By People Staff
Updated March 26, 1979 12:00 PM

Readers’ Poll

Another descriptive phrase for your fifth anniversary readers’ poll might be “Yes, Virginia, America DOES have some taste” (PEOPLE, March 5).

Robin J. Cary

Bridgewater, N.J.

Alan Alda

Alan Alda the most popular TV actor? You bet. He is also the most talented all-around actor in movies. There really are a lot of intelligent people out there!

Charlotte Taylor

Irving, Texas

Farrah Fawcett-Majors

How about a survey to see how many overweight, hair-thinning, toothless women contributed to the vote that Farrah was the most boring on TV?

David Calzolaio

Milford, Mass.

John Travolta

A raspberry to your poll on best actor. Keep your Cream of Wheat types like Robert Redford. Give me John Travolta.

R. Clattenburg

Brandon, Manit.

Jackie Onassis

I was inspired to create the following awards: The Silver Crock, to those fine ladies who refer to Mrs. Onassis as “selfish,” “unhappy” and “confused.” The Golden Pox, to those gallant gentlemen who spoke of Mrs. Onassis as being “greedy,” “shallow” and “an old used toy” totally undeserving of their romantic interest. The Platinum Plague, to PEOPLE itself for including such questions in your survey. Your stupidity is exceeded only by the meanness of a large number of your readers.

Edna M. Stinson


Barbra Streisand

To all you readers who marked your ballot for best actress Barbra, congratulations on your superb taste! But what about best female singer? The incomparable Ms. Streisand certainly deserves it all.

Joanie Key

Brentwood, Tenn.

TV Sports

This is one area where your Canadian readers differ markedly. Hockey without a doubt is the most exciting spectator sport here. Our yawns come from football.

Karol Traviss

Vancouver, B.C.

Linda Ronstadt

“Clothed in respectability,” you say? I guess you never saw Linda Ronstadt in Toronto last summer with her very short shorts. That was a concert? It seemed more like a Playboy outing.

Terie Kingston


Carter and Kennedy

The most revealing result of your poll was that President Carter was rated “by a landslide” as the most trusted politician. However, 56 percent of your readers did not think he deserved to be reelected. Either your magazine appeals to the “crooked” elements in this country or trust is not an admirable quality for a politician in our democratic system!

Rosendo R. Rivera

Lincoln, Nebr.

Billy Joel

It’s simple. The readers have had enough from veterans Diamond, Wonder, Manilow and are finally realizing what we Joel fans have known for years. By the way, how did your most intriguing musician of 1978, Meat Loaf, do in the poll?

Richard DeRose

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Meat Loaf was No. 14 out of 15. With readers between the ages of 12 and 17, he ranked eighth.—ED.


Was I having a terrible nightmare when I read that so many people dislike Kiss? I know parents do. But I’m very surprised about a lot of their fans. I think this is a big set-up. Kiss fans never die.

Angelo Pergo

Ozone Park, N.Y.

Anita Bryant

If one-third of the people were against Anita Bryant’s position, does that mean two-thirds were for it?

Fred Bolton

Kansas City, Kans.

No. While one-third “strongly disagreed” with Anita Bryant, 23 percent “strongly agreed.” An additional 22 percent “moderately disagreed,” and 18 percent “moderately agreed.”—ED

Elizabeth Taylor

“Nostalgia over eyesight” indeed! I might have agreed last month, but three weeks ago I saw Liz Taylor leaving Cartier’s (where else?) and, believe me, she is still beautiful. I’m 29 and there’s nothing wrong with my eyesight.

Gloria Sawyer

New York City

I’d call the over-55ers’ vote on Liz a triumph of good taste over hype.

Kim Jett

Richmond, Va.

Next Time?

Were your pollees people who had written in to express their views? If that’s so, will this put me on the list for the next poll?

Susan J. Morgan

Lebanon, Mo.

The respondents were chosen at random throughout the country by the independent firm which conducted the poll, Audits & Surveys, Inc. Sorry, you’ll have to take your chances if we do another one.—ED.

Happy Returns

Happy Birthday PEOPLE! It doesn’t seem like five years, yet I haven’t missed a single issue. You’re part of my life-style.

Vince Dougherty

Kingston, N.Y.