June 04, 1979 12:00 PM

Norman Fell

I concur with your appraisal that Norman Fell is undervalued as an actor (PEOPLE, May 14). Back in the early ’50s my husband and I worked with him in summer stock in Pennsylvania and later in our own company in New Jersey. He is the best damned utility character actor in the business, as well as being one of the most amusing, self-effacing and genuinely “nice” men.

Sallie L. Rhoads

North Fryeburg, Maine

Linda Goodman

Thank you for your illuminating article on Linda Goodman. It helped explain her mysterious introduction to Love Signs and made me aware of the complex woman behind her insightful book.

Susan Snow

New York City

Al Coury

I was quite intrigued by your article on label chief Al Coury, who inspires his infantrymen to “hawk, howl and hyperventilate” to get major-market radio stations to play his product, RSO Records. It sure would be nice if they were as concerned about the smaller markets, which in sum total program to just as many people. I’ve written to RSO on many occasions, begging for service, and have yet to receive a reply.

Buddy Trotter

Music Director

KACO Radio

Bellville, Texas

Coury replies: “No record company can service every small station in the country. We probably service more now than the big companies do—seven to 10 thousand. But I’ll be happy to do what I can for Mr. Trotter.”—ED.

Gary Coleman

As a nurse, I saw the hope and happiness Gary Coleman gave to one renal-failure boy. Gary wrote a long letter to him talking as if he had known him for life. He made such a change in that boy’s disposition. I will remember Gary for that more than anything he could ever do on television.

Sherry Waddell-Miller


I may possibly be the only one in the world who doesn’t go gaga over Gary. His obnoxious behavior on TV makes me gag. Then the remark about “trying to understand people who aren’t as smart”—ugh!

Shelly Garrett

Alta Loma, Calif.

Radziwill and Cope

In your article about Lee Radziwill, you wrote that she said I do—but she didn’t. What gives?

Mrs. Yetta Schwartz


The wedding was called off abruptly 48 hours after our issue went to press. Newton Cope, her fiancé, says they decided to postpone the ceremony until all their children could be present. Reports of a quarrel over a prenuptial contract are untrue, he says. “We were going to sign an antenuptial agreement saying what is hers is hers and what’s mine is mine. “After the decision to cancel, the two of them went to the Caribbean for 12 days and, says Cope, had “a great, fabulous time.” They also dined publicly in New York (above). Cope predicts a fall wedding, probably in the East. “It will be,” he admits, “a little confusing for a while.”—ED.

John Marion

The same day PEOPLE arrived by mail, so did my autographed letter written by Alexander Graham Bell in 1883.1 purchased the autograph at a Charles Hamilton auction in New York recently as a gift for my husband, who is employed by the Bell System. Several issues back I discovered Charles Hamilton, and thanks to your story this week on Sotheby Parke Bernet’s John Marion, I learned that autograph collecting is a good investment.

Martha Miller

Beaumont, Texas

Picks & Pans

Poor devoted me. I have looked at each of the 200 photos and have read all 160 pages of “awkward idolatry” in The Authorized Biography of the Bee Gees. You know what? I enjoyed the whole thing!

Barbara Clark

Pleasantville, N.J.

Marvella Bayh

Your story was beautiful. It made me cry. Mrs. Bayh’s quote about taking time to smell the roses is going to make me live my life differently from now on.

Terre Maximena

Hammond, Ind.

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