April 09, 1979 12:00 PM

Billy Joel

Viva “Havana Jam ’79” (PEOPLE, March 19)! As a native Cuban who emigrated to escape Castro’s communistic dictatorship, I would like to thank all those performers (Billy Joel, Kris, Rita, Fania, etc.) for presenting to the Cuban people a part of the good life which they are being denied.

Carmen Maria Henriquez


I’m curious about one thing. Performing as he was in Castro’s Cuba, did Billy Joel end his show with his usual advice to his audience, “Don’t take any shit from anyone”?

B. R. Swenson

Portland, Oreg.

He did, but most of the audience didn’t understand.


Arnold Miller

I grieve for Arnold Miller and his anguish over the loss of his son. He deserves a lot of credit for his legislative work in this area of the abduction of children by one parent. Courts and law enforcement agencies must begin to realize that the rights of helpless children are violated when the custodial parent acts in ah arbitrary and spiteful manner.

Marcia Montesinos

Marietta, Ga.

Cheryl Lynn

Bravo, Cheryl Lynn. Glad to see an incredibly talented woman finally recognized. But I am the “female juggler Cheryl curiously finished in a tie with” on the Gong Show. I won the money prize, which paid a few months rent, and a few years worth of skin moisturizer. Cheryl may have a gold record, but I have the smoothest skin in town.

Hillary Carlip

Hollywood, Calif.

Woody Hayes

For years many of us have been sitting in the stands hanging our heads in shame because of this man’s antics. We are happy Hayes is gone. Bring on good sportsmanship and a restored reputation for football at Ohio State. To hell with Woody’s record!

Jody Williamson

Columbus, Ohio

About 10 years ago, I met Woody Hayes when he came to the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam. He went to many unsecure forward bases, showing the films from the 1969 Rose Bowl game and talking with the troops. Whatever wrongs he has committed since then must be insignificant to the many hundreds of GIs like myself who had the honor to meet this really exceptional man.

Donald G. Loomis


Huntington Beach, Calif.

Kenneth Tynan

“The notion that one should not have sex without love,” says Mr. Tynan, “makes as much sense as saying people shouldn’t travel except by Rolls-Royce.” The truth is you probably have to drive without a Rolls, but you don’t have to have sex without love. Sex without love always exploits. Usually it is the woman who pays the price, physically and psychologically, whether the man admits this or not.

Anne Shaw


Dr. George Crile

Dr. Crile has been a highly esteemed member of the surgical profession, but his maverick stance can only result in harm to patients who may now choose to exchange a one-half percent risk of elective surgery for the 10-to 100-fold greater risk of emergency surgery when complications occur.

Nicholas Coe, M.D.

Longmeadow, Mass.

There is a point in your article I wish to clarify. The mortality rate of colostomies is not anywhere near 10 percent. It is the more radical operation for cancer of the rectum, which also involves a colostomy, that has an average mortality rate of 10 percent.

George Crile Jr., M.D.


Blythe Danner

I was waiting for the perfect example of someone who has class. Not just a little class, but lots of class. You summed it up in two words—Blythe Danner.

Pat Covault


Alice Neel

Imagine being able to embarrass an heiress by flaunting her 30-year-old nude portrait, with name, through the mails! That’ll teach rich girls to spurn the work of a famous painter.

Marsha Graves

Littleton, Colo.

The results of all this brouhaha have been just about what one would expect: obscene phone calls and golden opportunities to invest in things like clam mines. Moreover, after years of working my tail off as a writer and a sculptor and being as socially unprominent as it is possible to be without living in Georgia, I am now labeled “heiress,” one of the few titles that signifies absolutely nothing but rich relatives.

Patricia Ladew

New York City

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