July 24, 1978 12:00 PM

Caroline and Junot

Your cover was the best yet: a fairy tale come true in this world of mad “realities” (PEOPLE, July 3).

Richard Becerra

Oxnard, Calif.

All I can say is, “Thank God it’s over.” For a couple who insisted on a private, intimate wedding, they certainly made up for it, publicitywise, during these past few months.

Barbara Romano

Stoneham, Mass.

The Princess and her Playboy look more like the Princess and her Father!

Sara Rodrick


Frankly, I am sick of reading about Caroline, Junot and the age difference. If the media and the House of Grimaldi would leave them alone, the newlyweds just might be happy together.

Kimberly Taylor

Chester, N.J.

When goody-goody Caroline gets married to a man 17 years her senior, we don’t say anything, but when British Princess Margaret sees a man 17 years her junior, we talk. I wonder why.

A. Parla

Windsor, Ont.

Don Edwards

According to Congressman Edwards’ own June 1978 newsletter, 64 percent of 12,000 of his constituents who responded to his questionnaire are against extending the ERA ratification deadline.

Myron Wahlstrand

San Jose, Calif.

Congressman Edwards explains, “My constituents know of my long-term support for the ERA. As chairman of the House Judiciary subcommittee on civil and constitutional rights, I feel I must judge the issue from a national perspective.”


Vitas Gerulaitis

Is there no humility anymore? If Vitas Gerulaitis’ tennis abilities were to vanish tomorrow, so would his social life. First an article on pitcher Frank Tanana rating cities’ female inhabitants, and’ now Gerulaitis rating his social life. For a change, how about someone who is not a conceited bore?

Ronni Fisher

Valley Stream, N.Y.

Allen Ginsberg

Do my eyes deceive me? Or is the death-defying Ginsberg meditating in the path of an approaching caboose?

Maureen Lampasona

Baldwin, N.Y.

No and yes. The train was backing out of the terminal.


Natalia Makarova

Natalia Makarova deserves both the joy of motherhood and a flourishing career. Many great ballerinas have had to sacrifice one for the other. However, you claim that the Kirov “also spawned the No. 1 male dancer, Mikhail Baryshnikov.” Multitudes will beg to differ. Rudolf Nureyev is the one true genius to come along in decades.

Rhonda Rapport


Andy Bluer

All I could think while reading about Andy Bluer and his private golf helipad was that it would be an ideal place to send our own Jerry Ford to practice.

Diana L. Green

Oxon Hill, Md.

Richard Hatcher

Everyone in northern Indiana is laughing at your article on Mayor Hatcher. Even he is not foolish enough to have his home in downtown Gary. And the hotel he is pictured atop is the Holiday Inn, which went out of business due to its location on a dangerous, crime-ridden street. Since Hatcher, no decent white or black person is safe in the city. Crime rules in Gary.

B. Borg

Valparaiso, Ind.

According to FBI statistics, crime in Gary is down since last year. Another statistic: The population has increased by at least one since our story—on July 5 the Hatchers had a baby girl, Ragen Heather.


Not only one but two of the nicest, up-lift-the-spirit articles I’ve recently enjoyed anywhere are in your July 3 issue. Dick Hatcher is the nicest kind of guy—truly self-driving, dedicated, committed—and isn’t his Ruthellyn a doll!

As for the other fellow, Paul Adams, your article obviously will generate boundless goodwill and some portion at least of the material help the school needs, indeed eminently deserves!

Alex Haley

Los Angeles

Principal Paul Adams

In closing the Providence-St. Mel school in Chicago, the Church is acting like a corporate conglomerate which seeks to cut losses by divesting itself of a failing subsidiary. While missionaries in Africa are attempting to “save” the souls of the native population, in Chicago the Church seems more interested in “saving” money. Surely the school is more meaningful than a balanced budget!

Stuart Alan Rado

Miami Beach

Good news. The faculty-parents group has raised enough money to ensure that Providence-St. Mel will open this fall.


Edward Gorey

D. Keith Mano’s piece on Edward Gorey was the finest work of journalism your magazine has ever presented. I must confess I had never heard of Gorey. Due to the perception and wit of Mr. Mano, I feel my sphere of knowledge has been enhanced. It will be a tough act to follow, but please try.

Constance Figueroa

Charleston, S.C.


I was delighted to see the write-up of Richard Brown’s film class (PEOPLE, June 26) and would like to offer a different view from that expressed by a reader in your Mail column. The reason students return year after year is not the celebrities (I’ve been a guest eight times myself). It is rather because Richard is a brilliant teacher—part actor, part philosopher, part comedian. In short, he is absolutely magic on that stage.

Marvin Hamlisch

New York City

N.O. Brantley

Your otherwise excellent article on sports bra inventor and designer N. O. Brantley (PEOPLE, June 12) neglected to mention that the studies conducted by Dr. Christine Haycock and cited in your story used the Jembra (our bra, Mr. Brantley’s design). “Brant” is not only an engineering genius but also one of those special people who care enough to channel their abilities to fill a real human need.

Adrienne Tripp, Pres.

Jembra, Inc.

Van Nuys, Calif.

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