral hygiene problem. And if Dr. Kurz’s fee ranges from $2,500 to $4,500, then I think I’m moving to California.

William D. Dooley, D.D.S.


Lou Gossett Jr.

It never ceases to amaze me how the TV networks continually cancel the shows that are the most valuable in terms of sensitivity, intellect and good acting. I can only hope ABC will see the light and rerelease The Lazarus Syndrome. Meanwhile, kudos to Lou Gossett Jr. for a long career of excellence that seems to match his zest for life.

Linda Adams

New York City

Richard Hagen

As members of the Florida State University community, we hoped Richard Hagen’s book, The Bio-Sexual Factor, would remain a local phenomenon. However, now that his inflammatory thesis has been presented in a national magazine, we feel obliged to comment. Hagen’s views on women’s sexuality, the treatment of rapists and male/female relationships are the opinions of one man. These opinions are not supported by current research in psychology, anthropology or socio-biology. It is distressing that a person in his profession is advocating what we consider to be half-truths and gross generalizations that can only be destructive to human relationships.

Nancy Myers


I nearly lost consciousness when I read this article. “Women are machines with no feelings or natural urges” would have explained your entire theory in a much simpler manner, Doc.

Phyllis Ann Kief

Fort Hood, Texas

Dr. Hagen has certainly straightened it all out for me. Between “the great egg hunt” and Playboy bunnies, I’ve concluded that human sexuality is just one big Easter parade.

Liz Ulen

Los Angeles

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