July 02, 1979 12:00 PM

Mariel Hemingway

With her sweet, lovely voice, not to mention her charm, genuineness and classic American beauty, “the littlest Hemingway” is a wonder (PEOPLE, June 11). I think, and hope, she will continue to be successful without losing those things about her we all like.

Eric Beldoch

Leonia, N.J.

Mariel Hemingway is a sweet 17-year-old nothing whom Woody Allen has thrust upon the world in his nicely shot, overpraised and uninvolving Manhattan. Instant celebrity reigns over these mediocre late ’70s.

Jefre Harwoodsky

Madison Heights, Mich.

“Agent Orange” herbicides

Thank you for your article exposing the dangers of 2, 4, 5-T. My husband’s home in Globe, Ariz, was sprayed, and I live with the fear he might become ill. His mother, who was directly sprayed by the chemical, fought to stop its use. Among other things, she filed a lawsuit and wrote a book (Sue the Bastards). But her fight was never finished. She died of cancer in January 1977.

Kathy Shoecraft

San Diego

On Dec. 14, 1978 Vietnam veteran Paul Reutershan of Stamford, Conn. died of cancer. Paul was a helicopter crew chief in Vietnam in 1968-69 when Agent Orange was used there. The day before his death, the VA came through with 100 percent disability for Paul’s “service-related” illness. Paul, with his sister, Jane Dziedzic, started Victims of Agent Orange International, Box 113, Mohegan Lake, N.Y. 10547. They provide information on Agent Orange to anyone interested, including where to be tested.

Leslie Ford

Norwalk, Conn.

The residents of Mendocino County voted 2 to 1 on June 5 to ban the spraying of phenoxy herbicides. There will be no more aerial application of 2, 4, 5-T here, thanks to a wide and knowledgeable cross section of people who proved the power of grass roots.

Beth Sparkuhl

Point Arena, Calif.

Linda Valentino

Linda Valentino’s investigation of state and local police department investigations is clearly a case of the pot calling the kettle black. I think you should give the “private” Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit (LEIU)a chance to show that the quasi-Quaker American Friends Service Committee and the ACLU need to be investigated.

Paul Izdepski

South Bend, Ind.

Joe Bonanno

Mafia leader Bonanno likes to mention his meeting with Billy Graham. For what possible reason would Reverend Graham meet with this gangster?

William D. Nueske


Graham was a luncheon guest at the Bonanno home in 1974. Queried about it later, he replied, “It has always been my practice to witness for the Christian gospel with anybody, whatever his background or reputation.”


Picks & Pans

Your pan of the United Nations misses the point of what a tourist attraction is. For instance, do the “uninspired doctrinaire harangues” that occur in the Senate and House keep tourists from approaching the Capitol building? Of course not. Besides, the United Nations has one of the finest plantings of Japanese cherry trees to be found in the nation, as well as one of the best-maintained rose gardens.

Robert McClean

United Methodist Office for the U.N.

New York City

It’s not that I mind a friendly jab at Buffalo Bill’s grave. I myself would rather pick up shopping bag ladies and flog my neighbor’s dog than go there. But Denver from Lookout Mountain is damn breathtaking, and the smog has cleared up quite a bit. Really.

Bill Coit

Golden, Colo.

John Walker

It’s about time somebody noticed supermiler John Walker. He has been a continuing inspiration to amateur runners the world over. With more people than ever jogging, running and racing, it helps to have athletes with Walker’s never-say-die attitude leading the way.

Cynthia Segrave

Los Angeles


To Frank Zappa’s “Bird Reynolds” and Denise Pinell’s “Rabbit Redford,” may we add our precious “Ferret Fawcett-Minor”?

Tom & Joyce McCabe

Frederick, Md.

Meet our Doggy Parton.

Marie McPherson

Calgary, Alta.

They would all be awed by our Jimmy Catta, who surveys the world benignly, grins and does nothing.

Caryl Julius-Gillies

San Gabriel, Calif.

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