October 15, 1979 12:00 PM

Classy New Angel

I had never watched Charlie’s Angels regularly until Shelley Hack came on the show. She’s a lot more than just another pretty girl. She adds some realism to the series (PEOPLE, Sept. 24).

Roch Monnig


Kate’s out and Shelley’s in, and you want us to believe that Miss Hack has more class just because she’s from Connecticut and has a degree from Smith College? Big deal! As far as I’m concerned, Aaron Spelling hired a model. But he fired an actress.

John Klekamp

Flagstaff, Ariz.

It’s amazing that the producers of Charlie’s Angels can pretend a standard of excellence through the show’s revampment from “T & A” to “fashion plate.” They should use that $10,000-a-week wardrobe budget on scriptwriters and acting lessons for the Angels in order to salvage a show that has even less substance than Cheryl’s bikini.

Kevin Williams

New Orleans

David Kennedy

The Kennedy family’s can’t-touch-me-I-can-do-anything attitudes were bound to show up in this generation. There was no possible way the children could compete with their egocentricities and be center stage at the same time. David had to create his own mask. Unfortunately, he chose narcotics and fast living. Thank you for your honest article. Possibly the parents of today will learn from it.

T.R. Sterenberg

Fort Lauderdale

Your article made me nauseous. I thought coverups ended with Nixon and Koreagate. But the great fact remains that if you’re rich or a Kennedy, you can get by with close to murder. That official got it right when he said “You don’t mess around with the Kennedys.”

Michael Couillard

Greenville, S.C.

George Shearing

My wife received a gift subscription of PEOPLE and in the first issue was a picture of a blind pianist, George Shearing, riding a tandem bicycle with his wife. I lost my eyesight four months ago. I have been a bicyclist for years and thought I’d never be able to ride again. Now I’m inspired to get out and buy a tandem. Thank you.

Burton Babcock

Binghamton, N.Y.

Liz Taylor Warner

Why must you and other members of the media continue to harp on Liz’s “thickened” figure? The woman is 47 years old, for pete’s sake. Let her grow old gracefully.

Kathleen B. Craig

Germantown, Tenn.

Dr. Roland Herrington

Nobody, no matter how addicted, could take 400 Percodan tablets daily and not die from respiratory depression. The aspirin content alone would eat up the stomach lining and cause a ringing in the ears like the chapel of Notre Dame. It’s very sad because, as a pharmacist, I see a lot of “arthritics” being legally addicted to Percodan. This is a very potent, addictive drug and should be treated with great respect.

Tom Bellis, R.Ph.


Dr. Herrington says his patient did not take the aspirin and the phenacetin in the 400 Percodans, but separated out the oxycodone, which is the active narcotic agent.—ED.

Gwen Davis

Regarding your article on my novel Touching and the libel suit: The most critical issue at stake here is freedom of speech, expression and opinion. If a writer is not free to draw from experience, where is fiction to come from? If an artist cannot comment on or criticize his society, then Dickens would be swept from the shelf. If an author cannot be inspired by characters from life, there’s an end to the works of Thomas Wolfe, Hemingway, Fitzgerald. And I’m not too sure that Lewis Carroll would get away with Alice in Wonderland.

Gwen Davis

Beverly Hills

Mary Printz

I read your article on Ma Belle (Sept. 3) with a great deal of interest, particularly her reference to me. To set the record straight, I have never employed an answering service in New York, nor have I ever accused anyone in Ma Belle’s service of giving out my telephone number, although it’s possible a studio secretary could have made the charge. The few times I have talked to Ma Belle’s service while trying to reach some of her clients, I found her operators to be cute and fun to talk to, with a great sense of humor. As far as I know though, I’ve never talked to the owner herself. At least nobody has ever said to me, ‘Hi, I’m Ma Belle.”

Burt Reynolds


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