October 01, 1979 12:00 PM

Music’s Crash of ’79

Three-star hotels instead of four, Budweiser instead of Heineken. Poor babies. What can I say, but welcome to the world (PEOPLE, Sept. 10).

Arturo Gaytan


I sincerely hope the artists and recording companies depicted in your story don’t expect any sympathy for their altered life-style. It is only amazing to me that they have been able to rip off the American public so long with their exhorbitant concert tickets, albums, tapes and assorted paraphernalia.

Karen S. Capson


I cannot feel sorry for those groups that have sacrificed quality in their music with the idea that previous “golds” and “platinums” will sell their latest releases. Groups with consistent quality recordings and concerts will always survive.

Dan Harvey

Wilmington, Del.

It wasn’t the ticket prices that made rock concert attendance drop. It was the audiences. At first the smell of marijuana wasn’t too bad. But at the last concerts I attended, there were young teens lying in their own vomit in stairwells or passed out in the aisles, with open buying and selling in restrooms. Rock people, don’t blame the high prices, blame the image you project.

Carol Corder

Richmond, Ind.

Bob Dylan

Praise God that Bob Dylan has found Christ Jesus. But let me point out that this does not make him any less Jewish. In fact, I’m sure, as in the case of other Jews who have come to know Christ, Dylan’s Jewish heritage has taken on more meaning for him than ever before.

Debbie Mast


Bob Dylan is not representative of us. There are many Jews who respect their Christian neighbors yet have no desire whatsoever to convert. Further, there are many Jews who frankly resent the attempts of some supposedly well-meaning evangelical Christians to “help us find Christ.”

Donna L. Halper

Roslindale, Mass.

Senate Millionaires

I’ve often wondered why Congress is of so little help to the average American. Now I know. What could this rich man’s club possibly know of living from paycheck to paycheck, baloney sandwiches for lunch, stretching the hamburger for supper? It’s hopeless until we start electing congressmen for one term, and choosing qualified people, not those who can buy a job that pays $57,500 by spending $7.4 million on a campaign.

Monica Augustyn

Springfield, Ohio

Michele McBride

Thank you for your interest in writing about how serious it is to be burned. Your article not only promotes the need for an organization to help burn victims like myself but the importance of enforcing the building code laws. Fire prevention is still the best burn therapy.

Michele McBride


Aleksandr Godunov

Aleksandr Godunov and his wife had dinner with my husband and me a week before his defection, not the night before as you reported.

Patricia Barnes

New York City

Last week, the State Department granted asylum to Leonid and Valentina Koslov in L.A., bringing to three the number of Bolshoi dancers who defected during the troupe’s tour in the U.S.


Willard McGuire

I am a victim of teacher burn-out after only seven years in the classroom—but not because of severe discipline problems, violence, or vandalism. NEA president McGuire failed to mention a factor that “kills” a good teacher as quickly as physical abuse. The lack of student enthusiasm, interest, concern, motivation and involvement that a teacher faces every day is unbearably frustrating.

Rod Phillips

Portland, Oreg.

It isn’t all classroom violence and public apathy. Teachers also leave the profession because of the incompetence and lack of professionalism of their immediate superiors—to say nothing of the ruthlessness with which these same superiors operate.

Robert J. Eisenberg

Stratford, Conn.

Death of a Hero

It would have been a comfort to have been with my family to share our country’s great loss. But as I turned your pages and saw your portrait of Lord Mountbatten, I felt less alone in my sorrow. Thank you.

Jennifer H. Puckey

Woodbury, N.Y.

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