July 31, 1978 12:00 PM

Ed Asner

Your story on Ed Asner was excellent. But that cover picture says it all (PEOPLE, July 10). He’s ready for anything. Bravo! Success is rightfully his.

Patricia Jasionowski


A few years ago, while a student at California State University Fullerton, I wrote a fan letter to Edward Asner. Imagine my surprise when he personally called to thank me. Later he appeared as a guest on a college TV talk show I hosted—for free. Ed and his wife, Nancy, are without a doubt one of the nicest couples in show business.

Colleen Patnode-Todd


Vicky Burgess-Olson

Vicky Burgess-Olson credits Joseph Smith as the originator of polygamy among Mormons. One of the strongest arguments against this statement is that in spite of the fact polygamy was for procreation, there is no living descendant of Joseph Smith today from any of his alleged polygamous wives. There are hundreds of living descendants from the union of Joseph and his wife Emma.

Lowell F. Ayers

San Antonio

“There are Mormons today,” says Burgess-Olson, “who claim to be descended from Joseph’s other wives. This controversy is still being researched by Mormon historians.”—ED.

Steve & Cyndy Garvey

You say in your story that my friends are “women like Phyllis George, not team wives.” I do not know Phyllis George personally, and I value the friendship and feelings and individuality of my fellow team wives too much for you to compare them with anyone else so casually. Please take care in dealing with something as precious as one’s friends.

Cyndy Garvey

Calabasas Park, Calif.

My husband has had a heavyweight career in baseball and after 10 years of marriage I have learned there is no competing with it. They are the stars, and the cameramen always zero in on the most popular players’ wives (à la Nancy Seaver). Other wives are not usually jealous if the star’s wife is not a glory hound. To say marriage to a baseball player handicaps a career is bull, as we have more time than any other wife.

Dani Torre

New York City

Dani Torre is the wife of the manager of the New York Mets.—ED.

How unfortunate the state of the world is such that “nice people” are not taken seriously. At least Steve and Cyndy Garvey prove one thing. Squares lead fulfilling lives and enjoy themselves just like everyone else.

Nancie Bates

Inglewood, Calif.

General John K. Singlaub

To say that the present South Korean regime is not dictatorial belies most of what American journalists have reported since 1972 when President Park declared martial law, threw out the democratic constitution and began ruling by Emergency Decree. The Korean CIA interferes in all aspects of everyday life—from community affairs to total press censorship. If there is a great deal of freedom in Korea, as General Singlaub states, it is for American military officers and businessmen—and for the clique around Park.

Linda Jones

Church Committee on Human Rights in Asia


“The U.S. journalists are headquartered in Japan,” replies Singlaub, “and frequently their reporting is based on what they’ve learned from the Koreans living there, who support North Korea. Yes, martial law was decreed but only after the North Koreans attempted to assassinate the President and did kill his wife. As for the Korean CIA, the majority of South Koreans aren’t even aware it exists.”—ED.

Father Robert Hupp

During a crucial period in my life, I was fortunate to be able to seek refuge in Boys Town. There I found an abundance of love and understanding, and gained the self-assurance which motivated me to strive to make something of myself. My prayers are with Father Hupp and his “social orphans.” May they be able to successfully fulfill their destiny as well as their dreams.

Juri White, M.D.

New York City

José Ignacio Domecq

Noticing that Don José Ignacio Domecq was holding a lighted cigarette and tasting his sherry at the same time made me shriek.

Adrienne Monique Allard

New York City

Replies José Ignacio: “Although very dry pale sherry can be used as a table wine with the first courses of a meal like soup or fish, it is most often served as an aperitif. As such, you can, of course, drink and smoke at the same time, as I am doing. Naturally I would never seriously sample or test While smoking.”—ED.

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