January 29, 1979 12:00 PM

Christopher Reeve

The creators of the new Superman should kiss their holy kryptonite and thank their lucky stars for Christopher Reeve (PEOPLE, Jan. 8). The man saved not only fair Lois, Metropolis and its environs, but an entire movie. Reeve radiates a dignity and intelligence that cannot be daunted by tall buildings, boo-hoo dialogue, synthetic earthquakes, and, of course, stale popcorn.

Merry Helen Zarafonetis

Grand Rapids, Mich.

Oh that grin, those eyes, that smile, that body! Who notices the funny cape?

Liz Martin

Del Mar, Calif.

Reeve says he raised his bench press from 40 pounds (very pathetic) to 320 in 10 weeks? This guy thinks he IS Superman! Any experienced weightlifter will verify that is not possible.

Jake Sawyer

Lewisburg, Pa.

We should have said 140 pounds.—ED.

Jayne & Leon Kennedy

Jayne Kennedy is the best thing to happen to network sports coverage since ABC rehired Dandy Don, but husband Leon sounds too anxious to take the credit for her success. Cut her some slack, Leon. Jayne’s the talent.

Steve Micklewright

Salt Lake City

Jayne’s beauty is only one of her assets. Another is that if she has a favorite team, she has not let it show.

E. P. Martinez

Colorado Springs, Colo.

Confesses Jayne, “I grew up watching Cleveland, but this year Seattle and Atlanta stole my heart.”—ED.

Picks & Pans

Style and verve? The only thing Invasion of the Body Snatchers got away with was my money. It is the worst movie I’ve ever been snatched into sitting through.

Bruce Vegar


Nancy Kassebaum

The new senator from Kansas with a net worth in excess of $2 million admits to paying only $5,075 in taxes in 1977 and refuses to release her returns “to guard her husband’s privacy.” My husband made $30,000 in 1977 and paid over $6,000 in taxes. I, too, would like to protect his privacy—from the IRS. And this is one of the people who are going to run our government? You don’t have my vote, Mrs. Kassebaum.

Mrs. P. Getz

Bellingham, Wash.

Florist Harry Finley

Thanks for the “Sweet Smell of Success” article. However, your picture shows Charles French, our art director, not Fred Gibbons. He has been my partner for 21 years. Please don’t leave Fred out [above].

Harry Finley

Beverly Hills

Dr. Cornelia Wilbur

Psychiatrist Wilbur’s story of the rapist with multiple personalities makes for interesting reading. But even a criminal, it seems to me, should be given the chance to get himself together before a shrink goes public with him.

Jeanne Hoopes


Jeff Taylor

Please pass on my sincere “atta boy” to Jeff Taylor. The only job my children were forbidden to consider was that of newspaper carrier. They are all pushing 30 now and things have still not improved for the carriers—until Jeff! Even so, $7 a week is still an absolute disgrace for the hassle of collecting, and delivery, the awful weather conditions for youngsters (and parents), not to mention the bookkeeping mess.

Mrs. Philip Soucheray

Bayfield, Wis.

Fred Starkey

I’m depressed! The magazine that was such a highlight in my life has in its first 1979 issue a 49-year-old man who shrugs that people will put marijuana into his homemade bubble gum. Have we become that materialistic? Our children think of enough ways to damage themselves without any suggestions from Fred Starkey.

Gloria C. Welch

Torrance, Calif.

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