September 24, 1979 12:00 PM

Miss Piggy

With your brilliant cover and sensational article about the glorious ham, you have hit perfection (PEOPLE, Sept. 3). I had a recurring dream that Miss Piggy was not real, but you have ended that nightmare forever.

William E. Watson

Pinehurst, N.C.

Here’s to your most vivacious cover of the year! So long Farrah, Raquel and all you others. Make way for the most pigturesque of sex goddesses.

Robert Harding


I can’t believe it! I always thought PEOPLE was a rather sophisticated magazine. Only a group of children would publish an article focusing on a puppet.

Karen Velasquez

Bloomington, Ind.

Are we really expected to listen to some swine who claims that the newest cinematic superstar is actually a puppet? Hogwash!

Mary Louise Wallace

Syracuse, N.Y.

Had a pignic reading the pigmalion story of how Miss Piggy reached the pignacle of success.

Joyce Kocher

Grand Rapids, Mich.

Brad Darrach’s sty-le is sowper!

T. Andrew Bartlett

San Diego

We’re in hog heaven.

Mike and Deena Bragg

Lake Oswego, Oreg.

Father Paul Shanloy

“I found that these people were not sinful or sick,” says Father Shanley, who ministers to Boston homosexuals. Well, actually, Father, the world needs to be concerned with what God’s opinion is, not yours. Sorry, but the Truth is really narrow, it’s absolute, it never changes. If homosexual behavior was an “abomination unto the Lord” 2,000 years ago, it’s an abomination now.

Laura Dee

Mountain View, Calif.

Kohner & Weitz

I saw it in your article on newscaster Paul Harvey (Jan. 22) and fumed. Now, a few months later, there it is again in your story on Susan Kohner and John Weitz: Two families that have millions cutting their hair at home. It doesn’t make my heart glow to think I paid $2,000 to go to barber school.

Maggie Myers


Conway Twitty

As well as being down-to-earth and “very old-fashioned,” Conway Twitty is also generous and civic-minded. Every summer he puts together a softball team and participates in a game for charity against fellow C&W artist Barbara Mandrell’s team. Thanks for a candid look at a well-liked and respected star.

Marge Stoutland

Hendersonville, Tenn.

Peter MacDonald

It gives me a great feeling to know the Navajo tribe is run by a person who refuses to be pushed around by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Our “chieftain,” Peter MacDonald, is making them realize we are not the dumb Indians they thought we were. They cheat us by giving us wasteland; now they want it back because it’s rich in fuel.

Joey Wagner

Shiprock, N.Mex.

Mugger Bears

I was delighted to see that the Park Service at Glacier realizes this tragic situation is a people, not a bear, problem. Their enlightened approach to solving it by considering the bears’ best interests as well as what is good for humans is to be commended.

Roberta Beale

San Rafael, Calif.

With all the stupid, animal-harassing people that Glacier and Yellowstone attract, it’s only fair that the bears get some revenge. Quit packing off the rogue bears and let the fool tourists take their chances.

Ron Fisher

Grawn, Mich.

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