December 25, 1978 12:00 PM

Priscilla Presley

After your article on Priscilla (PEOPLE, Dec. 4), I love and admire her even more. For the last 22 years, Elvis brightened my life and brought me unbelievable joy when I was lonely and unhappy. I always want to hold on to that dream with Priscilla and Lisa who were the great loves of Elvis’ life.

Martha Miller

Beaumont, Texas

I find it hard to swallow Priscilla Presley’s humble posturing. Her talk of open relationships with men and her book to set things straight seem more like self-indulgence than anything else.

Burt Teague

East Granby, Conn.

Raising Elvis’ child must be a huge responsibility, and it couldn’t have been easy under the circumstances. With Priscilla’s guidance, Lisa will, I hope, someday emerge from this as the finest tribute of all to her father.

Kaye Thomas

Asheville, N.C.


The horror of Guyana seems to have overshadowed one congressman’s compassion for his fellow man. “Hero of the first magnitude” is a fitting title for one who has proven that he was willing to march into hell for a cause. My deepest sympathy to those who loved Leo Ryan.

Cynthia Shylock

Largo, Fla.

Bleeding hearts! Why does the United States government always have to bail out the entire world? Instead of spending millions of dollars on recovering dead bodies, why isn’t the government spending it on something useful like cancer research?

Linda J. Kelley

Branchport, N.Y.


We object to authors Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman’s inclusion of the born-again movement in their treatment of cultism. A true Christian conversion demands a change in attitude and action, but it can hardly be called a “new form of mental and emotional disorder.”

Dick and Mary Frieg

San Bernardino, Calif.

On behalf of the presidents of at least two nations, the lieutenant governor of at least one state, the mayors of several U.S. cities, several U.S. generals, scientists and physicians, and approximately one percent of the populations of New Zealand, Norway, Israel and a number of U.S. cities, I found your characterization of Transcendental Meditation as a cult to be specious. Transcendental Meditation does not solicit funds, sever any personal or family relationships, require any specific religious or moral adherence or in any way make external demands upon the meditator.

Daniel Turov

New York City

I am a registered nurse.

I abstain from all animal products.

I meditate twice a day.

I believe in reincarnation.

I believe in God.

I have not “snapped”!

Jackie Vogel

New York City

Siegelman and Conway could even take a few shots at the Masons (God only knows what they do behind those walls), the health-food nuts, the ecologists and, last but not least, that blight on American roadways, the jogger.

Linda French Beck

Marietta, Ga.

Lisa Wilkinson & John Danelle

The article on Wilkinson and Danelle of All My Children made my day. It’s great seeing black actors playing “positive” roles. Comedy sitcoms imply that blacks are “happy-go-lucky” all the time, and dramatic roles for them are few and far between.

Gwen Marshall

Morgantown, W.Va.

Martin Sheen

Your statement that Martin Sheen is one of America’s underrated great actors is the great understatement of the year. There aren’t any adjectives good enough to describe his ability.

Vivian Spratt

Muncie, Ind.

Dean Reed

A pretty-boy egalitarian and “independent Marxist” departs his elegant eight-room villa in a country that has had to wall in its citizenry, and he comes to Minnesota to fight repression in the form of an activity unthinkable in his “adopted” Demokratik Republik—a protest. What a joke!

Lee D. Curtrone Jr.

Wayzata, Minn.

Christina Crawford

Who is Christina Crawford trying to kid by insisting she wrote the book about her mother basically for herself? From all appearances, it would seem that the royalties from Mommie Dearest will adequately compensate her for being cut out of Joan Crawford’s will and substantially ease those painful memories.

Diane Swanson

Arlington, Mass.

Joan Crawford was, and always will be, the ultimate movie star. Not even stories of this sort will mar that image.

Michael Downey


Osprey Sadie Hawkins

What’s new with that osprey who built her nest on the schooner mast? Did she return after the nest was moved?

Betty Detwiler

Schwenksville, Pa.

Sadie is apparently still looking for a mate and hasn’t yet settled into her new digs. The experts are hopeful.-ED.

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